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Nick Lowe- The Doings (The Solo Years) [1999] (4 x CD's)



Nick Lowe- The Doings (The Solo Years) [1999] (4 x CD's)

The subtitle of the four-disc box set The Doings is The Solo Years, and the 86-track compilation never once strays from that edict. Disc one kicks off with Nick Lowe's seminal single "So It Goes," bypassing his early work with Brinsley Schwarz. By the end of that first disc, the compilation is already at Nick the Knife, his first album after the disbandment of Rockpile, and none of that group's official recordings are here. As it stands, The Doings falls just below the definitive mark, mainly because of those omissions. It's still a worthwhile set, though, playing much like an expanded version of Basher. It could be argued that it moves a little too quickly through Lowe's '70s and '80s material, especially since the third disc contains almost all of his '90s albums Impossible Bird and Dig My Mood. Then again, those two records really are among the best music he's ever made, so they deserve such an elevated position. Still, such decisions help point out what's missing from The Doings, and there are some great songs not included, but that's nit-picking. What's here is excellent, tracing a good history of Nick's solo career, perfect for casual fans wanting a comprehensive anthology. But The Doings is really for obsessive fans, and they'll be pleased by the rarities. Not only is the original fast version of "Cruel to Be Kind" here, but there's a full disc of live recordings, demos, and home recordings, all of high quality. Not only does The Doings do a good job of collecting obscurities, it does an even better job of drawing a portrait of Lowe's solo recordings. Ultimately, that's what makes The Doings a success. (AllMusiceview by Stephen Thomas Erlewine)


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Track lists


01 Nick Lowe So It Goes 2:33

02 Nick Lowe Heart Of The City 2:01

03 Nick Lowe Born A Woman 2:30

04 Nick Lowe Shake That Rat 2:11

05 Nick Lowe Marie Provost 2:48

06 Nick Lowe Endless Sleep 4:05

07 Nick Lowe I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock 'n' Roll) (Live) 3:00

08 Nick Lowe Halfway To Paradise 2:27

09 Nick Lowe I Don't Want The Night To End 1:58

10 Nick Lowe I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass 3:14

11 Nick Lowe Little Hitler 3:00

12 Nick Lowe Cruel To Be Kind (Original Version) 2:53

13 Nick Lowe Tonight 3:57

14 Nick Lowe No Reason 3:32

15 Nick Lowe 36 Inches High 2:57

16 Nick Lowe American Squirm 2:32

17 Nick Lowe Cracking Up 2:59

18 Nick Lowe Basing Street 2:35

19 Nick Lowe Cruel To Be Kind (Single Version) 3:30

20 Nick Lowe Born Fighter 3:10

21 Nick Lowe Switchboard Susan 3:48

22 Nick Lowe Without Love 2:29

23 Nick Lowe Burning 2:05

24 Nick Lowe Heart 3:44

25 Nick Lowe My Heart Hurts 2:41

26 Nick Lowe Raining Raining 2:48


01 Nick Lowe Ragin' Eyes 2:39

02 Nick Lowe Time Wounds All Heels 2:46

03 Nick Lowe Half A Boy And Half A Man 2:56

04 Nick Lowe Awesome 2:51

05 Nick Lowe Maureen 3:06

06 Nick Lowe Darlin' Angel Eyes 2:46

07 Nick Lowe She Don't Love Nobody 3:23

08 Nick Lowe 7 Nights To Rock 2:47

09 Nick Lowe The Rose Of England 3:26

10 Nick Lowe I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock 'n' Roll) 4:26

11 Nick Lowe Indoor Fireworks 3:32

12 Nick Lowe Bo Bo Skediddle 3:03

13 Nick Lowe (You're My) Wildest Dream 3:20

14 Nick Lowe Crying In My Sleep 4:00

15 Nick Lowe Lovers' Jamboree 3:44

16 Nick Lowe Big Big Love 2:51

17 Nick Lowe What's Shakin' On The Hill 4:01

18 Nick Lowe All Men Are Liars 3:24

19 Nick Lowe Gai-Gin Man 2:45

20 Nick Lowe You Stabbed Me In The Front 2:58


01 Nick Lowe Soulful Wind 3:04

02 Nick Lowe The Beast In Me 2:31

03 Nick Lowe True Love Travels On A Gravel Road 3:39

04 Nick Lowe Shelly My Love 3:15

05 Nick Lowe Where's My Everything 2:42

06 Nick Lowe 12-Step Program (To Quit You Babe) 3:15

07 Nick Lowe Lover Don't Go 4:09

08 Nick Lowe I Live On A Battlefield 3:24

09 Nick Lowe 14 Days 3:01

10 Nick Lowe In The Middle Of It All 3:02

11 Nick Lowe (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love And Understanding? (1994 Recording) 3:49

12 Nick Lowe Faithless Lover 2:44

13 Nick Lowe Lonesome Reverie 2:55

14 Nick Lowe You Inspire Me 3:12

15 Nick Lowe Time I Took A Holiday 3:29

16 Nick Lowe Man That I've Become 2:54

17 Nick Lowe Freezing 3:58

18 Nick Lowe High On A Hilltop 3:05

19 Nick Lowe Lead Me Not 3:00

20 Nick Lowe I Must Be Getting Over You 2:21


01 Nick Lowe Pet You And Hold You (Live Us 1982) 3:22

02 Nick Lowe Crackin' Up (Live Us 1982) 2:57

03 Nick Lowe (What's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love And Understanding?  (Live Us 1982) 3:29

04 Nick Lowe Baby It's You (Duet With Elvis Costello] 3:13

05 Nick Lowe Don't Think About Her (1989 Demo) 3:00

06 Nick Lowe Rocky Road (1989 Demo) 3:55

07 Nick Lowe Losin' Boy (1994 Home Recording) 2:32

08 Nick Lowe Love Is After Me (1994 Home Recording) 2:48

09 Nick Lowe Lonely Just Like Me (1994 Home Recording) 2:57

10 Nick Lowe 36 Inches High (Live Japan 1994) 3:41

11 Nick Lowe Raining Raining (Live Japan 1994) 3:31

12 Nick Lowe Without Love (Live Europe 1995) 2:36

13 Nick Lowe Lover Don't Go (Live Europe 1995) 4:53

14 Nick Lowe Dream Girl (Live Europe 1995) 2:38

15 Nick Lowe I'm Coming Home (Live Europe 1995) 2:34

16 Nick Lowe I'll Give You All Night To Stop (1995 Studio Outtake With The Impossible Birds) 2:19

17 Nick Lowe Soulful Wind (Live Japan 1998) 2:43

18 Nick Lowe She Don't Love Nobody (Live Japan 1998) 3:01

19 Nick Lowe Cruel To Be Kind (Live Japan 1998) 3:06

20 Nick Lowe Half A Boy And Half A Man (Live Japan 1998) 3:19




  1. Thanks BB. I usually stick to the 60s but I do love Nick.

    1. Hi lemonflag.
      He is a great artist and should be in everyone's music collection.

  2. I don't suppose you have Billy Bremmer's solo album "Bash"? That would be great to hear again!

  3. Truely the "Jesus of Cool"....................Always great this man whoever he plays with or produces etc.
    Had some great "Lockdown Sessions" often with his son on a snare drum.....Brilliant.


  4. Very nice! Nick is a class act. Thanks!

    1. Glad you like it Berni.
      It's one of those sets you keep learning from.

    2. Great stuff.. thanks very much

    3. You're welcome, Mik0m.