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K's TOYTOWN POP SPECIAL VA - Trumptonshire! 200 British Toytown Pop Sound Masterpieces 1966-1974 (Super Deluxe Edition) [2022] (7xCDs)


VA - Trumptonshire! 200 British Toytown Pop Sound Masterpieces 1966-1974 (Super Deluxe Edition) [2022] (7xCDs)

Toytown Pop is an English musical genre which is derived from aspects of British lifestyle and culture. Influences include:  Edward Lear, Alice in Wonderland, Listen with Mother (and later, of course, Watch with Mother), George Formby, Flanders & Swann, The Goons, The Wind in the Willows, Enid Blyton, Beatrix Potter, English fairytales, Lord Kitchener and his pals, Oscar Wilde and Victoriana in general.

Issued at the start of 1967, the Beatles’ single ‘Penny Lane’ coupled a widescreen production (bolstered by a phalanx of session musicians on brass and woodwind) with a mildly hallucinogenic lyric populated by mundane characters going about their unremarkable suburban lives. It proved to be an enormously influential record. For the next year or two, British pop was awash with records that married quasi-classical arrangements with newly minted fairy tales and character vignettes based around the grey everyday lives of ordinary small-town folk.

Many years later, this burst of English eccentricity came to be known in collectors' circles as toytown pop - a pseudo-genre that took in everything from Jeff Lynne‘s early band The Idle Race and Deram-era David Bowie to backroom auteurs like Mark Wirtz, who's ambitious ‘Teenage Opera’ project inspired the young Andrew Lloyd Webber, who provided similarly over-the-top arrangements for CBS hopefuls Cardboard Orchestra.

Featuring 200 excerpts from various pre-teenage operas, ‘British Toytown Pop Sound Masterpieces 1966-1974’ is a 7CD celebration of the toytown pop experience. It includes contributions from the key players as well as many obscure delights and some huge rarities.

With over 9 hours of music, ‘Trumptonshire!’ is an invitation that very few late 60s pop aficionados will be able to resist.

So, after considerable and extensive online research, here is my personal compilation of what I consider to be the 200 best and most important tracks from the original toytown pop era. This fully packed 7CD set contains many rare and extremely hard to find tracks, with a few only ever being released on vinyl and featured in their original mono form. Only the original studio mixes are included. No later remixes, 'stereo enhanced' or live versions here! Compiled as always using the very latest and highest quality digital remasters, with a considerable number of tracks sourced from the original master tapes for superior sound quality and enjoyment.






Here is a superior Vinyl rip for track 22, Two & A Half - Christmas Will Be 'Round Again.

Please replace this in your file.

The track was originally incorrectly named in the track list too.

