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VA - Stroboscopica Vol. 01 [1998] + Stroboscopica Vol. 02 [1999]+ Stroboscopica Vol. 03 [2001]



VA - Stroboscopica Vol. 01 [1998] + Stroboscopica Vol. 02 [1999]+ Stroboscopica Vol. 03 [2001]

This Stroboscopia series features the 1970's Italian soundtrack, library music scene with insanely wonderful grooves from lost Italian sources. The general mood is rare groove with some cinematic jazz thrown in, several cuts also have a crime funk vibe which adds further interest.  Jazz orchestration and Latin beats figured prominently into '70s Italian cinema scores. Here are packaged together long-lost selections of this spicy film funk. We get material ranging from soft Latin jazz to a blaxploitation romaine. Instantly entertaining and classically dated, this material is the bridge for journeying from beat jazz to spy jazz. Stroboscopia is a must-have if you dig 60's Hammond organ groovers, 70's keyboard funk tracks, and any sort of tune that has a slightly offbeat edge. It's impossible to pick highlights out of such a strong selections, anyone who has even a passing interest in Italian soundtracks, library music or rare groove should find themselves more than satisfied. I can't recommend these compilations more highly, they are awesome. (Amazon)



Track list

Vol. 01

01 I Marc 4 Matto Grosso 2:09

02 Gabriele Ducros Dopping 2000 2:44

03 I Gres Duo Balls 2:38

04 Franco Micalizzi Affanno 1:36

05 I Marc 4 Hyde Park 3:47

06 I Gres Voleur 2:07

07 Sandro Brugnolini Vortice 2:53

08 I Pulsar Leyla Theme 2:14

09 I Gres Restless 3:07

10 Sandro Brugnolini Reaction 3:02

11 I Pulsar Walking At Sunrise 1:17

12 I Gres To Jimmy 2:11

13 I Pulsar Cat Theme 2:43

14 Mirot Love For Sale 3:38

15 Alessandro Alessandroni Il Porto 3:11

16 Francesco De Masi Altalena Party 3:42

Vol. 02

01 Franco Micalizzi Running to the Airport 2:03

02 Freedom Power Sigla R.P. 4:27

03 Puccio Roelens Intimate Conversation 4:27

04 I Marc 4 Soho 3:11

05 Stefano Torossi Sixth Dimension 3:28

06 Gina Marinuzzi Rhythms in Suspence 1:00

07 Franco Micalizzi Dark Suspence 2:14

08 Stefano Torossi Coast to Coast 2:36

09 Giovanni Tommaso Metropolis 2:35

10 Luciiano Michellini Palude 2:07

11 Mirot; Lash Rash 2:31

12 Ennio Morricone Rincorsa Prima 3:03

13 Freedom Power Feasing 4:38

14 I Gres Plancton (Stereo Version) 3:03

15 I Marc 4 Picadilly Circus 3:15

16 Ennio Morricone Pensiero Stupendo 2:21

17 I Gres To Mendes 2:57

18 I Marc 4 Regent Street 3:12

19 Freedom Power Trip Free 3:13

20 I Gres Jeanette (Stereo Version) 2:34

21 Mirot; Lash Simpton 2:29

22 Luigi Zito Movimento 1:58

23 Freedom Power Freedom Power 2:47

Vol. 03

01 V. Nadalin Asfalto 2:56

02 Alessandro Alessandroni Domenica in Riviera 2:24

03 Puccio Roelens Smooth and Manly 3:22

04 Sandro Brugnolini Supermarket 2:19

05 Puccio Roelens The Taste of Repeat 3:23

06 Sando Brugnolini Giuggi 5:01

07 Giuliano Sorgini Time Turf 2:23

08 Rino De Filippi Calcolatore Elettronico 3:25

09 Mirot; Lash Glamour 2:20

10 L. Sordini Joy Bells 2:43

11 Puccio Roelens A Silness Song 4:04

12 Guiliano Sorgini Zed 2:33

13 Mingross Carter 2:42

14 Rino De Filippi Rotaie 2:35

15 Giuliano Sorgini Clessidra 2:27

16 Alessandro Alessandroni A Little Sad 2:28

17 Mingross Vance 2:40

18 Alessandro Alessandroni Malcontento Popolare 2:29

19 F. Tamponi Daina Pinky 3:31

20 Stepchild; Lash Bike 3:01




  1. Thank You BB. Excellent library music thanks for sharing i was looking out for this one Happy New Year stay safe

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      These are great listens and can really create a mood. Enjoy


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  3. This is really good. Thanks for the posts. Listening to "Something Weird" right now...

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  4. Great, thanks! I only have the first one - didn't even know there was more than one! Super! A

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      The whole series is a great listen. Enjoy the ones you don't have.


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  6. Fantastico, Ragazzo di Burro! Grazie, che meraviglia!

  7. Thank you very much for this. It's a beautifil and remarkable compilation with good godd music, it sounds like the "Easy Tempo" series. Italians do it better, surely, i can confirm it. Many greetings from Italy and happy new year to you and to all blog visitors. Cheers.

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    1. I hope you will enjoy them Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities.