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David Axelrod - The Edge Of Music An Exploration Of 50 Years In Music [2006]


David Axelrod - The Edge Of Music An Exploration Of 50 Years In Music [2006]

David Axelrod (April 17, 1931 - February 5, 2017) was an American composer, arranger, and producer. After starting out as a staff producer for record companies specializing in jazz, Axelrod became known by the mid-1960's in soul and jazz circles for his recording skills. In 1968, Axelrod embarked on a solo career and released several albums during the 1970's that showcased his characteristic sound, which combined heavily microphoned drums and baroque orchestration, and avant garde themes ranging from the environment to heightened mental awareness.

The combination of slinky basslines, smoky horns, jazzy twists, filmic oscillations, funky break-beats and baroque orchestrations were pioneering in their day, and to Axelrod’s credit, they still hit a stride by contemporary standards. The often-sampled Holy Thursday remains astonishingly compelling as with the funk rock excursions on London and The Mental Traveler and the mystique of A Little Lost Girl and Human Abstract that tell the story of Axelrod in sexy and contemplative turns.  Incorporating an extra helping of his catalogue with obscure 1970s output represented, this anthology works out as a connoisseurs’ dream with blues-laden cuts The Auction and The Leading Citizen (from 1972) right through the psychedelic nuances on the Heavy Axe album and the funk jazz across 1000 Rad and Tony’s Poem reflecting Axelrod’s lesser known but no less vital moments. (Amazon)



Track lists


01 David Axelrod (featuring Lou Rawls) Loved Boy 3:09

02 David Axelrod Holy Thursday 5:30

03 David Axelrod The Leading Citizen 5:08

04 David Axelrod London 2:50

05 David Axelrod A Dream 2:27

06 David Axelrod The Auction 6:34

07 David Axelrod The Sign, Part 1 3:44

08 David Axelrod Everything Counts 6:55

09 David Axelrod Song Of Innocence 4:32

10 David Axelrod Mental Traveler 4:04

11 David Axelrod The Poison Tree 3:10

12 Nat Adderley Sextet Aquarius 7:56

13 Lou Rawls Love Is A Hurtin' Thing 2:12


01 David Mccallum The Edge 2:54

02 Electric Prunes Holy Are You 4:09

03 David Axelrod The Sign (Part Iii) 2:37

04 David Axelrod A Little Girl Lost 3:25

05 Cannonball Adderley Quintet Tensity 12:36

06 David Axelrod 1000 Rads 8:03

07 David Axelrod Mucho Chupar 3:14

08 Hampton Hawes Web 3:29

09 David Axelrod Tony's Poem 4:51

10 Cannonball Adderley Quintet Gun-Jah 4:18

11 David Axelrod The Human Abstract 5:30

12 David Axelrod The Fly 4:51

13 David Axelrod Introit / Krystallnacht 9:38



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