Thursday, October 6, 2022

K's DOWNTEMPO SPECIAL - VA - The Definitive Downtempo / Electronica Chillout Collection (Super Deluxe Edition) [2022] (7x CD's)


K's DOWNTEMPO SPECIAL   -   VA - The Definitive Downtempo / Electronica Chillout Collection (Super Deluxe Edition) [2022] (7x CD's)

A nice, relaxing, chill compilation to enjoy during these final few weeks of this long, hot summer.

Downtempo is a broad category of electronic music characterized by an atmospheric sound and slow-tempo beats. Closely related to ambient music but with greater emphasis on beats, the style may be played in chillout clubs or as "warm-up or cool-down" music during a DJ set. Examples of downtempo subgenres include trip hop, chillwave, psybient and lo-fi hip hop. The style emerged in the late 1980s with the UK's Bristol scene that birthed artists like Massive Attack, Portishead, and Tricky. In the 1990s, the style was heard internationally in artists such as Kruder & Dorfmeister, Groove Armada, and Thievery Corporation. Other prominent artists to emerge in the style include Air, Röyksopp, St Germain and Morcheeba.

Downtempo music is a broad genre but is united by several characteristics:

  • Atmospheric sound: artists focus more on layered sounds and mood than on catchy melodies or riffs
  • Slow beats: songs typically feature beats around 90 BPM
  • Gentle melodies: artists typically include more melodic phrases than straightforward ambient music

Downtempo emerged from the UK's late 1980's Bristol sound, which developed a slow, psychedelic fusion of hip hop with electronic music known as "trip hop". The 1990's brought on a wave of slower paced music which was played throughout chillout rooms - the relaxation sections of the clubs or dedicated sections at electronic music events. Downtempo music started to surface around Ibiza, when DJs and promoters would bring down the vibe with slower rhythm and gentler electronic music upon approaching sunrise. At the end of the 1990's a more melodic instrumental electronica incorporating acoustic sounds with electronic styles emerged under its own umbrella name of downtempo.

After considerable online research, here is my own compilation of what I consider to be the 100 best and most important tracks of the downtempo / electronica / chillout music scene of the late 80's, 90's and 00's.

I have selected the very best versions of each song, as many tracks were remixed by prominent producers at the time such as Röyksopp, Rae & Christian, Mylo, Todd Terry, Kid Loco, Erot, William Orbit and others.

Contains many rare and extremely hard to find versions and mixes.  Compiled as always using the very latest and highest quality digital remasters for superior sound quality and enjoyment.




Pt.1     Pt.2     Pt.3 


Track lists


01 Air La Femme d'Argent 7:06

02 Air Feat. Beth Hirsch All I Need 4:28

03 Thievery Corporation Feat. Pam Bricker All That We Perceive 3:45

04 Jakatta Feat. Swati Natekar American Dream (Joey Negro Club Mix) 7:05

05 Groove Armada Feat. Patti Page At the River (Original Version) 6:33

06 Coldcut Feat. Janis Alexander Autumn Leaves (Irresistable Force Remix) 6:39

07 Mandalay Feat. Nicola Hitchcock Beautiful (7" Canny Mix) 4:34

08 Madonna Bedtime Story 4:49

09 Everything But The Girl Before Today 4:17

10 Orbital Belfast 8:09

11 Massive Attack Feat. Tracey Thorn Better Things 4:16

12 Te´le´popmusik Feat. Angela Mccluskey Breathe 4:37

13 Sia Breathe Me (Mylo Remix) 6:23

14 The Klf Feat. Maxine Harvey And Evil Graham Lee Build a Fire 4:40


15 Spiller Cry Baby (Röyksopp's Målselves Memorabilia Mix) 5:55

16 I Monster Daydream in Blue 3:43

17 Dirty Vegas Days Go By 7:12

18 Zero 7 Feat. Sophie Barker Destiny 5:41

19 Bjørn Torske Disco Members 5:32

20 Madonna Drowned World/Substitute for Love 5:09

21 Groove Armada Dusk You & Me 5:38

22 Frost Endless Love (Röyksopp's Analoge Euromiks) 5:55

23 Röyksopp Eple (Edit) 3:35

24 Gotan Project Feat. Cristina Vilallonga Época 4:28

25 Madonna Frozen 6:12

26 Lamb Feat. Lou Rhodes Gabriel 4:17

27 Portishead Feat. Beth Gibbons Glory Box 5:08

28 Erot Vs. Kings Of Convenience Gold (for the Price of Silver) 4:59

29 Lamb Feat. Lou Rhodes Gorecki 6:28


30 Annie The Greatest Hit (Extended Disco Mix) 7:28

31 Annie Heartbeat (Röyksopp's Mindre Tilgjengelige Remix) 5:54

32 Dido Here with Me 4:16

33 Primal Scream Higher Than the Sun (12" Mix) 6:46

34 Kings Of Convenience I Don't Know What I Can Save You From (Röyksopp Remix) 4:13

35 Röyksopp In Space 3:30

36 Zero 7 Feat. Sophie Barker In the Waiting Line 4:31

37 The Torske; Mundial Explosion Indisco 4:41

38 Portishead Feat. Beth Gibbons It Could Be Sweet 4:17

39 Air Kelly Watch the Stars 3:45

40 Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band Feat. Christine Sandtorv L.I.P.S.T.I.C.K. 3:13

