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VA - Gary Crowley's Lost 80s Vol. 01 [2019] + Gary Crowley's Lost 80s Vol. 02 [2021] (8 x CDs)

LOST 80's

VA - Gary Crowley's Lost 80s Vol. 01 [2019] + Gary Crowley's Lost 80s Vol. 02 [2021] (8 x CDs)

VA - Gary Crowley's Lost 80s Vol. 01 [2019]          Lost 80s presents 63 tracks compiled and themed by Gary Crowley disc by disc, from 'Jingly Jangly' indie-pop 7"s to the extended 12" that so much marked the era. Many of these tracks are rare and very hard to find having not appeared on any CDs before. The better-known artists appearing here are represented by some of their lesser known ('lost') tracks. "The 80s (and especially the first part) was an amazing time for music. It was a mad, fast, kaleidoscopic rollercoaster ride where the chancers taking your money not only walked the walk; they backed it up with innovative, amazing tunes that changed the way music was made forever. That's certainly how I remember it..." Gary Crowley Presented in a beautiful 4CD media book, featuring 40 pages of Gary's track by track notes, plus memories of the era from Nick Heyward (Haircut 100), Sarah Dallin (Bananarama), Gary Kemp (Spandau Ballet) Annabella Lwin (Bow Wow Wow), Clare Grogan (Altered Images) and more. "So here, spread over these four CDs, I've collected together the best (in my personal opinion) of the guitar bands, the dance acts and the synth groups that made up the soundtrack of that gloriously thrilling decade for me and my friends. As well as some of its most memorable 12-inch remixes. Let me just state for the record, you'll find no Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Duran Duran, Dire Straits or the like appearing on these discs…"

Gary Crowley has done a great job here pulling together overlooked gems with lesser known tracks from some big names of the 80s. It's not meant to be a 'best of the 80s' (you won't have to look far to find those) but instead a place to discover bands like Fantastic Something, the Questions and April Showers whose lack of success doesn't mean they're not worthy of inclusion here. (Amazon)

VA - Gary Crowley's Lost 80s Vol. 02 [2021]          The follow up the successful Gary Crowley's Lost 80s released in 2019. "I count myself incredibly lucky when I think back to my 1980's. A lot of those bands and artists that resonated with me during that time are featured on this, our sequel to our first Lost 80s collection, which we have inspiringly titled "GC Lost 80s Two"! I must be honest and say as soon as I delivered the track listing for the first compilation, I already had a selection in mind for a sequel (if ever I was asked by those cool folks at Demon). Thankfully, they asked... and this is it." Gary Crowley. 65 tracks compiled and themed by Gary Crowley disc by disc. Many of these tracks are rare and hard to find having not appeared on CD before. The better-known artists appearing here are represented by some of their lesser-known ('lost') tracks. Presented as a media book and including a 32-page book. Includes an introduction and track-by-track notes by Gary Crowley, plus memories of the era from Mick Talbot (The Style Council), Corinne Drewery (Swing Out Sister), Dr Robert (The Blow Monkeys) Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17) Andy Polaris (Animal Nightlife) and more. "Expect a selection of not only the bigger names with some of their 'lost' gems, but also a raft of lesser-known artists. Many of the latter came nowhere near the mainstream but most certainly (IMHO) deserve another chance to shine under the spotlight. It was such a diverse and eclectic time for music, hopefully this box set mirrors that." Gary Crowley. (Amazon)


