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Tony Fruscella - The Complete Works [1999] (4 x CDs)




Tony Fruscella - The Complete Works [1999] (4 x CDs)

For Tony Fruscella fans, it would be difficult to improve upon this four-CD set, for it includes every single recording that the short-lived trumpeter made in his career! Fruscella, who lived to be 42 in 1969, largely finished his career in 1955 (at 28) due to his drug problems. Before he totally lost it, he was a fine cool-toned trumpeter a little reminiscent of Chet Baker (who he actually preceded) although able to play with fire at times. This perfectly-done box from the European Jazz Factory label has two CDs apiece of Fruscella playing in the studios and in clubs. The former consists of five sessions, including a date with the even more ill-fated altoist Chick Maures (his only recording), and appearances by such players as bassist Red Mitchell, altoist Herb Geller, and tenors Phil Urso, Allen Eager, and (on two songs) Stan Getz. The live sessions feature Fruscella in a pair of quartets (pianist Hank Jones is on one date), featuring contributions from tenors Brew Moore, and (on three numbers) Stan Getz and altoist Phil Woods. The final number, "Lover Man," is a trumpet-guitar duet with Bill Keck that nicely wraps up the set. Though much of this music is available elsewhere (from Atlantic and Spotlite), this is the best way to acquire it. (AllMusic review by Scott Yanow)


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Track list

The Complete Works [1999] Complete Studio Recordings CD1

01 Tony Fruscella Foo's 2:50

02 Tony Fruscella Flues 2:45

03 Tony Fruscella Oh Yeah 3:26

04 Tony Fruscella Little Orgg 2:53

05 Tony Fruscella Out Of Nowhere 3:21

06 Tony Fruscella P.U. Stomp 3:08

07 Tony Fruscella Darn That Dream 2:59

08 Tony Fruscella Tangerine 2:48

09 Tony Fruscella Loopadoo 2:58

10 Tony Fruscella Blue Bells 7:13

11 Tony Fruscella Roundup Time 7:11

12 Tony Fruscella Flues (Alt Take) 2:34

13 Tony Fruscella Little Orgg (Alt Take) 2:09

14 Tony Fruscella Out Of Nowhere (Alt Take) 2:52

The Complete Works [1999] Complete Studio Recordings CD2

01 Tony Fruscella I'll Be Seeing You 3:19

02 Tony Fruscella Muy 5:41

03 Tony Fruscella Metropolitan Blues 5:05

04 Tony Fruscella Raintree County 5:16

05 Tony Fruscella Salt 4:40

06 Tony Fruscella His Master's Voice 5:31

07 Tony Fruscella Old Hat 3:19

08 Tony Fruscella Blue Serenade 5:14

09 Tony Fruscella Let's Play The Blues 4:04

The Complete Works [1999] Complete Live Recordings CD1

01 Tony Fruscella Bernie's Tune 9:16

02 Tony Fruscella Lover Man 6:42

03 Tony Fruscella A Night In Tunisia 8:35

04 Tony Fruscella Sometimes I'm Happy 9:34

05 Tony Fruscella Blue Lester 10:35

06 Tony Fruscella Hachensack 10:21

07 Tony Fruscella Imagination 5:36

08 Tony Fruscella Donna 5:18

The Complete Works [1999] Complete Live Recordings CD2

01 Tony Fruscella Tony's Blues 5:40

02 Tony Fruscella Get Happy 6:21

03 Tony Fruscella Dear Old Stokholm 7:12

04 Tony Fruscella Pernod 4:41

05 Tony Fruscella Scrapple From The Apple 13:16

06 Tony Fruscella Night Train 11:25

07 Tony Fruscella A Night In Tunesia 14:45

08 Tony Fruscella Lover Man 3:27




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