Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Oscar Peterson - Exclusively For My Friends [2014] (6 x CD's)



Oscar Peterson - Exclusively For My Friends [2014] (6 x CD's)

Exclusively for My Friends is a series of six albums for the MPS label by Canadian jazz pianist Oscar Peterson. The album tracks were recorded live by Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer for MPS on the occasion of private concerts with a small audience in his home studio. The albums have been collected in different box sets over the years.

Recording took place in six separate sessions between 1963 and 1968 in different trio settings as well as with Peterson playing solo. The recordings include performances with his most well-known trio consisting of double bassist Ray Brown and drummer Ed Thigpen and also teams him with bassist Sam Jones and drummers Louis Hayes or Bobby Durham. While around 60 tracks were recorded, only 37 were initially released in five trio albums and one solo album, the first in Peterson's career. The titles on each album were often selected from different recording sessions. Peterson was personally involved in selecting and editing the tapes. Due to contractual reasons, the albums were not released before 1968.   In 1992, the series was re-released as a four CD box set by MPS (and by Verve in the US) which included all recordings of the six original albums. In 1995, the release of the compilation Exclusively for My Friends: The Lost Tapes added twelve previously unreleased tracks to the collection. The constituent albums were also available as individual CD's.  MPS released remastered versions of the original albums as a six LP box set in 2014. One year later, an eight CD box set followed that collected the six albums plus two volumes of Lost Tapes, adding another ten tracks to the overall release group which were personally selected by Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer for release shortly before his death in 2004. (Wikipedia)



Track lists


01 Oscar Peterson At Long Last Love 5:01

02 Oscar Peterson Easy Walker 9:45

03 Oscar Peterson Tin Tin Deo 5:39

04 Oscar Peterson I've Got a Crush on You 5:19

05 Oscar Peterson A Foggy Day 4:36

06 Oscar Peterson Like Someone in Love 11:17


01 Oscar Peterson On A Clear Day You Can See Forever 4:24

02 Oscar Peterson I'm In The Mood For Love 17:07

03 Oscar Peterson Girl Talk 5:39

04 Oscar Peterson I Concentrate On You / Moon River 6:29

05 Oscar Peterson Robbin's Nest 6:18


01 Oscar Peterson Waltzing Is Hip 6:06

02 Oscar Peterson Satin Doll 10:00

03 Oscar Peterson Love Is Here To Say 4:50

04 Oscar Peterson Sandy's Blues 9:30

05 Oscar Peterson Alice In Wonderland 4:45

06 Oscar Peterson Noreen's Nocturne 5:19


01 Oscar Peterson Someone To Watch Over Me 4:19

02 Oscar Peterson Perdido 6:18

03 Oscar Peterson Body And Soul 4:36

04 Oscar Peterson Who Can I Turn To? 5:02

05 Oscar Peterson Bye, Bye Blackbird 4:57

06 Oscar Peterson I Should Care 4:49

07 Oscar Peterson Lulu's Back In Town 2:11

08 Oscar Peterson Little Girl Blue 6:09

09 Oscar Peterson Take The 'A' Train 2:38


1 Oscar Peterson In A Mellotone 5:57

2 Oscar Peterson Nica's Dream 7:54

3 Oscar Peterson Green Dolphin Street 6:25

4 Oscar Peterson Summertime 5:22

5 Oscar Peterson Sometimes I'm Happy 5:10

6 Oscar Peterson Who Can I Turn To 6:27


01 Oscar Peterson Travelin On 2:34

02 Oscar Peterson Emily 10:26

03 Oscar Peterson Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars 7:32

04 Oscar Peterson Sax No End 6:05

05 Oscar Peterson When Lights are Low 7:32




  1. This is gold BB - some of Peterson's most interesting work...and I had no idea it had been collected this way. Thank you SO much.

    1. Hi Phillip,
      It is a beautiful set.
      I listened to it again last week and was again reminded what a wonderful sound these albums have.


  2. I didn't know these Peterson recordings, with his trio and a lot of standart...I'll take and listen to this, the Sound of Jazz is (just) incredible, with great sound engineer at the key.
    Thanks for sharing

    1. Enjoy these Burmapat.
      They are amazingly good.


  3. Thanks a lot. I have the Verve edition, but everything from O.P. it's welcome. Splendid work yours

    1. Hi Doc MF Johnson,
      Welcome and hope you find others that interest you that are lurking between the pages.


  4. Osar Peterson was not only a brilliant musician with a very unique style at the highest technical level in his genre. But he was also a real gentleman who submitted himself exclusively to the music. Thank you for this highly recommended collection of an artist I would have loved to see live on stage.

  5. The MPS studios in the midst of Southern Germany's Black Forest are about 120 km south from where I live - and this place can still be visited today (friends of mine did some time ago, guided by Hans-Georg Brunner-Schwer's son, and I envy them much for this experience). So much excellent, unique music was created there from the 1960s to the 1990s ... and these Oscar Peterson private concerts make a great example. Thanks a lot, Butterboy! Best, TC

    1. Hi The Chairman,
      Thanks you for also sharing this story.