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Renée Geyer - I've Got It Covered (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3+CD4 (R.I.P.)


RENEE GEYER        (R.I.P.)

Renée Geyer - I've Got It Covered (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3+CD4

Renée Rebecca Geyer (born 11 September 1953 – 17 January 2023) was an Australian singer who has long been regarded as one of the finest exponents of jazz, soul and R&B idioms. She had commercial success as a solo artist in Australia, with "It's a Man's Man's World", "Heading in the Right Direction" and "Stares and Whispers" in the 1970's and "Say I Love You" in the 1980's. Geyer has also been an internationally respected and sought-after backing vocalist, whose session credits include work with Sting, Chaka Khan, Toni Childs and Joe Cocker.

In 2000, her autobiography, Confessions of a Difficult Woman, co-written with music journalist Ed Nimmervoll, was published. In her candid book, Geyer detailed her drug addictions, sex life and career in music. She described herself as "a white Hungarian Jew from Australia sounding like a 65-year-old black man from Alabama". She spent more than ten years based in the United States but had little chart success there under her own name, yet contributing to releases by Neil Diamond, Men at Work, Sting, Trouble Funk and many others. Geyer returned to Australia in the mid-1990's and her career has continued into the 21st century with her 2003 album, Tenderland, which peaked at #11 on the ARIA albums charts.

Rock historian Ian McFarlane described her as having a "rich, soulful, passionate and husky vocal delivery". Geyer's iconic status in the Australian music industry was recognized when she was inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame on 14 July 2005. (Wikipedia)

She is one of Australia’s best voices. A career spanning nearly 50 years, where she has never compromised or become part of the music machine. A woman that encompasses strength and vulnerability through her deep soul voice. She has recorded fifteen studio albums since her solo debut in 1973. Her catalogue remains overlooked and deserves to be revisited and cherished. Geyer was prolific in the seventies, though her nineties work is exceptional. “Foggy Highway” is one her greatest performances – the song is akin to The Triffids “Wide Open Road” – where Geyer encapsulates the loneliness of being lost with your thoughts on the Australian road – delivered with such intensity and meaning. (

Her ability to take a song and make it her own is a gift to all of us who have had the chance to see or hear her in action.

Her work is sorely underrated IMO. She is a great interpreter and soulful singer. Everything she sings is rewarding.  From the opening track to the last, her magical voice is undeniable. A great soul, blues and jazz singer.  

Find here 80 cover versions of songs that she has recorded in her career so far. Renée Geyer is a phenomenal singer, and her music has touched hearts. Her jazz, soul, and R & B music is very lovable, and she has millions of fans around the globe.  



