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Blue Mitchell - The Complete Blue Note Blue Mitchell Sessions (1963-67) [1998] (4 x CD's)




Blue Mitchell - The Complete Blue Note Blue Mitchell Sessions (1963-67) [1998] (4 x CD's)

Blue Mitchell was always a consistent, lyrical, and pleasing trumpeter. Although not as significant during the 1960's as Lee Morgan and Freddie Hubbard (much less Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis), Mitchell had his own appealing sound and was a major asset on many modern mainstream dates. This four-CD limited-edition Mosaic box set collects Mitchell's first six Blue Note dates as a leader: Step Lightly, The Thing to Do, Down With It, Bring It Home to Me, Boss Horn, and Heads Up. Three albums are by his quintet, which included tenor saxophonist Junior Cook and usually the young pianist Chick Corea and was formed shortly after he left Horace Silver, and the three others are with larger groups, two of which have arrangements by Duke Pearson. Among the other key sidemen are tenor great Joe Henderson, altoist Leo Wright, baritonist Pepper Adams, and pianists Herbie Hancock and McCoy Tyner. There are just two previously unreleased cuts (both alternate takes), but most of the sets have been somewhat rare for years, and taken as a whole, the swinging hard bop and boogaloo performances are Blue Mitchell's finest recordings as a leader. (AllMusic review by Scott Yanow)


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Track lists


01 Blue Mitchell Mamacita 5:49

02 Blue Mitchell Sweet And Lovely 7:46

03 Blue Mitchell Andrea 5:16

04 Blue Mitchell Step Lightly 8:32

05 Blue Mitchell Cry Me A River 6:48

06 Blue Mitchell Bluesville 4:10

07 Blue Mitchell Fungii Mama 7:48

08 Blue Mitchell Mona's Mood 5:17

09 Blue Mitchell The Thing To Do 7:02


01 Blue Mitchell Step Lightly 10:25

02 Blue Mitchell Chick's Tune 9:37

03 Blue Mitchell Hi Heel Sneakers 8:24

04 Blue Mitchell Perception 5:41

05 Blue Mitchell Alone, Alone And Alone 7:45

06 Blue Mitchell March On Selma 6:16

07 Blue Mitchell One Shirt 7:30

08 Blue Mitchell Samba De Stacy 5:58


01 Blue Mitchell Bring It Home To Me 7:58

02 Blue Mitchell Blues 3 For 1 6:04

03 Blue Mitchell Port Rico Rock 6:34

04 Blue Mitchell Gingerbread Boy 6:36

05 Blue Mitchell Portrait Of Jennie 5:39

06 Blue Mitchell Blue's Theme 5:24

07 Blue Mitchell Millie 6:21

08 Blue Mitchell O Mama Enit 5:35

09 Blue Mitchell I Should Care 7:32

10 Blue Mitchell Rigor Mortez 6:21


01 Blue Mitchell Tones For Joan's Bones 6:38

02 Blue Mitchell Straight Up And Down 6:39

03 Blue Mitchell Heads Up! Feet Down! 5:59

04 Blue Mitchell Togetherness 6:49

05 Blue Mitchell The Folks Who Live On The Hill 5:33

06 Blue Mitchell Good Humor Man 5:40

07 Blue Mitchell Len Sirrah 7:20

08 Blue Mitchell The People In Nassau 5:40

09 Blue Mitchell Togetherness (Alternate Take) 6:38

10 Blue Mitchell Good Humor Man (Alternate Take) 5:12




  1. Thanks for these Butterboy. I met Blue Mitchell when he was in Mayall's band in the mid 1970s.

    1. Hi Bob Mac,
      That would have been a great experience, I'm sure.

  2. Don't know this artist at all. Many thanks for the introduction BB.

    1. Well, you are in for a treat, Phillip.