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VA - Butterboy Plays These Tunes Vol. 03 CD01 - CD10 (10 x CD's)


VA - Butterboy Plays These Tunes Vol. 03 CD01 - CD10 (10 x CD's) 

 "Butterboy Plays These Tunes" Volume 3 follows the previous sets titled "Butterboy Plays These Tunes" Volume 1 and  "Butterboy Plays These Tunes" Volume 2. Presented here are an additional 100 tracks. These tracks just took my fancy when listing to my music collection, so I collected them in a series of 10 tracks per CD. I have many more and hope to post more in the future if there is interest. These 100 tracks over 10 CD's at times has been themed but still remains eclectic and with very interesting music. See track lists below.  Enjoy!


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Track lists

V3 CD01

01 Rolling Stones Worried About You 5:17

02 Affinity All Along the Watchtower 11:42

03 Paladin Watching the World Pass By 9:41

04 Doug Parkinson Without You 3:10

05 Redwing Redwing - Shorty Go Home 4:29

06 Buffalo Forest Rain 6:30

07 Bleu When the Lights Go Out 3:32

08 Sun Kil Moon Dogs 5:43

09 Marc Bolan & T. Rex Yesterday (Everyday) [Version 1] 1:56

10 Mac Davis Watching Scotty Grow 3:11

V3 CD02

01 Greatest Show on Earth Skylight Man 4:20

02 Gary Moore Surrender 9:38

03 Manic Street Preachers Ocean Spray 4:13

04 Sugar Bear The Garden 3:18

05 Frankie & the Pool Boys Tic Toc 2:59

06 Donny Hathaway Giving Up 6:20

07 Blue Money Band Watchin the Devil Die 5:17

08 Denny Doherty The Drummer's Song 3:17

09 Speck Mountain Watch the Storm 6:30

10 National Watching You Well 3:02

V3 CD03

01 Act I You Didn't Love Me Anyhow 4:37

02 Loggins & Messina Angry Eyes 10:05

03 Gary Numan Are Fiends Electric 6:32

04 Juleah Sommertraum 5:16

05 Supertramp Try Again 12:02

06 Ed Harcourt Watching the Sun Come Up 5:43

07 Dion You Better Watch Yourself Aka Drinkin' That Wine 3:03

08 22-20's A Good Thing 3:37

09 A Million Dead Stars A Million Dead Stars - Intro 2:24

10 Paul Weller All I Wanna Do (Is Be With You) 3:34

V3 CD04

01 Now Time Delegation Handle Me With Care 4:18

02 Booker T. Jones Watch You Sleeping (Feat. Kori Withers) 3:55

03 Chris Von Sneidern (Watch Them) Ride Away 3:21

04 Creedence Clearwater Revival Effigy 6:29

05 Rolling Stones No Use in Crying 3:25

06 Captain Beyond Sufficiently Breathless 5:00

07 Paul Kelly & the Dots I Hate to Watch You Loving Him 3:22

08 Phoebe Snow Keep a Watch on the Shoreline 4:43

09 Incredible Simon Stokes She's Got the Voodoo 2:45

10 Francis Dunnery Staring at the Whitewash 10:29

V3 CD05

01 Alter Bridge Watch Over You (Live) 3:53

02 Whiskey Howl Jessie's Song 2:46

03 Guess Who The Watcher 3:08

04 Brew (Uk) A Million Dead Stars 8:04

05 Acetone Chew 6:07

06 Black Crowes Waiting Gulity (Live) 8:52

07 Blossom Toes Mister Watchmaker 2:22

08 Skunks Watch the Flowers Grow 3:34

09 Paul Weller All Along the Watchtower 5:58

10 Fool's Garden One Find Day 7:02

V3 CD06

01 Afghan Whigs The Vampire Lanois 3:21

02 Brewer & Shipley All Along the Watchtower 3:18

03 Mark Lanegan Boogie Boogie 2:04

04 Big Star Watch the Sunrise 3:44

05 Johnny Rivers Ode to John Lee 7:37

06 Alan Price Shame 2:47

07 Chris Von Sneidern (Watch Them) Ride Away 3:21

08 Dan Fogelberg As the Raven Flies 4:24

09 Blood, Sweat & Tears I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know 5:53

10 Black Sorrows Rise and Fall 3:52

V3 CD07

01 Black Keys She's Long Gone 3:06

02 Sam Obernik as Barefoot Hideaway 4:42

03 Solomon Burke Someone is Watching 3:01

04 Aguaturbia Crimson & Clover 10:29

05 Grays No One Can Hurt Me 6:29

06 Hamilton Leithauser The Silent Orchestra 4:38

07 Hot Tuna Hit Single #1 5:13

08 Lykke Li I Never Learn 3:13

09 Richard Thompson Hand of Kindness 6:04

