Friday, May 26, 2023

VA - Ambient Americana (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


VA - Ambient Americana (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

Ambient Americana is a genre that blends the sounds of ambient music with the traditional styles of Americana music. It has become increasingly popular in recent years as a subgenre of both Americana and ambient music. The genre creates a soundscape that is dreamy, introspective, and atmospheric with a strong sense of place and landscape.

At its core, Americana music includes several traditional American styles such as folk, country, blues, and roots rock. While ambient music is characterized by its atmospheric, repetitive, and minimalistic soundscapes. Ambient Americana marries the instrumentation of Americana music with ambient textures created through electronic effects, synthesizers, and soundscapes. The result is a genre that features the distinct sound of Americana instruments such as acoustic guitars, banjos, and mandolins alongside the ambient soundscape.

The style of Ambient Americana varies widely from one artist to another. While some artists focus on creating haunting, ethereal soundscapes, others place emphasis on the storytelling qualities of Americana. Despite these differences, Ambient Americana shares commonalities with both Americana and ambient music.

Ambient Americana appeals to listeners who appreciate the introspective and atmospheric qualities of both genres. The genre invites the listener to explore the music and to experience a deep sense of place and time. The use of acoustic instruments adds warmth and familiarity to the music, while the ambient textures create an ethereal and otherworldly quality.

The genre's unique sound has made it increasingly popular in recent years. Artists who perform Ambient Americana have developed their own styles and sounds, often incorporating their own unique influences and experiences. The genre has produced a diverse range of music, from gentle, acoustic soundscapes to driving, rhythmic songs.

Here are 63 fantastic tracks that combine acoustic instruments and ambient textures to create a unique and captivating sound that invites the listener to experience a deep sense of place and time. (B)


Pt.1     pt.2    Pt.3 


Track lists


01 Suss - Wichita 5:50

02 Marisa Anderson - The Low Country 5:43

03 Sumner Mckane - Alberta 4:01

04 Bruce Kaphan - Clouds 7:24

05 Caleb R.K. Williams - Thanatos 4:06

06 Balmorhea - 55 3:52

07 North Americans - American Dipper 3:54

08 Chuck Johnson - Moonstone 9:04

09 Steve Gunn - Way Out Weather 6:17

10 Benn Jordan - Iii 8:01

11 Snow Beard - Day Of The Crow 2:36

12 Guano Padano - Cacti 3:28

13 Mike Cooper - Paumalu 6:21

14 Daniel Lanois - Desert Rose 1:51

15 Hermanos Gutierrez - Tres Hermanos (Feat. Dan Auerbach) 3:21

16 Michael Brook - Devil Slayer 1:46

17 Calexico - Glowing Heart Of The World 4:50

18 Ry Cooder - Pari Texas 2:53

19 Elliott Smith - Kiwi Maddog 3:40

20 Pan American - Ord-Lhr 3:49

21 Suss - Canyonlands (Return To Wichita) 5:58


22 Suss - Drift 5:27

23 Marisa Anderson & William Tyler - News About Heaven 3:56

24 Bill Frisell - Disfarmer (Theme) 5:37

25 Chuck Johnson - Constellation 6:48

26 Eagle Stone - Monument Valley 2:55

27 Marielle V Jakobsons - Star Core 6:41

28 Andrew Tutle - Hilliard Creek, Finucane Road 4:14

29 North Americans - Mooring 7:01

30 Daniel Bachman - The Flower Tree 5:05

31 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Last Chance For Love 3:59

32 Godspeed You! Black Emperor - The Cowboy... 4:16

33 A Small, Good Thing - A Mighty Stillness 3:41

34 Michael Chapman - Caddo Lake 5:53

35 Barn Owl - Light Echoes 6:08

36 Field Works - The Scars Of Recent History 2:08

37 Sumner Mckane - Bugs In Her Pockets 2:30

38 Viva Las Vegas - El Rio Llamado Orbigo 3:02

39 Roy Montgomery - Cocktails With Can 6:24

40 Old Saw - Dirtbikes Of Heaven, Grains Of The Field 7:31

41 Guano Padano - Pian Della Tortilla 2:52

42 Suss - Chisholm Trail 4:55


43 Suss - The Walk Home 3:51

44 William Tyler - Fourcorners 4:02

45 Mary Lattimore - Sometimes He's In My Dreams 3:43

46 Calexico - Humano (Instrumental) 4:48

47 Labradford - G 3:58

48 Luke Schneider - Exspirio 1:56

49 Sarah Louise - Your Dreams (Single Version) 2:59

50 Scott Tuma - Tiktaalik 3:34

51 Bruce Langhorne - Ending 4:36

52 Steve Roach + Roger King - Snake Eyes 5:35

53 Caleb R.K. Williams - Dead Prairie Theme 2:21

54 Golden Retriever & Chuck Johnson - Empty Quarter 13:31

55 Hermanos Gutierrez - El Bueno Y El Malo 3:25

56 Barry Walker Jr - Shoulda Zenith 7:00

57 Nate Hall - Night Theme 2:27

58 T.G. Olson - Iii 6:33

59 TempĂȘte-Ouroboros - Oiseaux 17:38

60 Roy Montgomery - I.O.U. Otto 6:12

61 Date Palms - Yuba Source Part 1 10:58

62 Dean Mcphee - The Alder Tree 6:39

63 Suss - Mojave 4:13




  1. Thank you very much! I love this style and really appreciate the tracks you've selected. I've posted four mixes in this genre and am always thrilled to find others that have the same affection for it. Plus, your choice of tracks is impressive, as always. Again, thank you, lots of new stuff for me to check out here.