Pt.1     Pt.2 


Track lists

Artist Track (First recorded by)   Length


01 Renée Geyer Do Right Man (Aretha Franklin) 4:38

02 Renée Geyer If Only You Believe (Gayle Mccormick) 2:43

03 Renée Geyer Just Like A Woman (Bob Dylan) 7:44

04 Renée Geyer Lean On Me (Bill Withers) 4:44

05 Renée Geyer Mascara Blue (Gulliver Smith) 5:16

06 Renée Geyer Moon Dance (Van Morrison) 5:19

07 Renée Geyer Oh Boy (Chi-Lites) 3:04

08 Renée Geyer Space Captain (Joe Cocker) 4:43

09 Renée Geyer Them Changes (Jimi Hendrix) 4:20

10 Renée Geyer There's No Such Thing As Love (Anthony Newley) 3:51

11 Renée Geyer And I Love Him (Beatles) 5:14

12 Renée Geyer Do Your Thing (Isaac Hayes) 3:43

13 Renée Geyer Feel Good (Rufus) 3:15

14 Renée Geyer It's A Man's Man's World (James Brown) 3:32

15 Renée Geyer It's Been A Long Time (New Birth) 3:22

16 Renée Geyer Mama's Little Girl (Dusty Springfield) 3:26

17 Renée Geyer Once In A Lifetime Thing (Jim Weatherly) 3:33

18 Renée Geyer Scarlet Ribbons (Jo Stafford With Vocal Group And Paul Weston And His Orchestra) 2:45

19 Renée Geyer Since I Fell For You (Buddy Johnson And His Orchestra, Vocal Chorus By Ella Johnson) 3:42

20 Renée Geyer Take Me Where You Took Me Last Night (Genie Brown) 3:53


21 Renée Geyer They Tell Me Of An Uncloudy Day (Jackie Moore) 3:40

22 Renée Geyer What Do I Do On Sunday Morning (Diamond Head) 3:58

23 Renée Geyer Heading In The Right Direction (Johnny Rocco Band) 4:04

24 Renée Geyer If Loving You Is Wrong (I Dont Want To Be Right) (Luther Ingram) 4:22

25 Renée Geyer Tender Hooks (Candi Staton) 4:39

26 Renée Geyer Touch (Supremes) 4:50

27 Renée Geyer Money (That's What I Want) (Barrett Strong) 5:19

28 Renée Geyer Sweet Kisses (Johnny Rocco Band) 6:28

29 Renee Geyer Dust My Blues (Robert Johnson, Elmo James, Elmore James And His Broomdusters) 3:03

30 Renee Geyer Stormy Monday (T-Bone Walker) 6:43

31 Renee Geyer That Did It Babe (Bobby Bland) 5:15

32 Renee Geyer The Thrill Is Gone (Roy Hawkins) 6:56

33 Renée Geyer Baby I've Missing You (Independents) 3:36

34 Renée Geyer Come On (Chuck Berry) 2:39

35 Renée Geyer Do You Know What I Mean (Lee Michaels) 3:20

36 Renée Geyer Everything Good Is Bad (100 Proof (Aged In Soul)) 4:21

37 Renée Geyer I Can Feel The Fire (Ron Wood) 4:15

38 Renée Geyer On Your Way Down (Allen Toussaint) 5:41

39 Renée Geyer Say I Love You (Eddy Grant) 3:33

40 Renée Geyer So Lucky (Ian Mclagan) 3:42


41 Renée Geyer You Don't Know Nothing About Love (Carl Hall) 3:56

42 Renée Geyer Faithful Love (Sidewalk) 3:41

43 Renée Geyer Guess Who I Saw Today (June Carroll) 3:54

44 Renée Geyer Crazy (Patsy Cline With The Jordanaires) 4:15

45 Renée Geyer God Only Knows (Beach Boys) 2:03

46 Renée Geyer He Was Too Good To Me (Shannon Bolin) 3:10

47 Renée Geyer Summer, Winter, Spring And Fall (Denise Dale And The Hi Hat Club) 5:34

48 Renée Geyer Best Times (Veronica Lynn) 4:45

49 Renée Geyer Thieves In The Temple (Prince) 4:20

50 Renée Geyer Midnight Train To Georgia (Jim Weatherly) 5:37

51 Renée Geyer Love Don't Live Here Anymore (Rose Royce) 6:45

52 Renée Geyer Oh Me, Oh My (Lulu) 5:17

53 Renée Geyer Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye) 4:46

54 Renée Geyer Song For You (Leon Russell) 4:25

55 Renée Geyer Try A Little Tenderness (Jack Payne & His Band) 4:44

56 Renée Geyer The Makings Of You (Curtis Mayfield) 2:30

57 Renée Geyer I'm Evil Tonight (Betty Harris) 2:54

58 Renée Geyer Into Temptation (Crowded House) 4:56

59 Renée Geyer It'stoo Late (Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose) 5:05


60 Renée Geyer Sitting In Limbo (Jimmy Cliff) 5:57

61 Renée Geyer Dedicated To The One I Love (5 Royales) 3:54

62 Renée Geyer Baby Please Don't Go (Joe Williams' Washboard Blues Singers) 2:54

63 Renée Geyer I Got Rhythm (Ethel Merman) 3:37

63 Renée Geyer I Wanna Be Around (Wynona Carr) 2:19

64 Renée Geyer Somewhere (Larry Kert, Reri Grist & Carol Lawrence) 5:28

65 Renée Geyer Alfie (Cilla Black) 3:46

66 Renée Geyer Fly Me To The Moon (Felicia Sanders) 2:54

67 Renée Geyer Comin' Home Baby (Duet With Paul Kelly) (Dave Bailey Quintet) 3:28

68 Renée Geyer My Funny Valentine (Mitzi Green) 5:11

69 Renée Geyer What A Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong) 5:24

70 Renée Geyer A Beautiful Morning (Rascals) 3:10

71 Renée Geyer Dedicated To The One I Love (5 Royales) 4:02

72 Renée Geyer Distant Lover (Marvin Gaye) 4:02

73 Renée Geyer I Wish It Would Rain (Earl Van Dyke) 4:13

74 Renée Geyer Somebody's On Your Case (Ann Peebles) 4:09

75 Renée Geyer Why Can't We Live Together (Timmy Thomas) 4:41

76 Renée Geyer Steal Away (Jimmy Hughes) 3:38

77 Renée Geyer When A Woman Loves A Man (Percy Sledge) 4:35

78 Renée Geyer & Spencer P. Jones You I Want  (Marice Frawley) 4:12

04 Renee Geyer Bellhop Blues (Kevin Borich) 3:23

80 Renée Geyer Close To You (Live) (Richard Chamberlain) 4:56




  1. Great voice Butterboy R.I.P I had the collection from the 1st time you posted it

    1. Thanks, Little Bill.
      I know is not an old post, but she needs more recognition. This is just to say thank you to her.

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome, Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities.

  3. Saw her live with Kevin Borich Band many years ago, awesome show.
    Such sad news.

  4. in peace.
    thanks BB

  5. Thank you. seen her mentioned now on the internet.... Here in the US unfortunately we don't hear about deserving artists until they are gone...

    1. Thanks Domenic.
      With today's social media the word gets out much quicker.
      But some artists never get heard of even when they are alive.
      That another reason to share what we listen too.

  6. Hi BB This woman obviously meant a lot to you. Sorry for your loss.

    1. Hi lemonflag.
      I love her voice and whist she reportedly was a difficult person I always felt here warmth and vulnerability in here song choice and vocals. She was just a great singer.

  7. Thanks for this comprehensive Geyer compilation Butterboy - a wonderful tribute to one of Australia's best - she will be greatly missed and never forgotten.

    1. Thanks Aussie Rock.
      She definitely was a force. Everyone should listen to this set at least once.

  8. Thanks for the introduction. So many great artists still to be discovered.

  9. Hi boppinbob,
    I hope you find some gems from this amazing artist.
    Look around the site and good luck with finding some more new undiscovered artists.