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Searchers - Hearts In Their Eyes, Celebrating 50 Years Of Harmony & Jangle [2012] (4 x CD's)



Searchers - Hearts In Their Eyes, Celebrating 50 Years Of Harmony & Jangle [2012] (4 x CD's)

The Searchers, along with The Beatles and The Hollies, were the finest vocal groups that the British isles ever produced. Here is the most complete (though still not entirely) compilation of their material to be released as of yet. From the great "Needles and Pins" era's to an incredible more recent live version of "River Runs", those harmonies still are euphoric. From influencing everyone from The Byrds to Tom Petty, this is the real stuff that helped to change the course of music forever.  Features hits, rarities, album cuts, live material and more. While concentrating on their '60s output, this collection also includes tracks from their 'comeback' albums from the late 70's and 80's. 

This is an excellent representation of the career of the best group to come out of Liverpool, after The Beatles. It covers all the singles that were hits as well as those which were not - in some cases it is easy to see why some were not successful. The tracks from the Sire period are all excellent and it is a shame that because these albums were not commercially successful, that The Searchers were dropped from the Sire roster. These tracks show what the the band were capable of many years on from the glory days of the 60's. (Amazon)






Track lists


01 Searchers Sweets for My Sweet [Demo] 2:23

02 Searchers Rosalie [Demo] 2:25

03 Searchers Sho' Know a Lot About Love [Demo] 2:09

04 Searchers Let's Stomp [Demo] 2:06

05 Searchers Sweet Nothin's [Live] 2:26

06 Searchers Learning the Game [Live] 1:52

07 Searchers Hey Joe [Live] 2:32

08 Searchers Sweet Little Sixteen [Live] 3:05

09 Searchers Sweets for My Sweet 2:29

10 Searchers It's All Been a Dream 1:49

11 Searchers Alright 2:09

12 Searchers Love Potion No. 9 2:06

13 Searchers Farmer John 1:59

14 Searchers Money (That's What I Want) 2:48

15 Searchers Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya 2:13

16 Searchers Since You Broke My Heart 2:52

17 Searchers Tricky Dicky 2:09

18 Searchers Where Have All the Flowers Gone? 2:57

19 Searchers Sugar and Spice 2:15

20 Searchers Saints and Searchers 3:16

21 Searchers Don't Cha Know 2:01

22 Searchers Some Other Guy 2:08

23 Searchers Listen to Me 2:11

24 Searchers Unhappy Girls 2:39

25 Searchers (Ain't That) Just Like Me 2:23

26 Searchers Cherry Stones 2:31

27 Searchers All My Sorrows 3:25

28 Searchers Hungry for Love 2:22

29 Searchers Once Upon a Time [Pye Outtake] 2:05

30 Searchers Needles and Pins 2:13

31 Searchers Saturday Night Out 1:44

32 Searchers Don't Throw Your Love Away 2:16

33 Searchers I Pretend I'm with You 1:57


01 Searchers This Empty Place 2:09

02 Searchers Where Have You Been? 2:37

03 Searchers It's in Her Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song) 2:15

04 Searchers Sea of Heartbreak 2:24

05 Searchers I Count the Tears 2:03

06 Searchers Hi Heel Sneakers 2:32

07 Searchers Can't Help Forgiving You 2:05

08 Searchers I (Who Have Nothing) [Pye Outtake] 2:47

09 Searchers Someday We're Gonna Love Again 2:00

10 Searchers No One Else Could Love Me 2:14

11 Searchers Someday We're Gonna Love Again [Alt Take] 2:04

12 Searchers; Tony Jackson & The Vibrations Bye Bye Baby 2:31

13 Searchers; Tony Jackson & The Vibrations Watch Your Step 2:44

14 Searchers When You Walk in the Room 2:22

15 Searchers (I'll Be) Missing You 2:04

16 Searchers What Have They Done to the Rain? 2:34

17 Searchers This Feeling Inside 1:45

18 Searchers; Tony Jackson & The Vibrations You Beat Me to the Punch 2:55

19 Searchers The System 2:32

20 Searchers; Tony Jackson & The Vibrations Love Potion No. 9 2:04

21 Searchers; Tony Jackson & The Vibrations Fortune Teller 2:42

22 Searchers Chris Curtis Interview 1:13

23 Searchers Goodbye My Love 3:01

24 Searchers Till I Met You 2:58

25 Searchers Everybody Come Clap Your Hands 2:40

26 Searchers If I Could Find Someone 2:19

27 Searchers Magic Potion 2:35

28 Searchers Bumble Bee 2:14

29 Searchers Till You Say You'll Be Mine 2:24

30 Searchers I Don't Want to Go On Without You [Alt Take] [Pye Outtake] 3:25

31 Searchers I'll Be Doggone [Alt Version] [Pye Outtake] 3:00

32 Searchers; Tony Jackson & The Vibrations Stage Door 2:25


01 Searchers He's Got No Love 2:38