Two & A Half – Christmas Will Be 'Round Again (1967, Vinyl) - Discogs


Track list


01 The Beatles Penny Lane 3:00

02 Chris White Admiral Sheer 2:22

03 The Spencer Davis Group After Tea 3:19

04 Jon Plum Alice 3:34

05 Kenny Everett And Now for a Little Train Number 2:03

06 Gene Latter Annie'?s Place 3:01

07 The Marianne As for Marionettes 2:55

08 Tomorrow Auntie Mary's Dress Shop 2:42

09 Angel Pavement Baby You've Gotta Stay 2:24

10 Timebox Baked Jam Roll in Your Eye 3:18

11 Kidrock Bang Bang 2:50

12 Sweetshop Barefoot and Tiptoe 2:42

13 The Bullring Birmingham Brass Band 2:27

14 Timon Bitter Thoughts of Little Jane 2:19

15 Bill Niles And His Good Time Band Bric-A-Brac Man 2:32

16 Hammond Hazlewood Broken Hearts Brigade 2:45

17 Broken Toys Broken Toys 2:36

18 Barry Wigley Brother Jack 3:00

19 Astronaut Alan And The Planets Cellophane Mary Jane 2:31

20 Just William Cherrywood Green 2:29

21 Pandemonium Chocolate Buster Dan 3:15

22 Two And A Half Christmas Will Be 'Round Again 2:22

23 Tomorrow Colonel Brown 2:50

24 West Coast Consortium Colour Sergeant Lillywhite 3:06

25 The Decision Constable Jones 2:33

26 The Californians The Cooks of Cake and Kindness 2:38

27 Persimmon's Peculiar Shades Coplington 2:33

28 Bee Gees Craise Finton Kirk Royal Academy of Arts 2:15

29 The Fruit Machine Cuddly Toy 2:30


30 Sidewalk Skipper Band Cynthia at the Garden 2:37

31 Acid Gallery Dance 'Round the Maypole 2:40

32 The Shadows Dear Old Mrs. Bell 2:32

33 Geranium Pond Dogs in Baskets 2:07

34 Kidrock Dream, Dream, Dream 2:26

35 Clifford T. Ward The Dubious Circus Company 3:16

36 Eddy Howell Easy Street 2:58

37 The Mirage Ebaneezer Beaver 2:20

38 Tony Rivers And The Castaways Einer Kleiner Mise Musik 2:43

39 The Hush Elephant Rider 2:21

40 The Picadilly Line Emily Small (The Huge World Thereof) 2:30

41 The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band The Equestrian Statue 2:43

42 Nirvana Everybody Loves the Clown 1:59

43 Keith West Excerpt from a Teenage Opera? 4:31

44 Pure Gold Fairground 2:35

45 The Next Collection Fairy Tale 2:11

46 Pop Workshop Fairyland 3:02

47 Tapestry Florence 2:17

48 The Syn Flowerman 2:36

49 Joyce's Angels Flowers for My Friends 2:59

50 Zion De Gallier Geraldine 2:21

51 Gerry Marsden Gilbert Green 3:05

52 The Mirror Gingerbread Man 2:01

53 The Smoke Girl in the Park 2:10

54 The Kinsmen Glasshouse Green, Splinter Red 3:14

55 Fairfield Parlour Glorious House of Arthur 2:46

56 The Starlites Good Morning Mr. Milkman 2:18

57 Vaughan Thomas Good Old Sam 2:49

58 Peter Lee Stirling Goodbye Thimble Mill Lane 3:37


59 Tony Hazzard Ha! Ha! Said the Clown 2:18

60 Harmony Grass Happiness Is Toy-Shaped 2:26

61 Crocheted Doughnut Ring Happy Castle 2:44

62 Music Box The Happy King 4:59

63 Toby Twirl Harry Faversham 2:20

64 Pete Dello And Friends Harry the Earwig 2:19

65 Buggy Harry the Keeper 2:37

66 Mark Wirtz (He'?s Our Dear Old) Weatherman 4:01

67 Timothy Blue Henry Everyday 2:25

68 The Move (Here We Go Round) The Lemon Tree (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 3:09

69 Vehicle Hey Mr. Organ Grinder 2:13

70 Traffic Hole in My Shoe (Original 1967 7" Stereo Single Edit) 2:49

71 Motherlight House of Many Windows 3:35

72 The Neat Change I Lied to Auntie May 2:18

73 The Idle Race I Like My Toys 2:09

74 Freddie And The Dreamers I Want to Go to the Overworld 2:38

75 Kidrock Ice Cream Man (Alternative Version) 2:41

76 Tinkerbells Fairydust In My Magic Garden 2:35

77 The Lemon Tree It's So Nice to Come Home 2:32

78 Frabjoy And Runcible Spoon It's the Best Seaside in the World 2:46

79 The Actress It's What You Give 2:31

80 Denis Couldry James in the Basement 2:48

81 Angel Pavement Jennifer 2:19

82 Kaleidoscope Jenny Artichoke 2:34

83 Barnaby Rudge Joe Organ & Co. 2:41

84 Bee Gees Jumbo 2:09

85 Jason Crest King of the Castle 2:57

86 Ambrose Slade Knocking Nails Into My House 2:25

87 Kippington Lodge Lady On a Bicycle 3:02


88 Peter And The Wolves Lanternlight 2:46

89 The Syn The Last Performance of the Royal Regimental Very Victorious and Valiant Band 3:23

90 Simon Dupree And The Big Sound Laughing Boy from Nowhere 2:50

91 John Carter And Russ Alquist The Laughing Man 3:25

92 Scrugg Lavender Popcorn 2:19

93 The 23rd Turnoff Leave Me Here 2:52

94 Complex Lemon Pie Fair 3:16

95 David Bowie Little Bombardier 3:26

96 Peter And The Wolves Little Girl Lost and Found 2:30

97 The Alan Bown! Little Lesley 2:10

98 The Annie Rocket Band A Little Smile on Christmas Morning 3:24

