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VA - The Chicago Blues Box 2 [2017] (8 x CD's)


VA - The Chicago Blues Box 2 [2017] (8 x CD's)

After the popularity of Storyville’s first best-selling boxed set of Chicago blues recordings, we’re delighted to present another outstanding 8 x CD collection from the vaults of MCM Records. As in the first boxed set, the live atmosphere of these unedited performances shines through, revealing the true ambiance of the Chicago Blues club scene in the mid-1970's, as well as the individuals whose talents MCM Records would preserve. They captured an authenticity that rarely surfaced on the major label recordings that some of these artists made.  MCM was a labour of love by a young French woman, Marcelle Chailleux, and her future husband Jacques Morgantini. In the 1950's Jacques had brought the likes of Big Bill Broonzy, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker to Europe to appear at his French hometown event - a dedicated Chicago blues festival - but it was recent blues convert Marcelle who travelled to Chicago in the mid-1970's to record a unique collection of live performances. Some of the performances presented here were by men who would become giants of the blues; others were by talented artists who never found wider fame and whose MCM recordings remain the only surviving evidence of their talent.

In this superb collection, you will find rare tracks by Eddie Taylor, Big Mojo Elem, Andrew “Blueblood” McMahon, Big Voice Odom, Hip Lankchan, Eddie Clearwater, Jimmy Dawkins, Jimmy Johnson, Magic Slim, John Littlejohn, Bobby King and The Aces. The recordings stem from famous Chicago blues venues Ma Bea’s, the Golden Slipper and Big Duke’s. Marcelle was only just in time to capture the genuine feel and sound of those old-time clubs before they disappeared. Jimmy Dawkins, bluesman par excellence, was her guide to the 1975 Chicago blues scene, and has said: “It was natural and ‘for real’ without over-preparation. You get the feeling of the room, the music, the audience, and the blues. It was the real thing. Places like Ma Bea’s and the old Golden Slipper are all gone now.” Jacques Morgantini writes in the liner notes: “These records capture the music that was played in the clubs at that time, the real Chicago blues sound! And that was exactly what Marcelle wanted: to give those musicians a chance to get themselves better known”. (Amazon)


