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B.B. King - Ladies & Gentlemen...Mr. B.B. King [2012] (10 x CD's)



B.B. King - Ladies & Gentlemen...Mr. B.B. King [2012] (10 x CD's)

Riley B. King (September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015), known professionally as B.B. King, was an American blues singer, electric guitarist, songwriter, and record producer. King introduced a sophisticated style of soloing based on fluid string bending and shimmering vibrato that influenced many later electric blues guitarists. B.B. King is one of America's few, long-standing musical treasures whose stature has grown to an unassailable, international level.

Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. B.B. King is a box set compilation album by B. B. King. It traces King's career from his first singles for Bullet Records in 1949 to material his last recorded album in 2008. Crowdfunded by Pledge Music in 2012, it was available in a full ten-disc box exclusive through Amazon.com, and a four-disc "highlights" box available everywhere else. People who pledged money also got a digital copy of the out-of-print 1975 album Lucille Talks Back. Both versions of the box are physically out of print; the four-disc edition is bundled along with Lucille Talks Back digitally, although this version removes King's first single.

Celebrating his 50th Anniversary signing to ABC-Paramount Records in 1962 we bring you this multi-format career retrospective.

KEY FEATURES: - Two CDs chronicling his early years on Bullet, Modern/RPM and Kent/Crown Records, Eight CDs chronicling his recording achievements on ABC-Paramount, ABC-Bluesway, ABC, ABC/Impulse, MCA and Geffen Records, as well as high profile collaborations. Highlights include key recordings from every ABC/MCA/Geffen era album. Rare, non-album singles, rare album tracks, Rare One Touch EP tracks, Collaborations with Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, U2, Elton John, Robert Cray, Etta James, Bonnie Raitt, Gary Moore, Bobby Blue Bland, and others. Enjoy his wonderful set.


Pt.1     Pt.2 

previously missing track 3 from CD9.
for those who downloaded before the revised link here is a link to the missing track.


Track list 01 - Three O'Clock Blues (1949-1956)

    "Miss Martha King" (2:42)
    "When Your Baby Packs Up and Goes" (2:29)
    "Got the Blues" (2:47)
    "Take a Swing with Me" (2:33)
    "B.B. Boogie" (3:11)
    Don’t You Want a Man Like Me" (2:21)
    Fine Looking Woman" (2:23)
    "She’s Dynamite" (2:30)
    "Three O’Clock Blues" (3:02)
    "That Ain’t the Way to Do It (2:17)
    "You Know I Love You" (3:05)
    "Woke Up This Morning" (2:57)
    "Please Love Me" (2:51)
    "Blind Love" (3:05)
    "The Woman I Love" (2:41)
    "Whole Lotta’ Love" (3:09)
    "Everyday I Have the Blues" (2:49)
    "Love You Baby" (AKA "Take a Swing with Me") (2:40)
    "When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer" (2:54)
    "You Upset Me Baby" (3:02)
    "Sneakin’ Around" (3:02)
    "Shut Your Mouth" (2:41)
    "Boogie Rock" (3:05)
    "Ten Long Years" (2:47)
    "Crying Won’t Help You" (3:00)
    "Bad Luck" (2.54)
    "Troubles, Troubles, Troubles" (2:54)

Track list 02 - Rock Me Baby (1957-1962)

    "Sweet Little Angel" (3:12)
    "Early in the Morning" (2:34)
    "(I’m Gonna) Quit My Baby" (2:32)
    "On My Word of Honor" (2:54)
    "Days of Old" (2:28)
    "Recession Blues" (2:21)
    "Please Accept My Love" (2:33)
    "Everyday I Have the Blues" (5:05)
    "Precious Lord" (3:22)
    "Sweet Sixteen, Parts 1 & 2" (6:15)
    "Don’t Get Around Much Anymore" (3:15)
    "I’ll Survive" (2:40)
    "(I’ve) Got a Right to Love My Baby" (3:14)
    "It’s My Own Fault" (3:33)
    "You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now" (5:09)
    "Walking Dr. Bill" (3:40)
    "Catfish Blues (Fishin’ After Me)" (2:31)
    "Partin’ Time" (3:00)
    "You’re Breaking My Heart" (4:13)
    "Rock Me Baby" (3:00)
    "Blue Shadows" (3:47)
    "The Jungle" (3:14)
    "That Evil Child" (3:51)