99 Wimple Winch Lollipop Minds 3:08

100 The Bunch Looking Glass 2:34

101 Puff Looking in My Window 2:41

102 Dave Christie Love and the Big Brass Band 2:36

103 The Beatles Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds 3:29

104 Blue Yoghurt Lydia 2:43

105 Pinkerton's Colours Magic Rocking Horse 3:02

106 Fire Magic Shoes (Demo) 3:56

107 Marmalade Man in a Shop 3:16

108 Fire Man in the Teapot 2:22

109 World Of Oz Mandy Ann 3:03

110 Morning Glory Marjory Daw 3:05

111 John Bromley Melody Fayre 2:17

112 Cuppa T Miss Pinkerton 2:33

113 Ayshea Mister White's White Flying Machine 5:11


114 The Penny Peeps Model Village 2:53

115 Jude Morning Morgantown 2:37

116 Mike Proctor Mr. Commuter 2:48

117 Julian Starr Mr. Jewell Went Away 2:27

118 Jigsaw Mr. Job 2:16

119 Tuesday'?s Children Mr. Kipling 2:24

120 John Carter And Mickey Keen Mr. Light 2:31

121 Gilbert O'sullivan Mr. Moody?'s Garden 3:01

122 Dragonmilk Mr. Nice Guy 2:27

123 Mike Batt Mr. Poem 2:26

124 Kaleidoscope Mr. Small the Watch Repair Man 2:40

125 Tintern Abbey Mrs. Daisy 2:34

126 Blossom Toes Mrs. Murphy's Budgerigar 2:40

127 The Idle Race Mrs. Ward 2:11

128 World Of Oz The Muffin Man 2:38

129 The Alan Bown! Mutiny 3:05

130 The Picadilly Line My Best Friend 2:33

131 Manfred Mann My Name is Jack (Original 1968 7" Mono Single Version) 2:53

132 Tomorrow My White Bicycle 3:18

133 Pinkerton's Colours One Man Band 2:13

134 Spencer's Washboard Kings Ordinary People 3:12

135 The Herd Our Fairy Tale 2:38

136 The Hollies Pegasus 2:37

137 Smiley Penelope 3:07

138 World Of Oz Peter?'s Birthday (Black and White Rainbows) 2:54

139 The Kinks Phenomenal Cat 2:38

140 The Cortinas Phoebe?'s Flower Shop 2:43

141 Friends Piccolo Man 2:18

142 Roger Bloom's Hammer Polly Pan 2:48

143 The Secrets Poor Johnny 1:27


144 Richard Barnes The Princess and the Soldier 3:14

145 Rupert's People A Prologue to a Magic World 4:17

146 Barnaby Rudge Railway Jimmy 2:06

147 Majority One Rainbow Rocking Chair 2:24

148 Timothy Blue Room at the Top of the Stairs 3:08

149 The Montanas Roundabout 2:44

150 Tim Andrews Sad Simon Lives Again 2:42

151 Mark Wirtz The Sad Story of Simon and His Bugle 3:18

152 The New Generation Sadie and Her Magic Mr. Galahad 2:51

153 Keith West Sam 5:06

154 The Neat Change Sandman 2:01

155 Mike D'abo See the Little People 2:38

156 Christopher Sharkey 2:01

157 Neil Holland Shepherd Boy 2:15

158 Jason Paul Shine a Little Light Into My Room 2:43

159 Kippington Lodge Shy Boy 2:38

160 Bee Gees Sir Geoffrey Saved the World 2:14

161 The Idle Race The Skeleton and the Roundabout (Original 1968 7" Mono Single Version) 2:22

162 Kaleidoscope The Sky Children 7:58

163 Sgt. Smiley Raggs Smoke, Smoke 3:18

164 Tony Hazzard The Sound of the Candyman's Trumpet 2:34

165 The Bunch Spare a Shilling 2:32

166 The Smoke Sydney Gill 3:29

167 Turquoise Tales of Flossie Fillett 3:04

168 Hetherington Teenage Love Song 3:11

169 Tomorrow Three Jolly Little Dwarfs 2:24


170 The Laurels Threepence a Tune 2:41

171 Marty Wilde Through My Telescope 2:16

172 The Tots Time to Go Home 2:22

173 The Kinks Tin Soldier Man 2:47

174 Toby Twirl Toffee Apple Sunday 2:06

175 Billy J. Kramer Town of Tuxley Toy Maker Part 1 2:43

176 The Riot Squad Toy Soldier 3:10

177 The Alan Bown! Toyland 2:29

178 Wild Silk Toymaker 3:00

179 The Good Time Losers Trafalgar Square 2:54

180 The Orange Bicycle Trip on an Orange Bicycle 3:30

181 David Bowie Uncle Arthur 2:09

182 Peter & Gordon Uncle Hartington 2:13

183 David Matthews Uncle Henry'?s Magic Garden 2:19

184 The Mindbenders Uncle Joe, The Ice Cream Man 2:22

185 Magic Valley Uptight Basil 2:29

186 The Hi-fi's Uwe Aus Duisberg 2:01

187 The Smoke Victor Henry's Cool Book 2:27

188 Hinge The Village Postman 2:18

189 Persimmon's Peculiar Shades Watchmaker 2:17

190 John Bromley Weather Man 3:04

191 Chas Mills And Mark Wirtz What'?s Good for the Goose (Full Version) 2:44

192 The Beatstalkers When I'm Five 2:58

193 The Lemon Tree William Chalker's Time Machine 2:33

194 The Hollies Ye Olde Toffee Shoppe (Original 1967 7" Mono Single Version) 2:16

195 The Picadilly Line Yellow Rainbow 2:21

196 The Beatles Yellow Submarine 2:39

197 Dave Justin You Outside 2:05

198 The Alan Bown! You're Not in My Class 3:33

199 Cardboard Orchestra Zebedy Zak 2:39

200 Marty Wilde Zobo (1871-1892) 2:22




  1. Is it just me, or can everybody get these on Krakenfiles? I don't seem to be able to get any action at all.

