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Lindisfarne - The Charisma Years 1970-73 [2011] (4 x CD's)


Lindisfarne - The Charisma Years 1970-73 [2011] (4 x CD's)

Digitally re-mastered four CD collection from the British Folk icons. The Charisma Years (1970-1973) comprises the five Lindisfarne albums that were released by the Charisma label. The set also includes B-sides, outtakes and several rare tracks taken from foreign LPs, most of which are appearing on CD for the first time. Features the albums Nicely Out of Tune (1970), Fog on the Tyne (1971), Dingly Dell (1972), Roll On, Ruby (1973) and Live (1973).

Four CDs round up the complete and utter Lindisfarne tale, from their arrival on the mainstream scene with 1970's still stunning Nicely Out of Tune through the following year's flirtation with stardom via Fog on the Tyne, and on through the sadly diminishing returns that were Dingly Dell and Roll on Ruby. Yes, the story would continue later in the '70s, and on and off since then, too. But the first incarnation of the band was the one that mattered the most, and those first two albums remain quintessential early-'70s folk-rock, with neither folk nor rock having much to do with any of it. Lindisfarne are, perhaps rightfully, best judged by their two biggest hits, the sad mystery of "Lady Eleanor" and the singalong joy of "Meet Me on the Corner." Add "We Can Swing Together," "No Time to Lose" (amazingly, a mere B-side at the time) and "Fog on the Tyne," and Lindisfarne could have been the new Faces if only Alan Hull had wanted to be the next Rod Stewart. But pop fame and fortune sat awkwardly on the group's shoulders, which is why Dingly Dell was the original lineup's final shout. The band split, some to form Jack the Lad; the rest to continue as a revamped soft rock Lindisfarne whose presence here (the final disc) really does spoil the proceedings somewhat. Better to end with the concert disc that takes 1973's Lindisfarne Live album, expands it to take in the entire evening's entertainment, and reveals Lindisfarne to have been one of the most entertaining live acts of their era. That, and a near-full album's worth of bonus material drawn from period singles, compilations, and mispressings ensure this is a must-have box set, even for fans who think they already own all the Lindisfarne they could ever need. (AllMusic revie by Dave Thompson)


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Track lists


01 Lindisfarne Lady Eleanor 4:12

02 Lindisfarne Road To Kingdom Come 4:11

03 Lindisfarne Winter Song 5:09

04 Lindisfarne Turn A Deaf Ear 3:53

05 Lindisfarne Clear White Light (Part 2) 4:04

06 Lindisfarne We Can Swing Together 5:44

07 Lindisfarne Alan In The River With Flowers 3:05

08 Lindisfarne Down 3:08

09 Lindisfarne The Things I Should Have Said 4:00

10 Lindisfarne Jackhammer Blues 3:25

11 Lindisfarne Scarecrow Song 3:21

12 Lindisfarne Knackers Yard Blues (Single B-Side) 3:37

13 Lindisfarne Nothing But The Marvellous Is Beautiful (Single B-Side) 4:40

14 Lindisfarne From My Window (Out Take) 3:28

15 Lindisfarne On My Own I Built A Bridge (Out Take) 4:15

16 Lindisfarne Lady Eleanor (Us Mix) 4:13

17 Lindisfarne We Can Swing Together (Us Mix) 3:29

18 Lindisfarne Scarecrow Song (Us Mix) 4:00

19 Lindisfarne Meet Me On The Corner (Us Mix / Demo Version) 2:37


01 Lindisfarne Meet Me On The Corner 2:38

02 Lindisfarne Alright On The Night 3:31

03 Lindisfarne Uncle Sam 2:55

04 Lindisfarne Together Forever 2:33

05 Lindisfarne January Song 4:12

06 Lindisfarne Peter Brophy Don't Care 2:47

07 Lindisfarne City Song 3:04

08 Lindisfarne Passing Ghosts 2:28

09 Lindisfarne Train In G Major 3:08

10 Lindisfarne Fog On The Tyne 3:23

11 Lindisfarne Scotch Mist (Single B-Side) 2:05

12 Lindisfarne No Time To Lose (Single B-Side) 3:13

13 Lindisfarne January Song (Extended Version) 6:09

14 Lindisfarne All Fall Down 3:42

15 Lindisfarne Plankton's Lament 1:55

16 Lindisfarne Bring Down The Government 1:27

17 Lindisfarne Poor Old Ireland 2:57

18 Lindisfarne Don't Ask Me 3:29

19 Lindisfarne O No Not Again 3:19

20 Lindisfarne Dingle Regatta 1:03

21 Lindisfarne Wake Up Little Sister 2:50

22 Lindisfarne Go Back 2:58

23 Lindisfarne Court In The Act 3:08

24 Lindisfarne Mandolin King 2:32

25 Lindisfarne Dingly Dell 6:09


01 Lindisfarne Intro 1:13

02 Lindisfarne Together Forever 3:06

03 Lindisfarne No Time To Lose 3:56

04 Lindisfarne January Song 5:04

05 Lindisfarne Meet Me On The Corner 3:41

06 Lindisfarne Alright On The Night 4:31

07 Lindisfarne Train In G Major 3:29

08 Lindisfarne Scotch Mist 2:44

09 Lindisfarne Lady Eleanor 6:01

10 Lindisfarne Knackers Yard Blues 4:54

11 Lindisfarne Fog On The Tyne 5:50

12 Lindisfarne We Can Swing Together 17:52

13 Lindisfarne Jackhammer Blues 5:40

14 Lindisfarne Clear White Light 11:08


01 Lindisfarne Taking Care Of Business 2:56

02 Lindisfarne North Country Boy 3:25

03 Lindisfarne Steppenwolf 4:59

04 Lindisfarne Nobody Loves You Anymore 3:04

05 Lindisfarne When The War Is Over 5:00

06 Lindisfarne Moonshine 3:54

07 Lindisfarne Lazy 3:20

08 Lindisfarne Roll On River 5:17

09 Lindisfarne Tow The Line 2:30

10 Lindisfarne Goodbye 4:41

11 Lindisfarne Taking Care Of Business (Us Mix) 2:56

12 Lindisfarne North Country Boy (Us Mix) 3:20

13 Lindisfarne Roll On River (Us Mix) 5:25




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  3. Wonderful group, can have the music up loud or down low - either way they're great. Many thanks.

    1. Thanks, hedspace.
      I hadn't listened to this for quite some time, and have thoroughly enjoyed revisiting this wonderful group.

  4. Hi Butterboy. Thank you for the Lindisfarne. They were the opening act at the first concert I attended which was the Charisma Package tour with Genesis and Van Der Graaf Generator. I just checked the date and it was 11 Aril 1971! Good to listen to Lindisfarne again. Thanks for the nudging my memory.

    1. Hi Claygator.
      I love it when these posts evoke fond memories of the past. Enjoy!