41 Thievery Corporation Feat. Loulou Ghelichkhani La Force de Melodie 4:07

42 Air Le Soleil est Près de Moi 4:53

43 Thievery Corporation Feat. Pam Bricker Lebanese Blonde 4:51

44 Nightmares On Wax Les Nuits 6:24

45 Mono Feat. Siobhan De Maré Life in Mono 4:27


46 The Orb Little Fluffy Clouds (Original 1990 Dance Mk 2 12" Mix) 8:25

47 Madonna Little Star 5:18

48 Hooverphonic Feat. Geike Arnaert Mad About You 3:43

49 Everything But The Girl Missing (Todd Terry Remix) 3:54

50 Air Modular Mix 5:59

06 Art Of Noise Moments In Love 10:17

52 Groove Armada Feat. Celetia Martin My Friend 5:00

53 Moby Natural Blues 4:14

54 Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band Nikita 5:27

55 The Klf Feat. Maxine Harvey And Tony Thorpe No More Tears 9:25

56 Chicane Feat. Tracy Ackerman No Ordinary Morning (12" Mix) 5:09

57 Leftfield Feat. Toni Halliday Original 6:22

58 Air Feat. Gordon Tracks Playground Love 3:32


59 Röyksopp Poor Leno 3:57

60 Moby Porcelain 4:02

61 Étienne De Crécy Prix Choc 8:52

62 Massive Attack Feat. Tracey Thorn Protection 7:48

63 Röyksopp Remind Me 3:39

64 Enigma Sadeness (Part 1) 4:16

65 Massive Attack Feat. Shara Nelson And Robert Del Naja Safe from Harm 5:19

66 Aim Feat. Kate Rogers Sail (Rae & Christian Remix) 6:20

67 Chicane Feat. Moya Brennan Saltwater 9:51

68 Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band Savannah 6:03

69 Morcheeba Feat. Skye Edwards The Sea 5:47

70 Youssou N'dour Feat. Neneh Cherry 7 Seconds (New Old Dub Mix) 11:52


71 Air Sexy Boy 4:58

72 The Avalanches Since I Left You (Extended Version) 6:42

73 Sneaker Pimps Feat. Kelli Dayton 6 Underground 3:52

74 Kinobe Slip Into Something More Comfortable 3:44

75 Röyksopp So Easy 3:48

76 Krila Deluxe Soma 3:27

77 Erot Song for Annie 4:40

78 Leftfield Song of Life (Extended Version) 8:44

79 Portishead Feat. Beth Gibbons Sour Times 4:12

80 Lemon Jelly Space Walk 7:00

81 Röyksopp Sparks 5:25

82 The Beloved The Sun Rising 5:04

83 Alex Gopher Super Disco 6:35

84 St Germain Sure Thing 6:20

85 Bent Feat. Katty Heath Swollen 4:57


86 Massive Attack Feat. Elizabeth Fraser Teardrop 5:30

87 Dido Thank You 3:37

88 The Klf Feat. Maxine Harvey And Tony Thorpe 3 a.m. Eternal (Blue Danube Orbital Mix) 7:38

89 Talvin Singh Traveller (Kid Loco's Once Upon a Time in the East Mix) 5:51

90 Morcheeba Feat. Skye Edwards Trigger Hippie 5:31

91 Agent Sumo 24 Hours 6:35

92 Hooverphonic Feat. Geike Arnaert 2Wicky 4:44

93 Smoke City Feat. Nina Miranda Underwater Love 6:46

94 Dimitri From Paris Feat. Audrey Hepburn, George Peppard And Patricia Neal Une Very Stylish Fille 3:18

95 Thievery Corporation Feat. Emilíana Torrini Until the Morning 3:58

96 Everything But The Girl Walking Wounded 6:05

97 Dido White Flag 4:01

98 Air Feat. Beth Hirsch You Make It Easy 4:01

99 Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band Feat. Christine Sandtorv You Never Come Closer 5:00

100 Massive Attack Feat. Shara Nelson Unfinished Sympathy 5:13




  1. Great to see K still having posts here.........................Hopefully this will continue.
    After the earlier "scare" of no more (for quite some time)!


    1. Hi Stephen.
      I will post many more of K's Deluxe editions. It is only the K-tells post that are taking a rest.

    2. Okay......good to hear that we will still be getting these great compilations.

  2. Looks great -- I'm only familiar with a handful of these acts so it looks like a great education!

  3. .. awesome music here. The track from St. Germain uses a sample from John L Hooker and mixes it with hypnotic dance beats. Kings of convenience great, too. Thanks k & butter

    1. Hi Plimplam.
      Great music all around on this one. I remember playing Kings of Convenience when they first appeared and couldn't get anyone to buy into them. Their loss. Great sound from a very great Norwegian Duo.

  4. Yet another superfine comp...Cheers K & BB.