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VA - Popcorn Story Vol. 2 (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3



VA - Popcorn Story Vol. 2 (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

Popcorn (sometimes Belgian popcorn or oldies popcorn) is a style of music and dancing first established in Belgium in the 1970's and 1980's. The style includes a wide variety of mostly American and British recordings of pop-soul music made between the late 1950's and mid 1960's, often relatively obscure, and characterized by a slow or medium, rather than fast, tempo. The style has been described by musician and writer Bob Stanley as "possibly the last truly underground music scene in Europe."  According to Stanley, "the purity of Belgian Popcorn is its very impurity. R&B, Broadway numbers, tangos, Phil Spector-esque girl groups and loungey instrumentals, they are all constituent parts of a rare, and still largely undiscovered scene." By the 1990' s, the Popcorn dance scene retained a core of aficionados even outside Belgium, having a level of recognition in venues and specialist clubs in Britain, Germany, and the US, with at least 30 compilations of American R&B and pop music in the Belgian Popcorn style being re-issued in Europe. (Wikipedia)

The name popcorn comes from Dancing The Popcorn in Vrasene, near St. Niklaas in Belgium. Other famous clubs in the early days were De Viertap, The Golden Gate, The Groove, The Versailles etc. Today there is a revival of the genre mainly in Belgium where the weekly parties attract the original scene with a new generation of Popcorn music lovers. Also in France, Holland and mostly in England Popcorn as a genre is becoming more and more popular but it remains a true Belgian phenomenon. Although the music differs from Northern Soul in tempo and style, the collectors of both genres have similar taste in certain styles of music. This style includes a pretty eclectic and wide range of American R&B and pop songs mostly recorded in the 1950's and mid-1960's in a slow or medium tempo and often in a minor key.

This is part 2 of a 2-volume series of Popcorn gems. Volume 2 has 63 tracks and will delight all fans of popcorn music.  Enjoy.

Volume 1 can be found here:

Butterboy: VA - Popcorn Story Vol. 1 (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3 (


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73 Now I Lay Me Down to


Track lists


64 Ramsey Lewis Trio Wade Into The Water 3:48

65 Jerry Jackson Always 2:50

66 Brook Benton Kiddio 2:36

67 Billy Stewart Summertime 2:40

68 Tony Michaels Picture Me And You 2:25

69 Jay Miller Can't You Tell Him No 2:07

70 Roosevelt Jones I Say! That's Allright 2:09

71 Dee Clark Nobody But You 2:25

72 Joe Melson Hey, Mister Cupid 2:21

73 Simone Dina Now I Lay Me Down To Weep 2:16

74 Varetta Dillard Darling Listen To The Words Of This Song 2:53

75 Justin Jones Dance By Yourself 2:36

76 Jimmy 'soul' Clarke (I'll Be Your Champion) I'll Be Your Winner 3:03

77 Nolan Chance If He Makes You 2:13

78 Malcolm Dodds Laugh My Heart 2:25

79 Chuck Wright Love I Won't Be Your Fool Anymore 2:58

80 Johnnie Taylor Blues In The Night 3:11

81 Johnny Tillotson Earth Angel 2:57

82 Dean Barlow Third Window From The Right 2:33

83 Jackie Lynton High In The Misty Sky 2:05

84 Barbara Mercer Nobody Loves Me Like You 2:33


85 Juanita Williams You Knew What You Was Gettin' 2:28

86 Al Mccarther His True Love For You 2:38

87 Jerry Butler Find Another Girl 2:47

88 Ronnie Mitchell You Don't Care (If I Cry) 2:28

89 Peggy Lee Sweetheart 2:23

90 Chubby Checker You Better Believe It Baby 2:10

91 Johhny Guitar Watson Wait A Minute 2:08

92 Jerry, Mel & Jack Fight For Her 2:41

93 Phil Colbert Who's Got The Action 2:32

94 Mary Wells You Beat Me To The Punch 2:43

95 Blackwell, Otis Kiss Away 1:51

96 Ronnie Gallant In The Night 2:03

97 Luther Ingram If It's All The Same To You Babe 2:52

98 Untouchables Raisin' Sugar Cane 2:12

99 Charlie Rich Turn Around And Face Me 2:19

100 Randy Lee Young Days 2:13

101 Hilliard Jones Prison Of Love 2:18

102 Little Jimmy Ray You Need To Fall In Love 2:30

103 Marva Josie Later For You Baby 2:21

104 Chuck Collins Your Heart Wasn't In It 2:29

105 Della Reese Blow Out The Sun 2:20


106 Kurt Harris Emperor Of My Baby's Heart 2:41

107 Linda Willoby Big Boy You're Through 2:16

108 Jay Holman Sounds, Sights And Feelings 2:57

109 Walter Jackson This World Of Mine 2:15

110 Peggy March (little) Only You Could Do That To My Heart 2:08

111 Herb Hardesty Perdido Street 2:31

112 Adam Wade Rain From The Skies 2:57

113 Nick Charles The Right Girl 2:32

114 Jackie Riggs His Gold Will Melt 2:30

115 Jane Morgen Maybe 2:05

116 Betty Everett Someday Soon 2:02

117 Robert Knight Dance Only With Me 2:27

118 Dorsey Burnette Feminine Touch 2:30

119 Bluesbusters You're The One 2:27

120 Tony Brent Ten Lonely Weekends 2:19

121 Ronny Douglas You'll Come Back 2:35

122 Kenny Lynch You Can Never Stop Me Loving You 2:46

123 Alvin Cash & The Crawlers Twine Time 2:20

124 Jimmy Beaumont There's No Other Love 2:10

125 Billy Butler You Ain't Ready 2:24

126 Hank Levine & Orchestra Image (Part 1) 2:24




  1. Hi Butterboy,
    I didn't put too much attention when you published first volume but now I've got both volumes. Since your own comps are usually good, let's give them an oportunity...

    1. Hi Il Commendatore.
      That a pity as both sets are really nice compilations that offer great insights into the popcorn style.
      Glad you are on board now.

  2. Thanks Butterboy for these two (Belgian) popcorn volumes.
    As I'm from Belgium, these compilations are much appreciated.
    Great choice of tracks and hopefully there will come a third one in this series.

  3. Also wanna say that nr "73 - Simone Dina - Now I Lay Me Down To Weep" is incomplete and misses the last 15 seconds.
    Hereby a link to a complete version of that song (also in the 320kbps).
    73 - Simone Dina - Now I Lay Me Down To Weep (2'16'')(complete)
    GRTS & THNX for all the rest

    1. Thanks, BaDmutti.
      I will fix the link as I am able to. Out at the moment but thank you for highlighting that. Appreciated.