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VA - Think I'm Going Weird, Original Artefacts From The British Psychedelic Scene 1966-1968 [2021] (5 x CD's)


VA - Think I'm Going Weird, Original Artefacts From The British Psychedelic Scene 1966-1968 [2021] (5 x CD's)

Grapefruit's landmark 100th release A definitive overview of the British psychedelic scene, an epic five-CD/book set that includes more than 50 minutes of previously unreleased music from the halcyon period 1966-68. Including the major acts of the era (The Who, Traffic, Small Faces, The Move, Procol Harum, Incredible String Band, Family, Crazy World of Arthur Brown etc), 'Think I'm Going Weird: Original Artefacts From The British Psychedelic Scene 1966-68' features many bands who also played London's underground dungeons during the Summer Of Love. Featuring studio demos from the likes of Tintern Abbey, The Soft Machine, Mabel Greer's Toyshop, Genesis, Mandrake Paddle Steamer, Dantalian's Chariot and others plus numerous cult 45s (July, Caleb, Vamp, Blossom Toes, Sweet Feeling, etc) and fascinating album cuts from such scene stalwarts as Tomorrow, Fairport Convention, Kaleidoscope, The Deviants and Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera. Perhaps most enticingly of all, the collection includes a number of hitherto-unknown recordings by bands who are only now gaining their first public exposure including Eyes Of Blond, Tinsel Arcade, Crystal Ship (whose contribution features lyrics from Pete Brown) and the semi-mythical 117, such a legendary name from the era's handbills and posters that they even had a UK psych fanzine named after them in the '90s. A dazzling feat of licensing and research, 'Think I'm Going Weird...' comes in a 60-page A5 book format with 25,000-word track-by-track annotation with some extraordinary and rare photos and memorabilia. For anyone even remotely interested in British psychedelia, it's simply an essential purchase. (Amazon)

This set contains a multitude of psychedelic gems including deep tracks, rare tracks, with a few better-known ones. This is a broad overview of the British psychedelic scene in the late '60s. And it does its job very nicely, kind of a British psych version of the original "Nuggets" garage set.


