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MY COMPILATION SERIES (Where visitors share their self made compilations)

What a great start to this new series. I want to thank all for sending in your submissions and following the Guidelines. The compilations below are all great listens.  I encourage all to pick up these as you wont be disappointed.  Some of the links are only alive for seven day from date of creation.  I would recommend to all, to use a file host that has longer download time limits if possible if you want your compilations to be heard. 

Please note, I will not be re-uploading any of the "My Compilations" created. So visitors need pick up what the want ASAP.

Here are the first set of compilations YOU have created. 

(Fanfare  trumpets, steamers, and cheering , glasses clinking.. you get it!)







Title: VA - MADE IN THE BAY AREA (Variable Kbps)

Created By: Harley P.



Title: VA - Americana Seconds, Vol. 1 (Variable Kbps)

Created By: Peter D.



Title: VA- Through the Cracks- Lost World Heavy Nuggets 1967-74 (flac)

Created By: David W.



Title: VA - Boob Vision 16 '70s Funkin' Groovin' Instro Rare Gems (Variable Kbps)

Created By: George G.



Title: VA - 3 Minutes Or Under, Pop Songs That Dont Overstay Their Welcome (320Kbps)

Created By: LibraryDude



Title: VA - ORIGINAL GRAVITY RECORDS – A Personal Selection of Highlights 2017-NOW!!! (320Kbps)

Created By: Detlef J



Title: VA - All Pop, No Poop 001 (192Kbps)

Created By: Andrew C




#001    VA - MADE IN THE BAY AREA (Variable Kbps)

American Music Club, “Pale Skinny Girl"

The Beau Brummels, “Just A Little"

Blue Cheer, “Fool"

The Brian Jonestown Massacre, “Those Memories"

The Chocolate Watchband, “No Way Out"

Chuck Prophet, “ Dyin’ All Young"

Country Joe and the Fish, “Not So Sweet Martha Lorraine"

Deafheaven, “In Blur"

Deerhoof, “Department of Corrections"

The Dodos, “Winter"

The Flamin’ Groovies, “Teenage Head"

The Frantics, “Human Monkey"

Girls, “Darling"

Jefferson Airplane, “Lather"

The Mojo Men, “She’s My Baby"

New Riders of the Purple Sage, “Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud Loud Music)

Osees, “The Fizz"

Quicksilver Messenger Service, “Codine"

Sons of Champlain, “Get High"

Sopwith Camel, “Frantic Depression"

Sun Kil Moon, “Jim Wise"

Ty Segall Band, “Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart"

The Velvet Teen, “You Were The First"

The Warlocks, “Can’t Come Down"

Wooden Shjips, “Ride On"



 #002        VA - Americana - Seconds Vol. 1

01 My Narrow Mind (2.59) 16 Horsepower (Low Estate - 1997)

02 Blade (3.20) The Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash (Walk Alone - 2001)

03 Cursing The Ohio (2.41) Matt King (Rube - 2008)

04 Uncle Disney (3.40) Keller & The Keels (Thief - 2010)

05 Drunk As Dragons (3.14) Woodbox Gang (Drunk As Dragons - 2008)

06 Dusty Boxcar Wall (2.43) Eilen Jewel (Letters From Sinners And Strangers - 2007)

07 I'm Gonna Put You Down (3.50) Gangstagrass (Lightning On The Strings, Thunder On The Mic - 2011)

08 Ghosttown (3.40) Bob Wayne (Blood To Dust - 2006)

09 Good Girl (3.07) The Fox Hunt (Nowhere Bound - 2008)

10 Graveyard (3.27) The Devil Makes Three (The Devil Makes Three - 2002)

11 Dawson Creek (5.49) Fred Eaglesmith (The Boy That Just Went Wrong - 1983)

12 The Later Days (4.08) Frontier Ruckus (The Orion Songbook - 2008)

13 Wasted (1.46) Whiskey Daredevils (Old Favorites - 2007)

14 This Town Called Fate (3.26) Stan Ridgway (Neon Mirage - 2010)

15 No Integrity Man (3.06) Gordie Tentrees (Mercy Or Sin - 2009)

16 The Wound That Never Heals (4.26) Jim White (No Such Place - 2001)

17 Warrior (4.41) The Bean Pickers Union (Potlatch - 2007)

18 New York City Found (3.28) Yarn (Come On In - 2010)

19 If Time Was for Wasting (4.45) Dylan LeBlanc (Paupers Field - 2010)

20 High Noon In Killville (6.46) Angry Johnny And The Killbillies (What's So Funny? - 1998)

21 Ain't Being Treated Right (3.53) The Burtschi Brothers (Ain't Being Treated Right - 2001)



#003        VA- Through the Cracks- Lost World Heavy Nuggets 1967-74 (Flac)

