Thursday, December 16, 2021

VA - True & Faithful, 35 Elvis Soundalikes [2021]



VA - True & Faithful, 35 Elvis Soundalikes [2021]

Since Elvis Presley first conquered the world back in 1956, people have tried to clamber aboard the bandwagon, be they producers, record companies, rival singers, or whatever.  Nowadays, many thousands of Elvis imitators earn a living, dressing up as and desperately trying to sing like The King; but back in the day, his imitators merely tried to sound like him. This eclectic collection presents thirty-five Elvis wannabes, which range from million-sellers to the obscure, all recorded between 1956 and 1962. The well-known names here include Cliff Richard & The Drifters, Conway Twitty, Eddie Cochran, Johnny Burnette, Billy Fury, Ral Donner, Charlie Rich, Johnny Rivers, and Charlie Gracie, whilst the unknowns include Jimmy Meng, Eli Whitney, Barry Stanton, Lafay Hawkins, Gary Middleton, and Bobby Stevens. (Amazon)

In true Jasmine tradition, several of the rare and collectible sides included on this set are impossible to find elsewhere on CD.



Track lists


01 Johnny Burnette Little Boy Sad 1:58

02 Jimmy Meng True and Faithful 2:20

03 Conway Twitty Lonely Blue Boy 2:16

04 Phantom Love Me 1:33

05 Charlie Gracie Fabulous 2:19

06 Jamie Coe The Fool 2:04

07 Ben Hewitt For Quite a While 2:25

08 Ray Smith Break Up 1:53

09 Barry Stanton Beggin' on My Knees 2:27

10 Billy Adams & The Rock-A-Teers You Gotta Have a Ducktail 2:29

11 Johnny Rivers Baby Come Back 2:19

12 Vince Everett Such a Night 2:30

13 Eli Whitney Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 1:29

14 Bobby Stevens His Latest Flame 2:08

15 Billy "Crash" Craddock Don't Destroy Me 2:47

16 Don Robertson Anything That's Part of You (Demo) 2:17

17 Big Jim Sullivan Combo You Don't Know What You've Got 2:16

18 Denny Reed I'm Comin' Home 2:23

19 Hayden Thompson Love My Baby 2:12

20 Vernon Taylor Mystery Train 2:32

21 Luke Mcdaniel My Baby Don't Rock 2:00

22 Charlie Rich Rebound 1:53

23 Bruce Channel Don't Leave Me 2:40

24 Terry Dene Like a Baby 2:29

25 Gary Middleton Don't Be Shy 1:58

26 Glen Glenn Blue Jeans and a Boys' Shirt 2:07

27 Lafay Hawkins Let's Be Happy Tonight 2:36

28 Bill Rice I'll Run and Hide 2:07

29 Thomas Wayne Girl Next Door 2:12

30 Johnny Restivo The Shape I'm In 2:07

31 Danny Rivers Can't You Hear My Heart 3:03

32 Billy Fury You're Having the Last Dance with Me 2:17

33 Drifters, Cliff Richard Apron Strings (Live) 2:41

34 Eddie Cochran Twenty Flight Rock (Movie Version) 1:45

35 Ral Donner I Got Burned 2:15




  1. Great Post! Any chance of doing a post with all of Michael Nesmith's music? I didn't know just how much he did besides being in the Monkees. Thanks for all you do.


    1. Hi donmar002,
      I was going to post a Monkees post but decided to do a Monkees/solos lucky dip some time in the near future.
      Mike Nesmith's discography is listed in this link.


  2. I have just been listening to the First National Band. Some good stuff of Nesmith's.

    1. Hi Pol.
      Mike Nesmith was very talented. Silver Moon is a great song.


  3. Great Just GReat You Surprise Me (Us) Every Time My Thanks For This Album Greetzzzz

    1. Thanks J,
      Xmas is the time for surprises.


  4. More than a little surprising that Terry Stafford's classic "Suspicion" isn't on this album: it should be #1 on the list.

    1. Hi M,
      That would have fit nicely.
      Terry Stafford will show up in another comp soon.