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Track lists

Vol.1 CD1

01 Vic Godard Stop That Girl 2:55

02 Pale Fountains (There’s Always) Something On My Mind 2:41

03 Haircut 100 Milk Film 2:56

04 Aztec Camera Pillar To Post 4:01

05 Bluebells Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool 2:28

06 Johnny Britton Happy-Go-Lucky Girls 2:47

07 Prefab Sprout Lions In My Own Garden (Exit Someone) 2:35

08 Fantastic Somethings If She Doesn’t Smile (It’ll Rain) 3:13

09 Suede Crocodiles Stop The Rain 3:24

10 Friends Again Honey At The Core 3:56

11 Strawvberryswitchblade Trees And Flowers 3:45

12 April Showers Abandon Ship 3:40

13 A Craze Wearing Your Jumper 4:33

14 Paul Quinn Ain’t That Always The Way 3:10

15 Hurrah! Sweet Sanity 4:14

16 Dream Academy Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want 3:08

Vol.1 CD2

01 Bush Tetras Too Many Creeps 4:00

02 Bow Wow Wow Mickey Put It Down 3:01

03 Theatre Of Hate Do You Believe In The West World? 5:17

04 Apollinaires The Feeling's Gone 3:47

05 Redskins Keep On Keeping On 3:52

06 Carmel More More More 3:15

07 Joboxers Is This Really The First Time You've Been In Love 3:46

08 Makin' Time Feels Like It's Love 5:47

09 Hey! Elastica This Town 3:09

10 Fashion Streetplayer (Mechanik) 3:51

11 Main T Possee Fickle Public Speakin' 3:52

12 Associates 18 Carat Love Affair 3:40

13 Spandau Ballet Confused 4:37

14 Matt Fretton It's So High 3:15

15 Depeche Mode Shake The Disease 4:48

16 Paul Haig Running Away 2:44

17 Questions Tuesday Sunshine (Jock Mix) 4:04

18 Kane Gang Brother Brother 3:58

19 Sunset Gun Be Thankful For What You've Got 3:44

20 Altered Images Love To Stay 3:21

Vol.1 CD3

01 Wham! A Ray Of Sunshine 4:48

02 Grandmaster Flash The Adventures Of Grandmaster Flash On The Wheels Of Steel 7:08

03 Tom Tom Club Genius Of Love 5:35

04 Jellies Jive Baby On A Saturday Night 4:41

05 I Level Give Me [U.S. Remix] 7:50

06 Jimmy Young Times Are Tight 3:59

07 Whodini Magic’s Wand [Special Extended Mix] 5:38

08 Blue Rondo À La Turk Klacto Vee Sedstein 3:47

09 Culture Club I’m Afraid Of Me [Extended Dance Mix] 7:20

10 Pigbag The Big Bean 3:31

11 Monyaka Go Deh Yaka 3:55

12 23 Skidoo Coup 4:15

13 Funkapolitan If Only 4:49

14 Staple Singers Slippery People [Club Version] 6:30

15 Matt Bianco Matt’s Mood 5:18

Vol.1 CD4

01 Bananarama Aie A Mwana [Afro Tribal Version] 6:52

02 Intaferon Getoutoflondon [Intacontinentalballisticmix] 8:00

03 Pete Shelley Homosapien [Dance Version] 4:34

04 Quando Quango Genius 6:24

05 Was (not Was) (Return To The Valley Of) Out Come The Freaks [Extended Remix] 8:44

06 Defunkt The Razor’s Edge 9:22

07 Chic Hangin’ [12 Inch] 5:13

08 Gang Of Four I Love A Man In A Uniform [Extended] 4:08

09 Animal Magnet Welcome To The Monkey House 5:35

10 Fun Boy Three Faith, Hope And Charity [Mm Extended Dub] 5:56

11 Brilliant It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World [Extended] 6:03

12 Morgan Mcvey Looking Good Diving With The Wild Bunch 4:11

Vol.2 CD1

01 Style Council Mick's Up 3:11

02 Working Week Venceremos (We Will Win) 4:42

03 Weekend Summerdays 2:51

04 Marine Girls On My Mind 3:09

05 Dolly Mixture Everything And More 2:55

06 Tracie (I Love You) When You Sleep 2:53

07 Altered Images Thinking About You 5:00

08 Madness Keep Moving 3:33