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Track lists


01 Art Think I’m Going Weird 3:21

02 July My Clown (Single Mix) 3:18

03 Gary Walker The View 2:51

04 Traffic Utterly Simple 3:20

05 Caleb A Woman Of Distinction 2:33

06 Simon Dupree & The Big Sound Like The Sun, Like The Fire 2:29

07 The Kinks Lazy Old Sun (Alternative Version, Stereo) 3:15

08 Atlanta Roots Plastic Daffodils 3:18

09 Ron Geesin Psychedelia 1:06

10 Elmer Gantry’s Velvet Opera Dream Starts 3:01

11 Strawbs Tell Me What You See In Me 5:02

12 Manfred Mann Funniest Gig 2:26

13 Status Quo Sunny Cellophane Skies 2:48

14 Plastic Penny Mrs Grundy 5:15

15 Apple Buffalo Billycan 3:07

16 Sweet Feeling Charles Brown 2:21

17 Sleepy Rosie Can’t Fly 4:10

18 Picadilly Line I Know, She Believes 3:06

19 Fairport Convention The Lobster 4:44

20 The Mindbenders Yellow Brick Road 3:07

21 Granny's Intentions The Story Of David 2:56

22 Icarus The Devil Rides Out 2:33

23 Mirage Is Anybody Home? 2:43

24 Eyes Of Blond Why 6:47


01 Dantalian's Chariot World War Iii 4:10

02 Family See Through Windows 3:47

03 Procol Harum Salad Days (Are Here Again) 3:38

04 Freedom The Truth Is Plain To See 3:55

05 Force Four Sun Sing 3:31

06 Kaleidoscope Mr. Small The Watch Repairer Man 2:43

07 Genesis Image Blown Out 2:14

08 Creation Life Is Just Beginning 3:00

09 Spencer Davis Group Taking Out Time (Alternative Version) 2:12

10 Small Faces That Man 2:16

11 Hi-fi You're Haunting Me 2:22

12 Sands Mrs. Gillespie's Refrigerator 2:05

13 Rust Please Return 2:35

14 Nashville Teens Last Minute 1:58

15 Alan Bown All Along The Watchtower 3:10

16 Nirvana All Of Us (The Touchables) 2:58

17 Virgin Sleep Halliford House 2:42

18 Denny Laine Catherine's Wheel 3:15

19 Christopher Colt Girl In The Mirror 2:53

20 Grapefruit Elevator (Single Mix) 2:07

21 Mike Stuart Span World In My Head 4:30

22 Neo Maya Ufo 2:47

23 John Carter & Russ Alquist The Laughing Man 3:25

24 Vamp Floatin' 2:34

25 Tinsel Arcade Life Does Not Seem What It Seems 2:56

26 One Step Beyond Scene Of The Lemon Queen 5:53


01 Yardbirds Happenings Ten Years Time Ago 2:58

02 Smoke Have Some More Tea 2:15

03 Move Walk Upon The Water 3:19

04 Boeing Duven & The Beautiful Soup Jabberwock 2:31

05 Incredible String Band The Mad Hatter's Song 5:40

06 Ivor Cutler Trio Shoplifters 2:15

07 Bonzo Dog Doo-dah Band Look Out There's A Monster Coming 2:56

08 John's Children Sara, Crazy Child 2:28

09 Tyrannosaurus Rex Beyond The Rising Sun 2:16

10 Jp Sunshine Hey Girl 2:25

11 Barclay James Harvest Mr. Sunshine (Film Version) 2:58

12 Shyster Tick Tock 2:46

13 Felius Andromeda Cheadle Health Delusions 2:46

14 Tomorrow The Incredible Journey Of Timothy Chase 3:19

15 Idle Race The Birthday 2:54

16 Moody Blues How Can We Hang On To A Dream¿ 2:22

17 Circus Yes Is A Pleasant Country 4:07

18 Fresh Windows Summer Sun Shines 2:27

19 Crystal Ship The Blue Man Runs Away 2:47

20 Crazy World Of Arthur Brown What's Happening¿ 3:19

21 Mothers Pride Mother's Magazine 3:16

22 Turquoise Flying Machine 3:07

23 Cortinas In The Park 3:19

24 Zombies Hang Up On A Dream 3:03

25 Moles We Are The Moles Part 1 4:30

26 Moles We Are The Moles Part 2 2:45


01 Who Armenia City In The Sky 3:50

02 One In A Million Fredereek Hernando 3:20

03 Syn Flowerman 2:38

04 Motives I Can Hear Colours 2:56

05 Lion & The Fish Green 3:00

06 Soft Machine I'm So Low (Aka Jet-Propelled Photograph) 2:32

07 Mabel Green's Toyshop Jeanetta 3:09

08 Canto Come Over Stranger 3:06

09 Misunderstood Children Of The Sun 2:51

10 St Valentine's Day Massacre Brother Can You Spare A Dime? 2:58

11 Magic Mixture (I'm So) Sad 4:14

12 Graham Bond Organisation You've Gotta Have Love Babe 2:34

13 Wimple Winch Rumble On Mersey Square South 4:33

14 14 Third Ear Band Cosmic Trip 3:46

15 John Bryant I Bring The Sun 3:03

16 New Generation Police Is Here 2:55

17 Bee Gees Spicks And Specks 2:51

18 Human Instinct Death Of The Seaside 2:33

19 Friday's Chyld Boys And Girls Together 2:23

20 Jason Crest Charge Of The Light Brigade 3:04

21 Louise Toymaker's Shop 1:56

22 Medium Rare Plastic Aeroplane 3:05

23 117 Venusian Moonshine (Live At Middle Earth) 11:44


01 Factory Path Through The Forest 3:59

02 Attack Freedom For You 2:37

03 Pretty Things Winding Through My Dreams 3:39

04 Shame Don't Go 'way Little Girl 3:06

05 Tintern Abbey My Prayer 5:24

06 Jade Hexagram Phantom Eye 5:05

07 Perfumed Garden Cover Girl 4:11

08 Tickle Rose Coloured Glasses 3:14

09 Orange Bicycle Amy Peate 2:08

10 Rupert's People Dream In My Mind 3:22

11 Downliners Sect Spider 2:58

12 Blossom Toes What On Earth 2:56

13 End Building Up A Dream 2:44

14 Merseys The Cut 3:00

15 Mandrake Paddle Steamer Pandemonium Shadow Show 4:20

16 East Of Eden Winterways (Demo Version) 6:41

17 Sorrows Which Way 2:39

18 Deviants Run 2:42

19 23rd Turnoff Another Vincent Van Gogh 2:21

20 Champagne Smile At The Sad Sun 3:47

21 Zany Woodruff Operation Tales Of Brave Ulysses 2:56

22 Tales Of Justine Sitting On A Blunestone 2:39

23 Action Brain 3:03




  1. UK Nuggets! Sounds to good to pass up. Thanks BB

    1. It's a good set, lemonflag.
      Very enjoyable.

  2. Wow! This is a compilation with a lot of great tracks I had not heard (of) yet (which really surprised me). The focus is more on the soft side but not the sunshine/pop variant. Right up my alley! Thanks a lot!

    1. You're welcome, Wolfgang.
      Lots of great tracks in this set. Enjoy!

  3. Hey thanks BB! I was hoping you would put this one up. Don't know how I missed it back in January.

    1. Hi Jimbo.
      Its been a popular post. Glad to hear you finally got it.

    2. Hi BB, I keep being aked for a password. Did I miss something?

    3. That is Weird...Jimbo.
      I don't request passwords to download.
      I just download the set to see if anything is wrong and downloaded without issue for me.
      Sorry can't answer why you had that experience.