Monday, October 10, 2022

VA - Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours Vol. 01



VA - Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours Vol. 01 [2022].

WARM Records are delighted to announce the first release in a new collaboration with Paul Hillery, the main man behind Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours. Paul is a hugely respected collector of private press obscurities, lost loner folk, strange musical fauna and intricately played floral powered wonders. Known in collectors' circles for his deep digging adventures and his immersive mix series on the FFTT blog, here: Paul has gained a reputation as the go-to man for compilers and labels seeking information pretty much unavailable anywhere on the net. He’s built long-standing relationships with many lost and forgotten artists and is on a mission to give these guys the exposure they deserve.

For volume one in the series, Paul has compiled nineteen tracks that represent the journey he's been on with the Folk Funk and Trippy Troubadours sound to date. There's music here that has never seen the light of day, demo versions that never made the cut, new exclusive material and beloved classics from the FFTT vaults. The compilation is a sonic landscape of canyon rock, hot tub soul, Frisco folk, Balearic breeze and trippy troubadourial treasures, all lovingly handpicked for the series. To whet people's appetites for this alluring funky, psychedelic collection, do listen to a first single in form of 'Sweet Sweet Stay A While' by American singer songwriter Jeb Loy Nichols above. Dubbed 'The high priest of country cool' by Rolling Stone Magazine, Nichols was raised on bluegrass and country in Missouri, lived in New York in the late 70's during the birth of hip hop and rap and shared a squat in the early '80s with The Slits' Ari Up, Adrian Sherwood and Neneh Cherry in post punk London. All meaning that his complete disregard for genre purity have been one of Nichols biggest influences, which is there in great abundance on the soulful 'Sweet Sweet Stay A While'. (

If you haven't visit the FFTT website, then click on this link to hear much, much more...

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Track lists

01 Duncan Pryce Kirk Space Out 4:14

02 Eik Mr Sadness 3:22

03 Joe Hall & Eyeball Wine Co. Movable Feast 2:31

04 Christian Besa Wright Cherry Blossom Oak 3:24

05 Ruth Finlay Deep Calls To Deep 2:53

06 Will & James Ragar Clouds Lift Away 3:22

07 Scott Seskind I Wonder 3:14

08 Timm Mckenna Where Are You? 3:57

09 Jeb Loy Nichols Sweet Sweet Stay A While 3:30

10 Gary Boyle So Many Times Before 5:22

11 Peter Wale One Quiet Sultry Sunday 10:44

12 Sorahan With His Siller In His Hands 4:17

13 Cindi Titzer All For You 5:15

14 Smokie Topaz 2:32

15 Geoff Bartley Don't Want To Know About Evil 4:27

16 Robin Woodland One Golden Moment 5:30

17 Richard Pahigian We'll Find Love 2:50

18 Kip Carmen That's Enough For Me 4:18




  1. This is really a great set of tunes thanks much for this i hope its ok to ask here if anybody has the lp of Duncan Pryce Kirk – Journey To Beyond they can share the song on here from that lp is just the best

    1. Hi doors97426.
      Glad you are enjoying this one. It is quite special.

  2. Hi Butterboy,
    This comp seems a really interesting one, at least on a first listen!!! I will dig into it

  3. "A sonic landscape of canyon rock, hot tub soul, Frisco folk, Balearic breeze and trippy troubadourial treasures" -- Sounds like a fun one! Thanks BB