01. Cosmic Dealer-  Child of the Golden Sun

02. Can - Vitamin C

03. Grodeck Whipperjenny- Put Your Thing On Me

04. Galliard - Skillet

05. The Facedancers - Little Waterfall

06. Thundermug- Africa

07. Animated Egg- A Love Built on Sand

08. Ticket- Awake

09. The Good Rats - Injun Joe

10. Toncho Pilatos - Tomy Liz

11. Keith Papworth - Hard Hitter

12. Thunderpussy- Document of Validation

13. The Spiders - What your Feel

14. Orang-Utan- Chocolate Piano

15. Blue Mountain Eagle- Love is Here

16. Monument - Boneyard Bumne

17. Hard Stuff - No Witch at All

18. The Glass Family-  I Want To See My Baby

19. Sundance- Train Time

20. Mantis-  Island Suite- Firewalker-Back at the Village-Hurricane Bebe

21. Ashkan - Going Home

22. Murray Head - Say It Ain't So



#004        VA - Boob Vision 16 '70s Funkin' Groovin' Instro Rare Gems (Variable Kbps)

# - vinyl

## - possibly vinyl

1) "Sugar, Sugar" - Jimmy McGriff - 1970 - (320 kbps)

2) "Excuse Me While I Do My Thing" - The Nite-Liters - 1973 - (320)

3) # "Razorback Circus" - Roy Lee Johnson & The Villagers - 1973 - (320)

4) "Time Tunnel" - Tony Aiken and Future 2000 - 1976 - (320)

5) "Mini Pads" - Jack McDuff - 1976 - (320)

6) "Lunarputians" - Billy Cobham - 1974 - (320)

7) "New York Sister" - Harold Alexander - 1974 - (192)

8) "Turtle Bay" - Herbie Mann - 1973 - (256)

9) "Straight Ahead" (extended outro mix) - James Brown - 1973 - (256)

10) "You've Got It Bad, Girl" - Boogaloo Joe Jones - 1976 - (256)

11) "Your Mama Don't Dance" - Charles Kynard - 1973 - (320)

12) ## "Warp Factor 8" - Charles Earland - 1974 - (320)

13) "Playhouse" - O'Donel Levy - 1973 - (192)

14) "Blues for Abraham" - Grant Green - 1971 - (320)

15) "Born Funky" - The Rimshots - 1972 - (192)

16) "Nitroglycerin" - Alphonse Mouzon - 1975 - (192)



#005        VA - 3 Minutes Or Under (320kbps)

01-Shy Nobleman-Girlfriend

02-Numbers-Five Letter Word

03-The Charms-Tragic

04-Jesse Malin-In The Modern World

05-Christian Kjellvander-Bad Hurtin'

06-Hello Saferide-I Wonder Who Is Like This One

07-Andrew-Allyn White

08-Boo Hewerdine And Darden Smith-All I Want (Is Everything)

09-Jenny And Johnny-Scissor Runner

10-Mike Viola-Get You Back

11-The Apples In Stereo-What's The # 

12-The Wellingtons-Your Love Keeps Bringing Me Down

13-Sam Phillips-All Over Me

14-An Horse-Not Mine

15-Dum Dum Girls-He Gets Me High

16-Lush-Heavenly Nobodies

17-Teaneck-I Won't Lie

18-Cinerama-And When She Was Bad

19-The Goodees-Condition Red

20-Tilly & The Wall-Pot Kettle Black

21-Kelly Jones-Subway Song

22-Devil Doll-It Was Raining

23-Lindi Ortega-Dying Of Another Broken Heart

24-Twin Forks-Kiss Me Darling



#006        VA - ORIGINAL GRAVITY RECORDS – A Personal Selection of Highlights 2017-NOW!!!