09 Swing Out Sister Blue Mood 4:20

10 Blow Monkeys Forbidden Fruit 4:07

11 Screen 3 Come Into My Jungle 2:39

12 Monochrome Set Jacob's Ladder 2:57

13 Friday Club Window Shopping 3:51

14 Elvis Costello & The Attractions From A Whisper To A Scream 2:55

15 Undertones Save Me 2:32

16 Fine Young Cannibals Blue 3:33

17 Pressure Point Mellow Moods 4:36

18 Dee C. Lee The Paris Match 3:47

19 Nick Heyward Café Canada 2:44

Vol.2 CD2

01 Higsons I Don't Want To Live With Monkeys! 2:04

02 Waitresses I Know What Boys Like 3:14

03 Polecats Make A Circuit With Me 2:43

04 Apb Shoot You Down 3:37

05 Bananarama No Feelings 2:34

06 Ellen Foley Torchlight 3:01

07 Theatre Of Hate The Hop 2:48

08 Heaven 17 Play To Win 3:35

09 Leisure Process Love Cascade 6:19

10 Barry Reynolds I Scare Myself 4:24

11 Shake Shake! Shake Shake! 3:00

12 Nick Heyward When It Started To Begin 3:50

13 In Embrace Your Heaven Scent (Plays Hell With Me) 3:44

14 Stephen 'tin Tin' Duffy Icing On The Cake 3:50

15 This Island Earth Take Me To The Fire 3:29

16 Kane Gang Respect Yourself 5:41

17 Klaxon 5 Hothouse 3:45

18 Untouchables Free Yourself 4:07

19 Special Aka Jungle Music 3:58

Vol.2 CD3

01 Kid Creole & The Coconuts Latin Music 2:56

02 Linx Throw Away The Key 3:50

03 Funkapolitan As The Time Goes By 5:54

04 B.e.f. Feat. Billy Mackenzie The Secret Life Of Arabia 4:00

05 Blancmange Feel Me 6:59

06 B-52's Legal Tender 3:41

07 Wide Boy Awake Slang Teacher 3:26

08 Children Of 7 Solidarity 3:00

09 Blue Rondo A La Turk Coco 5:40

10 Steve Walsh Letters Of Love 6:23

11 Animal Nightlife Native Boy 6:26

12 World's Famous Supreme Team Hey! Dj 3:28

13 Paul Blake & The Blood Fire Posse Rub-A-Dub Soldier 4:19

14 Staple Singers Life During Wartime 4:08

15 Sade Why Can't We Live Together 5:28

Vol.2 CD4

01 Human Beinz Hard Times 4:54

02 Medium Medium Hungry, So Angry 3:58

03 Spoonie Gee Meets The Sequence Monster Jam 7:01

04 Thompson Twins In The Name Of Love (12' Dance Extension) 5:38

05 Clint Eastwood & General Saint Another One Bites The Dust (12' Version) 6:00

06 Kurtis Blow The Breaks 7:44

07 Valentine Brothers Money's Too Tight To Mention (12' Version) 6:01

08 Treacherous Three Yes We Can-Can 6:57

09 General Public Tenderness (Special Dance Mix) 6:00

10 Win You've Got The Power (U.S. Dance Mix) 6:01

11 Colourbox Featuring Lorita Grahame Baby I Love You So (12' Version) 6:41

12 Big Audio Dynamite Medicine Show (12' Remix) 7:10




  1. Wow! I had no idea who Crowley was, but he certainly collected a great sampling of the 80's. Really cool tracks, some that I thought I was the only one to ever own them.

    1. Hi Pol.
      Both sets are really cool. I particularly like how better-known artists appearing are represented by some of their lesser-known tracks.

  2. It is really great. There are some artists, I was sure I know all of their songs. Being surprised now.

    1. Hi StoneRose,
      I always like to be surprised when I listen to music. I am happy that you are having fun with these sets.

  3. Hi BB ! "I particularly like how better-known artists appearing are represented by some of their lesser-known tracks.": it is exactly the pleasure brought by these compilations. Brillant work.

    1. Hi Herve,
      Glad you like the concept used in the set of coms. Enjoy!