Track list 03 - How Blue Can You Get (1962-1966)

    "You Ask Me" (2:10)
    "I’m Gonna Sit In 'Til You Give In" (2:13)
    "Blues at Midnight" (2:58)
    "My Baby’s Coming Home" (2:08)
    "Chains of Love" (2:35)
    "Sneakin’ Around" (2:07)
    "Slowly Losing My Mind" (2:32)
    "How Blue Can You Get?" (2:42)
    "Whole Lotta Lovin'" (2:26)
    "I Wonder Why" (3:06)
    "Please Accept My Love" (2:57)
    "Help the Poor" (2:37)
    "Never Trust a Woman" (2:36)
    "Worryin’ Blues" (2:55)
    "Stop Leadin’ Me On" (2:24)
    "Everyday I Have the Blues" (3:08)
    "Sweet Little Angel" (4:10)
    "It’s My Own Fault" (3:06)
    "How Blue Can You Get?" (3:35)
    "Please Love Me" (3:00)
    "Tired Of Your Jive" (2:10)
    "All Over Again" (2:35)
    "I’d Rather Drink Muddy Water" (2:21)
    "Cherry Red" (2:26)
    "You’re Still a Square" (2:23)
    "Don’t Answer the Door, Parts 1 & 2" (5:10)
    "Waitin’ On You" (2:26)
    "Night Life" (2:34)

Track list 04 - Why I Sing The Blues (1964-1969)

    "Gambler’s Blues" (5:12)
    "Buzz Me" (4:16)
    "Sweet Sixteen, Parts 1 & 2" (6:12)
    "Think It Over" (2:50)
    "I Done Got Wise" (2:20)
    "Worried Dream" (2:54)
    "Paying the Cost to Be the Boss" (2:34)
    "I’m Gonna Do What They Do to Me" (2:47)
    "Dance with Me" (3:21)
    "Lucille" (10:14)
    "Watch Yourself" (5:49)
    "You Put It on Me" (2:46)
    "Messy But Good" (2:35)
    "Get Myself Somebody" (2:36)
    "My Mood" (2:47)
    "I Want You So Bad" (4:15)
    "Get Off My Back Woman" (3:17)
    "Why I Sing the Blues" (8:37)

Track list 05 - The Thrill Is Gone (1969-1971)

    "The Thrill Is Gone" (5:25)
    "Confessin’ the Blues" (4:55)
    "So Excited" (5:37)
    "No Good" (4:37)
    "Go Underground"
    "Nobody Loves Me But My Mother" (1:27)
    "Chains and Things" (4:55)
    "Ask Me No Questions" (3:09)
    "Hummingbird" (4:38)
    "Everyday I Have the Blues" (1:42)
    "How Blue Can You Get?" (5:12)
    "Worry, Worry" (9:55)
    "Sweet Sixteen" (6:01)
    "Eyesight to the Blind" (4:00)
    "Niji Baby" (6:21)
    "The Thrill Is Gone" (5:37)

Track list 06 - Lucille Talks Back (1971-1977)

    "I Got Some Help I Don’t Need" (5:57)
    "Blue Shadows" (5:09)
    "Ghetto Woman" (5:15)
    "Ain’t Nobody Home" (3:14)
    "Guess Who" (4:09)
    "Five Long Years" (5:14)
    "I Like to Live the Love" (3:32)
    "To Know You Is to Love You" (8:36)
    "Philadelphia" (5:55)
    "3 O’Clock Blues" (live) (3:17)
    "Lucille Talks Back" (2:27)
    "Reconsider Baby" (2:54)
    "Don’t Make Me Pay for His Mistakes" (3:16)
    "Let The Good Times Roll" (live) (5:38)
    "Don’t You Lie to Me" (6:08)
    "Mother Fuyer" (3:06)
    "The Same Love That Made Me Laugh" (3:34)

Track list 07 -  When It All Comes Down (I'll Still Be Around) [1978-1983]