  2. Hello Butter:
    You already know that I am a great lover of these sounds.
    "Toytown" like almost all labels, is a very abstract concept.
    The term "Toytown" was invented by the members of "Marmalade Skies" and they perfectly explain what they consider "Toytown", here is their vision:
    They also created the best anthology "A trip To Toytown", five delicious CDs.
    It is a style full of optimism that is easily heard
    I like how the article ended:

    "Let's end this rant by saying that if five hour long Jerry Garcia guitar noodles, or Tommy Hall banging on that damn jug while Roky whines to infinity is your idea of musical nirvana then you're in the wrong place and there's no point in you reading on."

    Undoubtedly a piece of music to enjoy, be it two minutes or nine hours.

    Thanks Butter.

    1. Thanks Jose.
      K says..."A vast number of the tracks in my collection are official CD rips, with many being remastered rather than some of the poorer quality crackly vinyl rips found in the original A Trip to Toytown collection. I think the sound quality is far superior overall and I did edit and clean up a few vinyl rips where the recordings are only available in that format having never been released on CD or digitally.
      Hope many enjoy this much wider ranging compilation.

    2. Hi Jose,
      I have always had a problem with, track 22 which sounded was murky. So here is a superior Vinyl rip for track 22, Two & A Half - Christmas Will Be 'Round Again.

      You may want to replace the original in your files with this one.
      The track was originally incorrectly named in the track list too.


    3. Thanks Butter, I've already replaced it.
      Special mention to the front cover, very pretty. It would be nice to go back.

  3. Hello Butter
    Great compilation. I'm looking forward to diving into it while the snow falls outside. As Jose says, the Marmalade Skies site put together a series years ago, along with a follow-up set of 'modern' Toytown tracks. All wonderful stuff, as is your site. Many thanks for your work.

    1. Thanks Uncle Albert.
      It's great to revisit this genre of music. K has done a great job.

  4. Wow, I love this stuff! 7 CDs worth? I'm in heaven, thanks!

    And I dunno, I enjoy 5-hour long Jerry Garcia guitar noodles, too!

    1. Glad you like it, Gummo.
      Lots of great tunes.

  5. Many thanks Butterboy and not forgetting special " K" for sharing this wonderful collection of Toytown Pop, as always it is very much appeciated all your time and effort that goes into looking after all your loyal followers around the world......Love & Peace Stu

  6. Hi Butterboy,
    Allí your Super Deluxe Edition are really goods but I specially love this one! I really love this stuff.
    Thanks for allí your efford and time!!!

    1. Hi Il Commendatore.
      Yes, a lot of work goes into these specials. It's all worth it is appreciated.

  7. Great comp....many thanks K & BB.

    1. Thank you zipper.
      Enjoy revisiting these tunes.

  8. Thank you for all the work and effort, love this toytown sub-genre, what about a future baroque pop compilation with focus on the harpsichord ?

    1. Thanks Nimrod.
      These were posted previously.

  9. Hi B... If you would please update the update.
    The Imagenetz link is gone... the rest are fine.

    1. Hi mrRadio.
      The link has now been replaced.

  10. Hello Buterboy,
    I'm the fellow who put together 'A Trip To Toytown' and 'New Adventures in Toytown' all those years ago. This looks quite interesting to say the least, but the links seem to lead to an Installation File for an Ad Blocker. Can you let me know how to safely get this collection?

    1. Hi Mark Kirk.
      I have just tested these links, and they are all working fine. I don't understand why you get that message.
      Can I suggest you try an alternative browser and or a VPN. These are KrakenFiles links, which some have said they had problems with. If you want I can reupload these in Pixeldrain for you. Please contact me at and will send a link to your email.
      PS I always loved your work, Mark. It led me to a new world of music which was both beautiful and rewarding.

    2. Thanks Butterboy, I will do that!
      Looking forward to hearing these further adventures in Toytown, thank you!

  11. Hello! Thank you for this great website and the wide range of interesting music! Any chance to reup this series? Thank you!!

  12. Hi Mike,
    New Links established, tested and working.