10 Jeff Christie Turning to Stone 3:59

V3 CD08

01 Hot Tuna Easy Now 5:13

02 Bill Withers Watching You Watching Me 5:51

03 Leonard Cohen You Got Me Singing 3:38

04 Cliff Richard Girl You'll Be a Woman Soon 3:02

05 Vance Joy Fire and the Flood (Acoustic) 3:42

06 David Crosby Orleans 2:00

07 Neko Case Magpie to the Morning 2:44

08 Hoyt Axton The Pusher 3:13

09 Crowded House Not the Girl You Think You Are 4:10

10 Bee Gees Morning of My Life 3:53

V3 CD09

01 Creedence Clearwater Revival Born to Move 5:40

02 Jeff Christie You & Me 4:25

03 Dusty Springfield Someone to Watch Over Me 1:03

04 Shadows The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt 2:46

05 Illinois Speed Press Hard Luck Story 4:43

06 Donovan Wear Your Love Like Heaven 2:23

07 Elvis Costello Watching the Detectives (Original Mix) 3:42

08 Alan Bown All Along the Watchtower 3:11

09 Graham Nash Better Days 3:47

10 John Lee Hooker Dimples 4:39

V3 CD10

01 Copperpenny Sitting on a Poor Man's Throne 5:27

02 Life Quo Vadis (I) 1:01

03 Finch Unspoken is the Word 7:52

04 Unspoken Word Anniversary of My Mind 2:32

05 Eric Burdon & the Animals A Girl Named Sandoz 3:02

06 Life Nobody Was There to Love Me 3:59

07 Ibliss High Life 13:01

08 Julius Victor Black Knife 3:55

09 Boots Another Tear Falls 2:51

10 Pepper Tree How Many Times 4:15




  1. Hi Butterboy,

    I only found your amazing site a bit over a year ago and have gone back to the first post and downloaded all your older material that still has working links. As you're aware, many of the older links are gone and I've thought about requesting reposts but I feel bad about asking for them.

    Now and then you were reposting your compilations in full, any plans to repost Vol 1 & 2 of this series?

    Happy Holidays

    1. Thank you Fiscian,
      I appreciate your kind words. You only need to ask for a re-up and I will do my best to get them up and running again ASAP.
      I will re-post Volume 1 & 2 some time next week.

      I hope you Holiday Season is joyous and wonderful.


  2. Thank You Butterboy,

    another wonderful collection of music, from the favourites, the half remembered to the new discoveries, your compilations are always a joy to hear. Please don't stop, they have kept me sane through these strange times.

    Have a wonderful Holiday.

    1. Hi danbis1008
      There are a lot of tracks to get into so I hope you will enjoy them.
      Glad to hear they offer some comfort.


  3. I love this series since the beginning, to see your own choice of titles interests me a lot, like your own compilations, and here a 3rd volume, it's really great! Thanks BB

    1. Thanks Patrick,
      I hope you enjoy this lot as much as the first two.


  4. WoW ! this is a really fantastic collection, thanks a lot !

    1. Hi Oldcapellon,
      These are fun to listen to so please enjoy them.


  5. Hi Butterboy, simply great this compilation. I would be more than happy to see all the other volumes here as well. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Oldie Freak,
      Thank you.
      V2 is still active and can be found here:


    2. Also here is V2 part 2

    3. Thank you very much and Merry Christmas

  6. Thanks for the great compilation. I also would love to see a re-up of Vols 1 & 2 in this series if possible.

    1. Thank you wkc.
      V2 is still active and can be found here:


    2. Also here is V2 part 2

    3. Thank you for link for V2 (must be blind when I looked the first time - sorry). Thanks again for all your shares. Would still love to listen to Vol. 1 in the future.

  7. Replies
    1. Hi Paul,
      Thank you.
      V2 is still active and can be found here:


    2. Also here is V2 part 2