1 Brentford Rd Soul Rebels – 30-60-90

2 Prince Alphonso & The Fever – Peter Gunn

3 Prince Alphonso & The Fever – A Fistful Of Dollars

4 Melbourne Douglas – Rudy Skankin´ On The Moon

5 Prince Alphonso & The Fever – Time Is Ska Tight

6 Junior Del & The D-Lites – Miss Aranivah

7 Junior Dell & The D-Lites – Ska Train

8 The Regulators – Mek Wi Rukumbine

9 Brentford Rd Soul Rebels feat. Dennis Alcapone – It´s Alright Now (Version)

10 Melbourne Douglas – Rude Boy Don´t Fight

11 The Regulators – Why Why Why?

12 The Regulators – Don´t Look Back In Anger

13 The Regulators – Love Is A Treasure

14 King Deadly – Joshua A Mek Riddim Run

15 Curtis Baker & The Bravehearts – Midnight In Memphis

16 Floyd James & The GTs – A Weight (Hanging Over Me)

17 Floyd James & The GTs – The Sweetest Thing

18 Jodie – Pushover

19 Floyd James & The GTs – Green Onions

20 Luchito Rodriguez – Vacilón

21 Melvin Craig – Beggar Man

22 Floyd James & The GTs – The Switchback

23 Curtis Baker & The Bravehearts – Is Vic There?

24 Curtis Baker & The Bravehearts – Peter Gunn

25 Curtis Baker & The Bravehearts – 30-60-90



#007        VA - All Pop, No Poop 001

1. Yeah, A Little - The Incredible Casuals

2. Government Center - The Modern Lovers

3. For You - Big Star

4. Who Loves The Sun  - The Velvet Underground

5. Mr. Dieingly Sad - The Critters

6. Girl Of My Dreams - Bram Tchaikovsky

7. Let Me Take Your Photo - The Speedies

8. I Know A Girl - The Undertones

9. She May Call You Up - Ian Matthews

10. Oh My Lover - The Detroit Cobras

11 Let's Talk About The Weather -The Radiators From Space

12. London's a Lonely Town - Dave Edmunds

13. Only When You're Lonely - The Grass Roots

14. Ridin' in My Car - NRBQ

15. That I Remember - The Dwight Twilley Band

16. Hearts In Her Eyes -The Searchers

17. Tomorrow Night - The Shoes

18. She's the One - The Ramones

19. Ever Fallen In Love - Buzzcocks

20. Starry Eyes -The Records

21. When You Were With Me - The Choir



  • Only Various Artists compilations will be accepted.
  • Only one compilation per week from each contributor with a limit of 25 tracks per track list per submission. You can submit a new track list the following week.
  • The Topic is your choice, Genre is your choice and any music is acceptable. (If readers don't like the topic or choices then they don't have to pick them up)
  •  When presenting your submission, the Topic of your compilation should be Noted as well as the sound quality of the compilation. (ie 320Kbps MP3, Flac, etc).
  • Whilst most would prefer MP3's @ 320 kbps all I request is a good sound quality. 
  • A track list (in Text format) must be supplied together with a LINK for your Compilation.  (please do not send the compressed file)
  • Artwork is not necessary but would be welcomed.
  • All submissions need to arrive via email  to:  

Entries must be received by  Midnight ,Wednesday. (Wherever you are in the world.) Once received, your entries will be checked for content matching the track lists provided. If an entry is considered unsafe or different to the track list provided it will be deleted. If your submissions are outside the guidelines they will not be include (No questions asked and no reply)


  1. Hi Andrew C - your comp looks awesome, can't figure out how to dl it though! This is the greatest idea you ever had BB, I look forward to listening to all of these while in the car, I get sick of listening to my own line-ups

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      Thank you.
      I hope it is a good segment that keep going.

      To get Andrew C compilation. Open the link as usual you will be directed to the Google Drive page. There is a drop down list attached to the heading next to "All Pop Np Poop". Click the drop down arrow and choose download. follow the prompts. Hope this helps.


  2. My thanks go to David W. (VA- Through the Cracks- Lost World Heavy Nuggets 1967-74) as well as George G. (Boob Vision 16 '70s Funkin' Groovin' Instro Rare Gems) - I am very excited, but the track list already shows me that the selection corresponds to the best Butterboy tradition and I say again: thanks a lot, very much appreciated!

    1. Thanks WOODY.
      The comps provided by the contributors are all wonderful. Enjoy.


    2. Thank you Woody. I really hope you enjoy it (please let me know otherwise) :)

  3. Andrew G compilation impossible to download. "All poop,NO POP"

    1. Hi Anonime,
      To get Andrew C compilation. Open the link as usual you will be directed to the Google Drive page. There is a drop down list attached to the heading next to "All Pop Np Poop". Click the drop down arrow and choose download. follow the prompts. Hope this helps.