02 Searchers So Far Away 2:02

03 Searchers Chris Curtis Interview 0:59

04 Searchers When I Get Home 2:11

05 Searchers I'm Never Coming Back 2:01

06 Searchers Take Me for What I'm Worth 2:41

07 Searchers Too Many Miles 2:10

08 Searchers Does She Really Care for Me? 2:06

09 Searchers It's Time 2:36

10 Searchers You Can't Lie to a Liar 2:22

11 Searchers Don't You Know Why? 2:38

12 Searchers Each Time 2:48

13 Searchers Four Strong Winds 3:08

14 Searchers Mike Pender Interview 1:10

15 Searchers Take It or Leave It 2:46

16 Searchers Don't Hide It Away 2:41

17 Searchers; Chris Curtis Aggravation 1:59

18 Searchers; Chris Curtis Have I Done Something Wrong? 2:40

19 Searchers Have You Ever Loved Somebody? 2:39

20 Searchers It's Just the Way (Love Will Come and Go) 2:40

21 Searchers Frank Allen Interview 1:04

22 Searchers Popcorn, Double Feature 2:57

23 Searchers I'll Be Loving You [Live] 2:58

24 Searchers Western Union 2:28

25 Searchers I'll Cry Tomorrow 3:49

26 Searchers Second Hand Dealer 3:44

27 Searchers Crazy Dreams 2:36

28 Searchers Umbrella Man 3:00

29 Searchers Over the Weekend 2:29

30 Searchers; Pasha Pussy Willow Dream 2:08

31 Searchers Shoot 'Em Up Baby 2:29

32 Searchers Suzanna 2:41


01 Searchers Desdemona 2:21

02 Searchers Love Is Everywhere 3:13

03 Searchers Sing, Singer, Sing 2:45

04 Searchers Vahevala 3:28

05 Searchers Solitaire 3:54

06 Searchers Spicks and Specks 2:59

07 Searchers Don't Shut Me Out [RCA Outtake] 2:14

08 Searchers Hearts in Her Eyes 3:21

09 Searchers Switchboard Susan 3:55

10 Searchers It's Too Late [Single Mix] 3:29

11 Searchers Love's Gonna Be Strong 2:56

12 Searchers Love's Melody 3:35

13 Searchers Changing 3:20

14 Searchers Silver 3:10

15 Searchers Everything But a Heartbeat 3:56

16 Searchers Radio Romance 3:40

17 Searchers Another Night 3:03

18 Searchers I Don't Want to Be the One 3:39

19 Searchers In the Heat of the Night [PRT Outtake] 3:53

20 Searchers Somebody Told Me (You Were Crying) 3:33

21 Searchers This Boy's in Love 3:29

22 Searchers Every River [Live] 3:48

23 Searchers Seven Nights to Rock [Live] 4:51




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    1. The Searchers are great.
      There are a few comps out there but I really like this one.


  2. The band - with two close to original members - retired 3-4 years ago, but are rostered to return in 2023 (not 2022!)

    1. Thanks Rockindoc.
      Buy your tickets now...


  3. Hope you had a great Christmas..(My HD Crashed) on the 23rd but back on )But wish you a happy NEW YEAR.

    1. Thanks Professor,
      We did. Somehow that time of year allows us to gather in a peaceful way with family and reflection.
      Apart from your HDD crash I hope you has a great Christmas.
      Happy New year to you and yours.


  4. Hopefully these are "original" versions and not more re-recorded by "some" of the band!?

    Hollies next?


    1. Hi Stephen.
      Who doesn't like the Hollies.


    2. Who knows what was publicity "spin"......!?
      George Harrison - criticised them publicly for their cover of his “If I needed someone”.
      He supposed said in an interview, “They’ve spoilt it. The Hollies are all right musically, but the way they do their records, they sound like session men who’ve just got together in a studio without ever seeing each other before.”

      John had a few things to say as well....although he often reacted quite negatively when he felt threatened!

      Tough life....music star!


  5. The Searchers' two Sire albums are so good. Really under-appreciated.

    1. Hi Cobber67.
      They are an under-appreciated and underrated band in my opinion. They always just bubbled below the headliners and they always remained true to their pop ethic.


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    1. Hi Hawkster (Cool & Crazy),
      Yes, They do.


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    1. Thanks Fieldhippy.
      I am happy this post is pleasing to so many.


  8. Thank you for your great posts.

  9. thank you ButterBoy niceeeeeeeee

    1. Hi Aussie,
      There are a great group.
      Enjoy the memories.


  10. The true competitors of The Beatles in Liverpool! This box is completing perfectly the one named "When You Walk In The Room" (six CD). Many thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Racati,
      Enjoy this box set.
      The other is also good.