Tuesday, December 7, 2021

VA - In The JANUARY Charts 60 Years Ago (A Butterboy Compilation)



VA - In The JANUARY Charts 60 Years Ago (A Butterboy Compilation)

For those who were looking for the January 1961 installment of this series here it is.... Nobody missed it previously. I started In February as a once off project, but as these things go, it became a regular post.  The next series will concentrate on 1966.

All these track were in the US and/or UK charts in JANUARY 1961, 60 years ago. 

It seems like yesterday we were dancing to these tunes. I hope you enjoy this mix of artists from USA and UK. 



Track lists


01 Ricky Nelson You Are the Only One 2:41

02 Johnny Tillotson Poetry in Motion 2:29

03 Johnny Mathis How to Handle a Woman 3:03

04 Elvis Presley Are You Lonesome Tonight 3:08

05 Brook Benton Someday You'll Want Me to Want You 2:26

06 Annette With The Afterbeats Talk To Me Baby 2:29

07 Shelby Flint Angel on My Shoulder 2:18

08 Bobby Darin Child of God 2:01

09 Dinah Washington We Have Love 2:20

10 Perry Como Make Someone Happy 2:30

11 Jerry Wallace There She Goes 2:42

12 Etta and Harvey Spoonful 2:49

13 Jeanne Black Oh, How I Miss You Tonight 2:55

14 Conway Twitty C’est Si Bon (It’s So Good) 2:17

15 Ricky Nelson Milk Cow Blues 2:13

16 Brenda Lee Emotions 2:50

17 Mickey & Sylvia What Would I Do 2:32

18 Thelma Carpenter Yes, I’m Lonesome Tonight 3:15

19 Mickey & Sylvia This is My Story 2:39

20 Capris There's a Moon Out Tonight 2:14


21 Ben E. King First Taste of Love 2:19

22 Nat King Cole If I Knew 2:49

23 Maxine Brown All in My Mind 2:37

24 Lenny Miles Don't Believe Him, Donna 2:20

25 Patti Page Don't Read the Letter 2:33

26 Johnny Cash Oh Lonesome Me 2:30

27 Ella Johnson With Buddy Johnson’s Orchestra I Don't Want Nobody (To Have My Love But You) 2:42

28 Cleveland Crochet Sugar Bee 2:33

29 Ben E. King Spanish Harlem 2:56

30 Jackie Wilson My Empty Arms 2:52

31 H.B. Barnum Lost Love 2:22

32 Jimmy Charles The Age for Love 2:27

33 Ronnie Savoy And the Heavens Cried 2:48

34 Jimmy Clanton What Am I Gonna Do 2:20

35 Jack Scott Is There Something on Your Mind 2:47

36 Ramrods (Ghost) Riders in the Sky 2:38

37 Ronnie Love Chills and Fever 2:24

38 Johnny Tillotson Jimmy's Girl 2:44

39 Hank Snow Rockin' Rollin' Ocean 2:34

40 Freddy King You've Got to Love Her With a Feeling 3:12


41 Don Covay & the Goodtimers Pony Time 2:19

42 Connie Francis No One 2:51

43 Paul Anka The Story of My Love 2:25

44 Ray Charles Them That Got 2:53

45 Van Dykes Gift of Love 2:27

46 Etta Jones When I Fall in Love 2:25

47 Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs I Remember 2:07

48 Nina Simone Trouble in Mind 2:11

49 Little Willie John Leave My Kitten Alone 2:31

50 5 Royales Dedicated to the One I Love 2:44

51 Titus Turner Sound Off 2:04

52 Mello-Kings Tonite, Tonite 2:31

53 Paul Dino Ginnie Bell 2:10

54 Sevilles Charlena 2:51

55 Five Satins In the Still of the Nite 3:04

56 Pat Boone The Exodus Song 3:07

57 Jerry Murad's Harmonicats Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White 1:49

58 Royaltones Flamingo Express 1:55

59 Ventures Ram-Bunk Shush 1:46

60 Bill Doggett (Let's Do) the Hully Gully Twi 1:59




  1. Good Morning To All

  2. Hey BB, very good for January 1961, but last week you said January 1966? I must have been dreaming or maybe you will start the series in January... In any case, many thanks BB

    Yes, Good Morning to All!

    1. Hi Patrick,
      I commented in the blurb above -
      For those who were looking for the January 1961 installment of this series here it is.... Nobody missed it previously. I started In February as a once off project, but as these things go, it became a regular post. The next series will concentrate on 1966.


    2. ... 1966 will begin in January 2022


    3. I can hardly wait!!!!!
      Thank You for this series.

  3. I'm sorry BB, yes I went straight to the comments without reading the blurb.
    I apologize for that. Patrick

  4. Its a completist thing.......!

    I was yet to start my dance!!!!!

    Stay Safe

  5. For those of us with OCD-- er, I mean, the completists among us, we appreciate it! Thanks so much and happy holidays, BB!

    1. Hi Mark L.
      I had to do it and get it OnCD...
      Happy Holidays to you too.


  6. Replies
    1. Hi Paul,
      Well it got there in the end. Enjoy!


  7. I definitely missed the first month of '61 but was too lazy to ask - now you've done it! Thank you very much, Mr. B., for completing this often overlooked year. Now I'll be keenly following the months of '66 aka "The Year that Pop exploded", as the famous British writer Jon Savage called it some years ago (an excellent book, BTW, highly recommended)! Best, TC

    1. Hi The Chairman,
      Glad you have the whole set now. As for i966 it may have been described as "The Year that Pop exploded" but I think you will surprised how this series will show 1966 music, to me it still seems to finding its way. That being said i wont be concentrating on just the hits it will include all songs in the charts. Hope you will enjoy them first episode in January.


  8. Thank you very much for the completion of this year Butterboy! I absolutely disagree with your statement "Nobody missed it previously". It is just a fact that your visitors have good manners and do not stress your generousity by asking: And what's about january? so, thank you again and i wish you a nice weekend! Alfred.

    1. Hi Alfred,
      The statement I made is just saying that Nobody actually missed that installment as I didn't create it until just now. It was not a complaint on my part. I am glad I did complete the series. It now looks complete. I did receive a number questions asking if it existed so am glad its now done.
      I am glad you have enjoyed the series. 1966 is the next series, Starting January. Once complete I will also do a few special Additions for 1966.

      Enjoy the week ahead.


  9. May I ask for a re-upload of the 1961 series please? Thanks for all you do to keep us all in good music!

    1. Hi David Egan,
      I will collate all the 1961 series and repost it in the near future. Thanks for requesting it.