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VA - Ugly Things Vol. 01 - Vol. 04 [1980-1989] (4 x CD's)



VA - Ugly Things Vol. 01 - Vol. 04 [1980-1989] (4 x CD's)

Seminal comp series documenting the down under 60's scene, so much killer stuff!!! 

U.S. and U.K. audiences were totally unaware at the time, but Australia was home to a thriving garage-punk scene in the mid 60's. The scope and output of these groups were limited by the country's population, which was only about 15 million or somewhat less, after all. But there was a surprisingly large number of fine singles, some of which measured up to the manic, over-the-top R&B derived energy of anything coming from Texas, California, or London. Volume 1 is by far the best of the series and, indeed, one of the best 60's garage compilations ever, filled with good hooks, screams, and crunching riffs. The second and third volumes aren't nearly as good, peppered with undistinguished covers and unmemorable tracks, although some excellent ones do surface, including some from neighboring New Zealand; the best of these two LPs should have been combined into one. Raven has put out a best-of compilation CD from the Ugly Things series that draws from all of the volumes and adds some other cuts. (AMG review by Richie Unterberger)

Volume 4 "Down Under Dreamtime" concentrates on the headier stuff.






Track lists

Vol. 01

01 Missing Links You're Drivin' Me Insane 2:56

02 Black Diamonds I Want, Need, Love You 3:01

03 Elois By My Side 2:16

04 Moods Rum Drunk 2:21

05 Easybeats Goin' Out Of My Mind 2:41

06 Vince Maloney Sect No Good Without You 2:19

07 Sunsets I Want Love 2:22

08 Wild Colonials Get The Picture 2:29

09 Creatures Ugly Thing 3:21

10 Cult You're Just My Kind 1:50

11 Atlantics Come On 2:56

12 D Coys - Bad Times 2:57

13 Trevor Gordon & The Bee Gees Little Miss Rhythm & Blues 2:16

14 4 Strangers Sad & Lonely 2:19

15 In Sect - I Can See My Love 2:06

16 Jackson Kings Watch Your Step 2:02

17 Running Jumping Standing Still She's So Good To Me 1:59

18 Vacant Lot Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long 2:32

19 Hergs Style Of Love 3:04

20 Jeff St. John & The Id Sunaroid '67 2:26

Vol. 02

01 Bobby & Laurie Jump Back 1:38

02 Derek's Accent Ain't Got No Feelin' 2:18

03 Barrington Davis Raining Teardrops 2:29

04 Birds Dust In My Pants 3:43

05 La De Da's Little Girl 2:28

06 Blue Beats She's Comin' Home 2:26

07 Jet Set What Did The Man Say_ 3:12

08 Five There's Time 2:18

09 Grandma's Tonic Lost Girl 2:56

10 Sunsets The Hot Generation 2:10

11 Atlantics It's A Hard Life 3:14

12 Purple Hearts Just A Little Bit 1:50

13 Throb I Need You 2:39

14 Clefs I Can Only Give You Everything 2:43

15 Vyt & The World Why Do I Cry 2:50

16 Laurie Wade's Cavaliers To Win Your Love 2:12

17 Tony Worsley & The Blue Jays Talk About Love 2:35

18 Tony Cole Beat It 3:00

19 Cherokees I've Gone Wild 2:41

20 Ray Columbus & The Art Collection Kick Me (I Think I'm Dreaming) 2:43

Vol. 03

01 Loved Ones Ever Lovin' Man 2:10

02 Pleazers Hurtin' All Over 2:43

03 Machine Gun Kelly's Rejects I'm Going Back 3:15

04 Others Why Can't She Be Mine 3:22

05 Twilights I'm Not Talking 2:22

06 Tony Barber I Want Her To 2:30

07 Lost Souls This Life Of Mine 2:43

08 Throb One Thing To Do 1:49

09 Modes Baby Please Don't Go (live) 2:42

11 La De Da's How Is The Air Up There 2:37

12 Chants R&B Neighbour, Neighbour 2:27

13 Bluestars Social End Product 2:37

14 Larry's Rebels Flying Scotsman 4:29

15 Steve & The Board Farmer John 2:58

16 Bobby James Syndicate Hey Hey Hey 2:33

17 Showmen Naughty Girl 2:31

18 Russ Kruger Keep Me Satisfied 1:43

19 Easybeats For My Woman 4:00

Vol. 04

01 James Taylor Move And I Heard The Fire Sing 2:40

02 Wright Of Waye Sun God 2:55

03 Inside Looking Out Long Live Sivananda 2:16

04 Easybeats Peculiar Hole In The Sky 2:55

05 Wild Cherries Krome Plated Yabby 3:08

06 Jeff St. John & The Id Eastern Dream 2:25

07 House Of Nimrod Slightly-Delic 2:37

08 Vegetable Garden Hypnotic Suggestion 3:03

09 Bucket I Can't Help Thinking Of You 2:25

10 Hi-Revving Tongues Tropic Of Capricorn 3:04

11 Masters' Apprentices Living In A Child's Dream 2:39

12 Procession Listen 2:37

13 Larry's Rebels Halloween 2:08

14 Vyt & The World Tiny Timothy 3:00

15 Simple Image Spinning, Spinning, Spinning 3:06

16 Twilights Time & Motion Study Man 2:14

17 Love Machine The Lonely Hearts Club Christm 3:07

18 Questions And Things Unsaid 2:31

19 Terry Britten Bargain Day 3:02

20 Dave Miller Set Mr. Guy Fawkes 4:18




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