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Where visitors provide their self made compilation.

(Please note, I will not be re-uploading any of the "My Compilations" created. So visitors need pick up what the want ASAP.)

I want to thank all for sending in your submissions and following the Guidelines and new format. 

If you have a query on any compilation, leave a comment or contact the owner using the email link where provided.

I am pleased to be able to post the next  MY COMPILATION series of submissions.  

Here are NEW compilations to choose from or simply take them all...These compilations below, are all great listens and I encourage all to pick up these as you wont be disappointed. 

Please thank the  compilation owner if you like their work.






Title: VA - Discoteque International - Space Cowboy (320 Kbps)

Created By: Doc Solaris

Contact: Not provided



Title: VA - Southern Christmas 2006 (320kbps)

Created By: Janne




Title: VA - Fire (320kbps)

Created By: Manolis F. 

Contact: Not provided




Created By: Detlef J.








VA - Discoteque International - Space Cowboy (320 Kbps)

01. Rex Qual - Tranquilizer Boogie

02. Jerry Reed - Twist-A-Roo

03. Busters - Astronaut's

04. Trashmen - Surfin' Bird

05. Adrian & The Sunsets - Pipeline

06. Centurions - Bullwinkle Part II

07. Revels - Comanche

08. Breakaways - Earthquake

09. Les Chaussettes Noires - Misirlou

10. Beat Farmers - Lonely Blue Boy (Live)

11. Colin James - I want you to be my baby

12. Hank C. Burnette - Hot Rock Sally

13. Bluekilla - Misirlou

14. Robert Johnson And Punchdrunks - Sputnik Monroe

15. Sacagawea and The Hunters - Boris the Assassin

16. Fabienne Delsol - Pas gentille

17. Koop - Come To Me

18. Cumbia Cosmonauts - Colombia

19. Alice Dona - C'est pas prudent

20. Gérard Gray - Le Poisson Vert

21. Quincy Jones And His Orchestra - Soul Bossa Nova

22. DJ Spooky - Galactic Funk (Tau Ceti mix)

23. Tipsy - Oops!

24. Los Salvajes - Amor Salvaje




VA - Southern Christmas 2006 (320kbps)

1. Johnny Cash - Help Me

2. Clarence Carter - What Was I Supposed to Do

3. Etta James - Calling You

4. Furry Lewis - Shake 'Em On Down

5. Hank Williams III - Country Heroes

6. Irma Thomas - Soul of a Man

7. Kinky Friedman - They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore

8. Lee Clayton - A Little Cocaine

9. Linda Ronstadt and Ann Clayton - Walk Away Renee

10. Bob Dylan - Workingman's Blues 2

11. Professor Longhair - She Ain't Got No Hair

12. Percy Sledge - Misty Morning

13. Roy Rodgers and Norton Buffalo - Tender Heart

14. Alisson Krauss - Steel Rails

15. Ray La Montagne - Burn

16. The Band - Katie's Been Gone (outtake)

17. Los Lobos - Hold On

18. Waylon Jennings - Bob Wills Is Still The King (Live in Texas - September 1974)

19. Willard Grant Conspiracy - I Still Miss Someone

20. Ronnie Spector - There Is An End




VA - Fire (320kbps)

01. Daniel Lanois  -  Fire  

02. Sivan Talmor  -  Fire   

03. Bruce Springsteen  -  Fire  

04. Barns Courtney  -  Fire  

05. Dale Hawkins  -  Fire  

06. Eggs Over Easy  -  Fire  

07. Dennis De Young  -  Fire  

08. Puressence  -  Fire 

09. U2  -  Fire  

10. Jimi Hendrix  -  Fire  

11. Crazy World of Arthur Brown  -  Fire 

12. The Black Pumas  -  Fire 

13. Osibisa  -  Fire  

14. Sly & Robbie  -  Fire  





1.    PARTY DAY – Athena

2.    A CERTAIN RATIO – Son & Heir

3.    SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES – Mittageisen

4.    GOTHIC GIRLS – Devil

5.    ZOUNDS – Dancing

6.    THE BIBLE FOR DOGS – Dull Day

7.    VENUS IN FURS – Achilles´ Brain

8.    TWISTED NERVE – Twisted Nervosis

9.    CUDDLY TOYS – Madman

10.    SEX GANG CHILDREN – Sebastiane

11.    SAIGON – Pipeline

12.    IPSO FACTO – Noir Dior

13.    INTO A CIRCLE – Inside Out

14.    SKI PATROL – Agent Orange

15.    THE SOUND – I Can´t Escape Myself

16.    THE PRATS – Die Todten reyten schnell

17.    DEATH IN JUNE – Nothing Changes

18.    KILLING JOKE – Complications

19.    CINDYTALK – It´s Luxury

20.    CHRISTIAN DEATH – Romeo´s Distress

21.    SIGLO XX – Art Of War

22.    SORT SOL – Marble Station

23.    X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND – Incubus Succubus


25.    AUSWEIS - 1984




Please use this template  for future MY COMPILATION submissions.

Only Various Artists compilations will be accepted.

Only one compilation per week from each contributor with a limit of 25 tracks per track list per submission. (Total 25 tracks only). You can submit a new track list the following week.

The Topic is your choice, Genre is your choice and any music is acceptable. (If readers don't like the topic or choices then they don't have to pick them up)

 When presenting your submission, the Topic of your compilation should be Noted as well as the sound quality of the compilation. (ie 320Kbps MP3, Flac, etc).

Whilst most would prefer MP3's @ 320 kbps all I request is a good sound quality. 

A track list must be supplied together with a LINK for your Compilation.  (please do not send the compressed file)

Artwork is not necessary but would be welcomed.All submissions need to arrive via email  to:   

Entries must be received by  Midnight ,Wednesday. (Wherever you are in the world.)

Once received, your entries will be checked for content matching the track lists provided. If an entry is considered unsafe or different to the track list provided it will be deleted. If your submissions are outside the guidelines they will not be include (No questions asked and no reply)




  1. I guess I missed this one. Too bad. But I have quite a few scheduled at my blog for Christmas and New Year (one a day)

    1. Also, I love Death In June, Detlef J and Manolis F. look for my Fire Connection coming... I think you'll like it

  2. I once again forgot to submit. I keep forgetting.

    Thanks all for the comps. All appreciated.

    Fun Fact: Do you find your wakeup alarms not doing their job? In #003, use the intro (loop it if you can) for Crazy World of Arthur Brown's "Fire" for your wakeup alarm. Make sure the volume is cranked. You will now be able to wake up. :D

  3. The compilations keep coming, thanks to Butterboy – our kind host – who is the reason that I re-emerged writing and posting about music, since last August. Music out of genres, music that I like. For those who would like to check my blog the link is:
    Do not hesitate to criticize - I endure everything - and after all, a not so good criticism makes us better in the future.
    Happy Holidays to all of you and your loved ones.

    1. Hi Manolis,
      You words are always supportive and reassuring. Peace to you.
      I am enjoying looking through you blog on this evening after enjoying a meal with my eldest.
      Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.


    2. I added you to my reading list on my blog

  4. Thanks to all compilers of collections! A lot of interesting things