    "When It All Comes Down (I’ll Still Be Around)" (4:12)
    "Hold On (I Feel Our Love Is Changing)" (4:10)
    "Never Make Your Move Too Soon" (5:32)
    "Better Not Look Down" (3:21)
    "Happy Birthday Blues" (3:16)
    "I’ve Always Been Lonely" (5:27)
    "Caldonia" (live) (2:49)
    "I Got Some Help I Don’t Need" (live) (5:22)
    "Life Ain’t Nothing But a Party" (6:15)
    "The Victim" (6:17)
    "There Must Be a Better World Somewhere" (5:38)
    "Nightlife / Please Send Me Someone to Love" (4:35)
    "Inflation Blues" (4:15)
    "Sell My Monkey" (3:06)
    "Darlin' You Know I Love You" (4:48)
    "Make Love to Me" (4:19)

Track list 08 - When Love Comes To Town (1985-1993)

    "Into the Night" (4:12)
    "Six Silver Strings" (4:21)
    "When Love Comes to Town" (4:17)
    "Standing on the Edge of Love" (5:21)
    "Lay Another Log on the Fire" (4:03)
    "Take Off Your Shoes" (5:34)
    "Nobody Love Me But My Mother" (live) (8:08)
    "Right Place, Wrong Time" (4:01)
    "All Over Again" (live) (7:37)
    "I’m Moving On" (4:16)
    "Back In L.A." (5:02)
    "Fool Me Once" (4:20)
    "There Is Always One More Time" (8:26)
    "Monday Morning Blues (Blues For Mr. G)" (4:17)
    "Since I Met You Baby" (live) (4:40)

Track list 09 - Blues Man (1993-1999)

    "Playin’ With My Friends" (5:19)
    "There’s Something on Your Mind" (6:00)
    "I Gotta Move Out of This Neighborhood / Nobody Loves Me But My Mother" (8:58)
    "You Don’t Know Me" (3:55)
    "Stormy Monday Blues" (5:18)
    "Rock Me Baby" (live) (6:21)
    "Confessin’ the Blues" (4:31)
    "Paying the Cost to Be the Boss" (3:34)
    "Blues Man" (5:19)
    "Bad Case of Love" (5:28)
    "Blues Boys Tune" (3:28)
    "I’ll Survive" (4:51)
    "Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens" (2:52)
    "I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town" (4:51)
    "Ain’t That Just Like a Woman" (3:32)
    "Caldonia" (2:18)

Track list 10 - Key to the Highway (2000-2008)

    "Ten Long Years" (4:40)
    "Key to the Highway" (3:40)
    "I Got to Leave This Woman" (3:36)
    "Monday Woman" (3:35)
    "Don’t Go No Farther" (4:08)
    "You’re on Top" (3:11)
    "Back Door Santa" (3:26)
    "Exactly Like You" (3:21)
    "Sinner’s Prayer" (4:25)
    "Early in the Morning" (4:49)
    "Rock This House" (3:08)
    "You Have a Way" (3:52)
    "Everybody Loves You" (3:05)
    "Key to the Highway" (live) (4:12)
    "Midnight Blues" (3:44)
    "Get These Blues off Me" (4:30)
    "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean" (4:48)
    "Waiting For Your Call" (5:57)
    "Haunted House" (3:16)



  1. The other BB in my life.....

    1. Thanks, lemonflag.
      This is a great set.

  2. i like this B.B thank you mate

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    1. Hi Varoman,
      I hope you will enjoy it for many years to come.

  4. I cannot praise this set enough. Keep my SO of my ass for at least a week. But she will not accept that CD09 is missing track 03 from the zip file.

    Any chance of just that one file Pwetty Pweez ?

    1. Hi puternut,
      Sometimes the file name is too long for my posts. I missed this one.
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  5. Thought you might be interested that my home UK Amazon lists a USED 10 CD box of this set for £137.48GBP which is just under $260AUD !!! Bit pricey and s/he is from France.

  6. Man I can't say thank you enough! I've been collecting music via YouTube for a while now but when it came to B.B. King it became a monumental task. I knew I wanted this set but no one had put a playlist together as far as I could tell so I started searching until I came by your page. What a time saver!!! The music sounds great and you organized it very well. I love that you even included the covers for each CD. I did end up cleaning them up a bit because they were pretty grainy looking. If you'd like me to send you the jpegs I'd be more than happy to do so! It's the least I can do :)