    2. Loving this idea that you've had and I hope you keep it going. Great music and interesting. Only one that isn't working is the andrew g one. It goes to the google drive page but there is no heading and no reference to all popo no poop and there is no obvious drop down menu so it isn't working for me. maybe its something to do with the antiquity of my pc. Still great music what i have got.

    3. Hi Anonime.. If the page is not displaying correctly for you to see or click on things correctly it is more probable because your browser is not up-to-date than it is the age of your PC. Browsers are updated monthly and the HTML and other bits of code that display the page correctly are constantly evolving. The age of your PC may ultimately still be a problem but like I said it's more likely a browser problem.

  4. Starting off with #s 1and 7 and working my way from there. So far, brilliant!

    1. Thanks snakeboy,
      All of the contributors have something to offer. Enjoy their work.


  5. Thanks to Butterboy for the compilation opportunity. A really promising start to a great idea. A wonderfully diverse start. I had no trouble downloading the Andrew G comp. Just clicked Download All on the top right hand corner.

    1. Thanks LibraryDude,
      Hope you will deliver more comps in the future.... No pressure.


  6. Butterboy - a great start to your new series, and also a sincere thank you for including my mix. As for the compilations, I admire the diversity in the selections - something for everyone. Thank you to all the comp creators, and the listeners!

    1. Hi George,
      Thanks for the feedback. I think it is a great opportunity for people to share their passion.
      It not just an album of songs. it is something they have taken time and effort to create. Just wonderful.


  7. Replies
    1. Hi Bob,
      Hope your enjoying what you find here.


  8. Thank you, Buterboy, for initiating this project and hosting
    the resulting compilations. I look forward to checking out these
    mixes and learning about new-to-me tracks that other people
    count among their favorites.

    1. Hi Crab Devil.
      Its a great start so I am hoping that contributors continue to post there comps.

  9. Thanks to all for doing this.

  10. Thanks so much. This is an awesome project. Thanks to everyone who submitted. I shall, indeed, be busy. All Pop, No Poop is an awesome title.

    1. Its a great title, heartofstone,
      I wish I had of thought of it.


  11. Hi Butterboy,
    Definitely your blog is one of the best, both in musical quality and in terms of social interaction.
    This serie opens a new world of discoveries before us.
    Thanks for all your time and efford!!!

  12. thank you for upping my "through the cracks" compilation, butterboy, just love your blog- david W

    1. just realized i sent a wetransfer link thats about to here is a mediafire link for the "through the cracks 1967-74 compilation- david w

    2. No Problem David, now fixed.


    3. Hi friends
      Am I the silly of this blog?
      I can't download this comp.
      Help !!!!

    4. Hi Jose,
      You are not silly, you know the wat to download from this blog.
      I only place the creators link in this series. As I state above I wont be re-uploading these compilations. It really is up to the creator of the compilation to help out here.
      I am also having trouble with it.


  13. These looks great! Through the Cracks and Boob Vision especially! Thanks!

    1. They are all good Jason,
      Its like a candy store of music.


  14. Hi, I was able to dl All pop no poop by going into the "shared with me" folder then right click on folder and choose download

    1. Great to hear Suzanne,
      It seems the main page of the link looks a little different on different PC, etc.


  15. Thanks to all involved and especially to Butterboy who made this all possible. Great idea, well executed.

    1. Thanks Peerke.
      lots of great tune in the first set of compilations.


  16. Hi BB community, Sorry to read that some had an issue with Google Drive. It has the biggest market in file sharing and I assumed that it was a well-known interface. It also doesn't have the short 7 day limitation. Please let me know once you figure Drive out and can download the file. I enjoy the BB community and of course the diversity of music. Thanks to our friend in music BB!

  17. What a brilliant idea BB, genuine music community! Hell, this is what the internet's all about, not posting pictures of what someone made for dinner. Chapeau, garçon de beurre.

    1. Hi harry the dog.
      Thanks for that. I hope we continue to see a high standard of support for this MY COMPILATION series.


  18. And George G, as for your magnificent 70s Funk Instro Gems compilation... phew! Fan my brow, brother!

  19. Thanks Harvey for your "Bay Area" comp.
    It is really brilliant.

  20. VA- Through the Cracks- Lost World Heavy Nuggets 1967-74 (flac)

    new link