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VA - Hollywood Rocks [2005] (4 x CDs)


VA - Hollywood Rocks [2005] (4 x CDs)

2003 saw the release of the book Hollywood Rocks -- a 208-pager that documents the wild and crazy days of the west coast glam metal movement circa the 1980s. Two years later, the folks at Cleopatra/Deadline Records have compiled a four-disc follow-up to the book, Hollywood Rocks: Audio Companion. If you're looking to relive the days or yore or are simply a newcomer to the genre, this 78-track set is quite a mammoth find. But be forewarned -- if you're expecting tracks from such leaders of the pack as Guns N' Roses and Mötley Crüe, you're out of luck (although there is a track from the pre-G N' R, Axl Rose-led Hollywood Rose). Also, for the most part, Hollywood Rocks focuses on demos and uncommon versions -- hence, the sound quality isn't always the best. Regardless, the box remains highly recommended for those who were part of the Aqua Net set. Kicking things off with a track from the aforementioned Hollywood Rose ("Killing Time"), the first disc, which covers the early '80s, proves to be the best of the bunch. After all, it includes tracks by such recognizable names as Ratt ("In Your Direction"), Dokken ("It's Not Love"), W.A.S.P. ("Animal"), and Quiet Riot ("Let's Get Crazy"). But if you were a reader of such esteemed metal publications as Hit Parader back in the '80s, there was a multitude of bands you read about, but in the pre-Internet/download days, probably never actually heard. The problem is now corrected once and for all, as evidenced by the inclusion of tracks by Steeler (which included singer Ron Keel), Odin, Sound Barrier (an all-black metal band that predated Living Colour by several years), and London. Expectedly, the last disc -- which documents the early '90s -- is the weakest of the bunch (the era was littered with copycat bands). And if the music on this comp isn't enough, also included is an extensive booklet that gives the history on each and every band included. (AMG review by Greg Prato)