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Track lists


01 Eddie Taylor Opening 2:58

02 Eddie Taylor Red Light 4:30

03 Eddie Taylor Big Town Playboy 3:23

04 Eddie Taylor Blow Wind Blow 4:04

05 Eddie Taylor Down In Virginia 2:53

06 Eddie Taylor Lucky Lou 4:37

07 Eddie Taylor Tell Me Mama 4:53

08 Big Mojo Elem Talk To Your Daughter 2:53

09 Big Mojo Elem Hide Away 4:49

10 Big Mojo Elem Be My Little Girl 2:28

11 Andrew Blueblood Mcmahon Red Light, Pt. 2 3:56

12 Andrew Blueblood Mcmahon Mojo Hand 4:44

13 Big Voice Odom Mojo Working 2:44

14 Big Mojo Elem Dry Land, Pt. 2 5:53

15 Big Voice Odom Where Are You Goin' 8:38

16 Big Voice Odom Thrill Is Gone 4:15


01 Hip Lankchan You Left Me With A Broken Heart 5:12

02 Hip Lankchan I'm On My Way 5:20

03 Hip Lankchan Last Night 4:58

04 Hip Lankchan All Your Love 4:47

05 Hip Lankchan I Don't Want No Woman 4:27

06 Hip Lankchan Black Nights 5:24

07 Hip Lankchan Somebody Loan Me A Dime 4:43

08 Hip Lankchan Same Old Blues 3:27

09 Hip Lankchan Why I Sing The Blues 5:50

10 Eddie Clearwater Everyday I Have The Blues 4:25

11 Eddie Clearwater You Don't Have To Go 4:57

12 Eddie Clearwater Poison Ivy 3:39

13 Eddie Clearwater My Babe 6:47


01 Jimmy Dawkins Way She Walks 4:27

02 Jimmy Dawkins Rock Me Baby 5:08

03 Jimmy Dawkins I Wonder Why 4:46

04 Jimmy Dawkins Cold Sweet Blues 7:14

05 Jimmy Dawkins Driving Wheel 5:39

06 Jimmy Dawkins Will My Baby Home Tonight 5:44

07 Jimmy Dawkins Big Duke's 4:40

08 Jimmy Dawkins Hard Road To Travel 6:54

09 Jimmy Dawkins J.D's Jam 3:31

10 Jimmy Dawkins Nature Ball 5:41

11 Jimmy Dawkins Pretty Woman 4:42

12 Jimmy Dawkins Ode To Billy Joe 7:44


01 Jimmy Johnson Long About Midnight 7:06

02 Jimmy Johnson Strange Thing Happening 5:29

03 Jimmy Johnson Look On Yonder Wall 3:34

04 Jimmy Johnson I'm Crazy About You Baby 4:28

05 Jimmy Johnson Breaking Up Somebody's Home 5:01

06 Jimmy Johnson Sweet Little Angel 5:22

07 Jimmy Johnson Three Times Chicago 4:42

08 Jimmy Johnson Midnight Hour 4:08

09 Jimmy Johnson My Own Fault 5:26

10 Jimmy Johnson Get Ready Here I Come 3:51

11 Jimmy Johnson Same Old Blues 4:09

12 Jimmy Johnson So Many Roads 6:45

13 Jimmy Johnson As The Years Go Passing By 7:02


01 John Littlejohn Dust My Broom 4:31

02 John Littlejohn Rob And Steal 3:39

03 John Littlejohn Five Long Years 3:21

04 John Littlejohn Kiddeo 2:44

05 John Littlejohn That's All Right 7:17

06 John Littlejohn I Can't Stay Here 5:10

07 John Littlejohn Bobby's Rock 3:43

08 John Littlejohn Twenty Nine Ways 6:13

09 John Littlejohn So Glad You're Mine 4:13

10 John Littlejohn All I Want 2:48

11 John Littlejohn Dream, Pt. 2 6:39

12 John Littlejohn All Your Love 6:26

13 John Littlejohn Sunny Road 7:46


01 Magic Slim Buddy Buddy Friend 4:25

02 Magic Slim You Upset Me Baby 3:45

03 Magic Slim Born Down The Bridge 6:30

04 Magic Slim Rock Me Baby 5:02

05 Magic Slim Tell Me Baby 2:52

06 Magic Slim Jumpin' At Ma Bea's 4:56

07 Magic Slim I Don't Got Over 5:22

08 Magic Slim Tramp 6:04

09 Magic Slim Josephine's 4:49

10 Magic Slim As The Years Go Passing By 6:04

11 Magic Slim Everything Gonna Be Alright 5:02

12 Magic Slim Mary Lou 5:31


01 The Aces Rock Me Baby 4:25

02 The Aces You're The One 3:08

03 The Aces Baby What You Want Me To Do 4:04

04 The Aces Someday Baby 3:41

05 The Aces Off The Wall 4:24

06 The Aces Bobby's Rock 4:16

07 The Aces Kansas City 4:51

08 The Aces Honky Tonk 4:50

09 The Aces Don't Throw Your Love On Me 3:45

10 The Aces C.C. Rider 4:07

11 The Aces Sweet Home Chicago 2:49

12 The Aces Hide Away 5:05

13 The Aces Tribute To Little Walter 1:54

14 The Aces The Ace's Shuffle 3:09

15 The Aces Blues With A Feeling 3:42

16 The Aces Honky Tonk, Pt. 2 5:01


01 Willie Kent I'm Not The Same Person 5:42

02 Willie Kent Ghetto 7:43

03 Willie Kent Dust My Broom 3:55

04 Willie Kent Chili Con Carne 3:08

05 Willie Kent Blue Guitar 5:26

06 Willie Kent Bobby's Rock 4:06

07 Willie Kent Sweet Home Chicago 2:54

08 Willie Kent Tell Him He Got To Go 4:17

09 Willie Kent Chicken Shack 4:10

10 Willie Kent 19 Years Old, Pt. 2 3:44

11 Willie Kent I Love The Woman 4:44

12 Willie Kent You Know I Love You 5:13




  1. Brilliant Butterboy, I had the 1st set, so great to now get this 2nd set. many thanks.

    1. Thanks Bob Mac.
      I believe there is a third although I don't have it.