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VA - Rattlesnake Guitar, The Music Of Peter Green [1995] (2 x CD's)


VA - Rattlesnake Guitar, The Music Of Peter Green [1995] (2 x CD's)

This double C.D. collection of Peter Green covers by various artists from the U.K. and America is superb. All the players do justice to his playing and his inspiration. This is not just another tribute album its is simply a great one. All tunes are played with passion and one could almost see the smiles passed between the musicans as they layed down there tracks in the studio.  This upbeat set has you dancing in your seat, and pounding the pavement on walks. Peter Green was a musical treasure and these musicians paid him the highest respect through their outstanding nimbleness!!  Well worth the money for the Rory tracks alone. Some really good stuff on here. If you like bluesy guitar you'll like this. (Amazon)

This is a fantastic set. Should not be missed.


VA - Rattlesnake Guitar, The Music Of Peter Green [1995] CD1

VA - Rattlesnake Guitar, The Music Of Peter Green [1995] CD2




  01. Black Magic Woman - Larry McCray
  02. Love That Burns - Dave Peverett/Rod Price
  03. Stop Messin' Around - Savoy Brown Kim Simmonds
  04. Looking For Somebody - Snowy White
  05. Crying Won't Bring You Back - Luther Grosvenor/Mike Kellie/Jess Roden
  06. Leaving Town Blues - Rory Gallagher
  07. If You Be My Baby - Dave Peverett/Rod Price
  08. Ramblin' Pony - Harvey Mandel/Wilbur Bascomb
  09. The Green Menalishi - Arthur Brown
  10. Hellbound On My Trail - Ken Hensley
  11. I Loved Another Women - Larry Mitchell/Jay Aston
  12. The Same Way - Mick Abrahams
  13. Drifting - Top Topham/Jim McCarty
  14. The Supernatural - Clas Yngstrom
  15. Man Of The World - Ian Anderson


  1. Oh Well - Billy Sheehan
  2. Rattlesnake Shake - Vince Converse/Innes Sibun
  3. Fleetwood Mac - Stu Hamm/Jonathan Mover/Larry Mitchell
  4. Wathcha Gonna Do - Zoot Money/Bobby Tench
  5. Showbiz Blues - Rory Gallagher
  6. Merry Go Round - Luther Grosvenor/Mike Kellie/Jess Roden
  7. Albatross - Paul Jones/Bobby Tench/Max Middleton
  8. Closing My Eyes - Naked Blue
  9. Evil Woman Blues - Ray Gomez
  10. Lazy Poker Blues - Troy Turner
  11. Watch Out - Harvey Mandel/Jon Paris
  12. Long Gray Mare - Harvey Mandel/Wilbur Bascomb
  13. A Fool No More - Kim Lembo
  14. Baby When The Sun Goes Down - Southside Johnny/The Uptown Horns



  1. Just gettin' to this one.. Being a fan of good blues guitar (amongst many things), I'm thinking this will be good. There's definitely a bunch of talent involved.. Thanks!

    1. Hi mrRadio,
      This is a great set and I have no doubt you will enjoy much here. I really enjoy the version of Rattlesnake Shake. The whole album is great.