Track lists


01 Hollywood Rose - Killing Time 3:34

02 Hellion - Run For Your Life 4:33

03 Mickey Rat - Dr. Rock 2:42

04 Plain Jane - Time Warp 3:38

05 Candy - Whatever Happened To Fun 3:50

06 Steeler - Cold Day In Hell 4:11

07 Dokken - It's Not Love 5:20

08 W.A.S.P. - Fuck Like A Beast 3:09

09 Black 'n Blue - Hold On To 18 4:30

10 Joneses - Looks So Good 2:56

11 Zeros - Kokomo Joe 3:00

12 Quiet Riot - Let's Get Crazy 3:59

13 Armored Saint - No Reason To Live 4:03

14 Ratt - In Your Direction 3:46

15 Bitch - Be My Slave 4:41

16 Kery Doll - Too Good For Heaven 2:36

17 Warrant - Last Action Hero 3:47

18 Sin - Break Down The Walls (that Stop The Rock) 3:57

19 Xciter - Sleepless Nights 4:18


01 Poison - Look What The Cat Dragged In 3:08

02 Lizzy Borden - American Metal 5:54

03 L.A.Guns (with Paul Black) - Roll The Dice 3:52

04 Stryper - To Hell With The Devil 4:08

05 Great White - Down On Your Knees 3:52

06 Demolition Galore - Bulimia Babe 2:57

07 Harlow - Rock The Box 3:07

08 Slut - Dr. Monster 2:24

09 L.A.Guns (with Phil Lewis) - Electric Gypsy 3:25

10 Decry - Dead End Zone 2:26

11 Nitro - Bitch On My Back 2:56

12 Faster Pussycat - Babylon 3:19

13 Rough Cut - Hold On 4:02

14 Tuff - Sinner Street 3:21

15 Odin - 12 O'clock High 3:03

16 Salty Dog - Strong Medication 4:33

17 Sound Barrier - Gladiator 3:50

18 Ww Iii - Love You To Death 4:52

19 Rock City Angels - Hush Child 3:16

20 Sea Hags - Doghouse 5:41


01 Keel - The Right To Rock (live) 5:32

02 Jailhouse - The Innocent 4:46

03 London - Rainbow Bar & Girls 3:53

04 Cherry Street - Hellraiser 3:18

05 Junkyard - Hollywood 3:02

06 China - Love In Cold Blood 3:17

07 Bang Tango - Someone Like You 4:26

08 Black Cherry - Fading Away 4:34

09 King Kobra - Mean Street Machine 4:28

10 Motorcycle Boy - Cat’s Paw 2:02

11 Tommi Gunn - Rip, Rattle And Roll 3:37

12 Stars From Mars - We Got Tonight 4:13

13 Cats In Boots - Her Monkey 4:02

14 Lions & Ghosts - Meteor Boy 4:07

15 Angora - Hey Operator 3:46

16 Virgin - I’m No Angel 3:32

17 Hangmen - Desperation Town (live) 3:09

18 XYZ - Inside Out 3:46

19 Kills For Thrills - Commercial Suicide 5:15

20 D'molls - Action 3:12


01 Electric Angels - Def Generation 4:19

02 Burning Tree - Planned Disaster 4:12

03 Jetboy - Feel The Shake 4:21

04 Bing Bang Babies - 8 Arms 3:24

05 Lypswitch - Sexx On The Sun 4:10

06 Syanide Kick - Hollywood Angel 3:59

07 Darling Cruel - Changed 3:30

08 Saigon Saloon - Days Gone By 3:07

09 Rebel Rebel - Tonight's Your Night To Rock & Roll 3:48

10 Spiders & Snakes - California Slide 4:31

11 Hardly Dangerous - Take Me To The Mountain 4:57

12 Skull - I Like My Music Loud 3:25

13 Yesterday's Tear - Cold 3:42

14 Pretty Boy Floyd - Shut Up! 3:56

15 Blackboard Jungle - Chicago 4:29

16 Love; Hate - Wish It Was Summer 4:37

17 Mondo Cane - High On A Dream 5:41

18 Fizzy Bangers - Hai Karate 2:26

19 Alleycat Scratch - Take A Bite Outta Me 3:28




  1. Oh nice one. Thanks BB. Numero Group just put out a set dedicated to the glam metal scene last year. I wonder if there's much crossover with this one.

    1. Glad you like this Cobber67.
      I will be posting more next week.

  2. Wow, I saw and/or met so many of these bands back in the day when I DJ'd at an infamous Baltimore rock club, but oddly the power-pop band Candy, who I never saw or met, is the only one I still listen to this day.

    1. Hi D'artagnan,
      What a reversal. Do you ask yourself "Whatever Happened To Fun"...

    2. no, now I ask "whatever happened to my 32 inch waist?" (o;

      although I did make that Candy song a staple of my playlists, and 30 years later I commented in a Power Pop group that I had just realized that the singer was doing a Frankie Valli thing at the end of another tune, and Kyle Vincent (the singer) responded "thanks, most people don't pick up on that" - never know who's lurking in some of these groups

  3. March 1st 50 years ago Dark Side Of the Moon was issued. Just heard on the news...

    1. Hi StonneRos.
      Wonderful album. I still have the quadriphonic version on vinyl.
      Cheers. When you say fifty years old the thought coms how fast the time has gone.

    2. Did you ever have the Quad equipment to play that properly?
      Some of those mixes were really impressive, and immersive.
      I have Quad albums but never had hardware to hear the Quad.
      The demise of that technology is regretful, never fully realized.
      Now we have Dolby Surround.. but it's just not quite the same.
      As I remember... the Quad hardware was not really affordable
      and there was two competing Quad standards to contend with.
      Format incompatibilities and not enough interest killed it off.

    3. Hi mrRadio.
      I had this on file. Hope it helps.
      If you want to transfer them to true quad playback DVD's or WAV files, you can use a great little free quadraphonic (for those records encoded with the SQ Matrix process) decoder available here:
      First, you playback the LP and digitize it to a WAV file using a program such as Audacity available here:
      Audacity® »
      Then, you put the resulting WAV file through SQDecode which results in a quadraphonic WAV file which you can burn to a multichannel DVD-A or DVD-V, or simply playback on your computer.
      SQ decoding hardware from the 1970's was pretty awful and playing SQ Quad records through them usually did not result in the separation and soundstage that the recording engineer intended.
      By contrast, SQDecode results in a very true reproduction of the SQ Quad record soundstage that the mixing engineer intended.
      For example, Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline in quad, done in the mid-1970's by the original engineer (Neil Wilburn) on the 1969 sessions, plays some really cool tricks with the instrument placement on "Nashville Skyline Rag" where the instruments answer each other from different corners of the quad soundstage. SQDecode does a wonderful job of reproducing this from the SQ Quad record...
      ( Also -

  4. Replies
    1. Hi mrRadio.
      New links established, tested and working.