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VA - Feber 2, Anders Lokko Folk [2005] (2 x CDs)



VA - Feber 2, Anders Lokko Folk [2005] (2 x CDs)

A 36-track compilation of late 60's and early 70's Folk, Folk Rock and Acid Folk, compiled as part of a superb series of CDs for the Swedish label Amigo Music. This amazing compilation was released 17 years ago. It presents a portrait of the many different artists and sounds of the era ranging from straightforward folk to various hybrids of psych, pop and rock. Although the first CD is fairly downbeat Andres Lokko Folk is incredibly entertaining and an excellent primer for some of the best artists of the 60's and early 70's. It's spooky, earthy and amusing in turn, and is perfect for dark nights of the soul. (Amazon)



Track list


01 John Martyn Over The Hill 2:51

02 Heron Lord And Master 4:47

03 Matthews’ Southern Comfort What We Say 3:26

04 Keith Christmas Travelling Down 4:09

05 Bridget St. John Song For The Waterden Widow 2:43

06 Rod Stewart Only A Hobo 4:17

07 Trees Snail's Lament 4:38

08 Anne Briggs Standing On The Shore 4:34

09 Al Stewart Long Way Down From Stephanie 3:28

10 Fotheringay The Sea 5:32

11 Duncan Browne My Only Son 4:08

12 Incredible String Band Air 3:15

13 Lone Pigeon Lonely Vagabond 2:42

14 Richard & Linda Thompson Withered And Died 3:26

15 Ronnie Lane Done This One Before 3:33

16 C.O.B. Spirit Of Love 4:00

17 Bill Fay Sing Us One Of Your Songs, May 2:50

18 James Yorkston And The Athletes The Lang Toun 9:53


01 Vashti Bunyan Rainbow River 3:24

02 Memory Band Theme For The Memory Band 2:29

03 Lindisfarne Meet Me On The Corner 2:39

04 Fairport Convention Autopsy 4:23

05 Richard & Linda Thompson I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight 3:10

06 Gary Farr Don't Know Why You Bother Child 4:09

07 Dando Shaft Rain 5:09

08 Donovan Turquoise 3:29

09 Forest Nothing Else Will Matter 4:06

10 Shelagh Mcdonald Stargazer 4:11

11 King Creosote The Someone Else 2:41

12 John Martyn Walk To The Water 2:47

13 Jade Fly On Strangewings 4:26

14 Meic Stevens Love Owed 3:19

15 Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci Sbia Ar Y Seren 2:39

16 Claire Hamill Island 3:18

17 Sandy Denny The Music Weaver (Demo) 3:18

18 Terry Reid Milestones 5:52




  1. Hiya BeBe, thank you so much for the great music, as always. Just to let you know that the second part of this album is damaged, it could be something wrong with my own sound but from track 9 is very distorted. A big hug with our gratitude. Nigel

    1. Hi Nigel,
      Glad you are enjoying your time visiting the blog.
      I just listen to both track 9's and all seem OK to me.

    2. Apologies Nigel,
      I have found errors in tracks after 9 on CD2. I will fix that soon.

    3. Hi Nigel,
      Thanks again for alerting me to the corrupt files.
      they are now fixed, and a new link established.

  2. Hi Butterboy you good my man ? I was wondering , maybe you have the Pulp Fusion compilation ? I knew one site that had , and it got deleted. And I can't find them in good audio, so maybe yi have those. Have a good day, stay safe.

    1. Hi Unknown,
      I do have the Pulp Fusion collection. I have around 20 - 26 CDs. I will have to get them out. Would make a good post. Can't promise when at this stage, just keep looking in.

    2. Thank you my man/ That's DOPE, coz they can't be find nowhere anymore.

    3. Hi Butterboy , so you are not ok to upload those compils, please ?

  3. Looking forward to this one -- can never have too much acid folk!

  4. Apologies to all 450+ downloaders for the previous link which was corrupt.
    The link is now fixed and working.

  5. Thanks BB. All good things come to those who wait.

    1. Hi lemonflag.
      Hope it lives up to expectations.