    1. Thank you, Mooz.
      This genre always grabs me and makes me appreciate the beauty in music.

  2. Thanks BB. My interest in this "genre" was sparked by some of the tracks on Beyond the Missouri Sky (Short Stories) released by Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny. I'm looking forward to hearing your compilation over the coming weekend

    1. Hi g8rrick.
      I hope the exploration is a good journey. The music is often beautiful and reflective. Enjoy.

  3. Great idea for a comp! This sub-genre has been emerging for awhile...I look forward to hearing your selections. Thanks for all your work on this and all of your other comps.

    1. Thanks, OldDJ.
      I hope you will enjoy it.

  4. What a coincidence - or is it karma? Only a few weeks ago I saw the double bill of Marisa Anderson and Godspeed You! Black Emperor during their spring European tour in a small German concert hall. I was truly blown away. And now both are here, in this highly promising selection. I'm really looking forward to listening to your compilation, BB. Thanks as always & Best, TC

    1. Hi TC.
      This happens to me a lot lately. Marisa Anderson is wonderful. I would recommend all her albums. I was the only one in my group of friends that liked Godspeed You! Black Emperor at first. Another great group that continues to explore. Even the the opening track and closing track is by SUSS (great sound), it is not the case. This compilation is not suss. Enjoy this set.

  5. Thanks for this BB it looks like a very interesting listen

    1. Hi Doug C.
      I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

  6. Interesting selection!
    I think this one would fit in too:
    Hacienda Brothers - Son Of Saguaro

    1. Thanks Berni.
      I should do another compilation in the future.
      I have this but overlooked it. It's a beautiful track.

  7. Great idea for a compilation BB! Really looking forward to this one. Surprised there's nothing from the KLF's 'Chill Out' album on there though. That whole album is basically this genre being invented. Worth checking out if there's a volume 2.

    1. Thanks, Smuj.
      I hope there will be another volume of Ambient Americana. Great suggestion.

  8. Good idea, good songs, good work - really well done Butterboy. Thanks a lot.

  9. Hi Butterboy

    I have not downloaded any of your postings recently but thought I would try one of these which I have enjoyed greatly. Thank you. I find as I get older that calmer music is more relaxing, especially when reading, although I still enjoy my old rock favourites. Once I have digested the first CD, I will try the other two. Thanks again for posting such an interesting genre.

    1. Hi Claygator.
      Thanks for the nod of approval. Appreciated. I hope you find the other tracks are as enjoyable.

  10. A lot of your compilations are really "time machines", but this one really sent me back to a different time and frame of mind... Heck, I actually got the urge to look up Patchouli incense on Amazon.
    Memories of the mid-80's to early 90's.
    I suspect there are nuanced differences between ambient, new age, etc. but as I think back this set reminded me a lot of the recordings of R Carlos Nakai, Steve & David Gordon, David Arkenstone, Medwin Goodall, etc that I use to listen to then (with Patchouli incense). If you have any of these artists, a "Volume 2" would be greatly appreciated!
    Again, thanks for taking me back to when I wore a younger man's clothes...

    1. Hi Freddy,
      The best thing is that the music in this compilation has been enjoyed and had your exploring further.
      I hope to complete an additional volume in the future. You raise some wonderful artists names. David Arkenstone and his wife are great. I also have a lot of Wyndham Hill music which could be useful. I don't know Medwin Goodall.
      Check Amazons delivery details for the Patchouli incense to not be disappointed.

  11. Hi Butterboy

    I enjoyed the first CD so much that I have downloaded the second. Thank you. Have you listened to Friends of Dean Martinez? It's an instrumental band from Tuscon comprising, amongst others, members of Calexico which could, perhaps, be the subject of one of your future compilations.

    All the best


    1. Hi Claygator.
      Glad you liked the fitst. Get them all, you should not be disappointed.
      I like Friends of Dean Martinez very much.

  12. You may have got me started down another rabbit-hole with Suss, darn it! Plus, another band that would fit in very well to scenarios of high desert nights and thin winds for you to consider: 3hattrio (three hat trio), should you assemble more Ambient Americana. For me they evoke some of the remoter parts of Western Australia, out beyond Wiluna and far from civilization. They're on Bandcamp.

    1. That makes me happy, radhock.
      The exploration is half the fun.
      I have a few albums by 3hattrio

  13. I just started listening to this wonderful comp that you put together. So beautiful. Thank you for this. And to be honest, I've been extremely remiss in not thanking you more for all of your very fine work and the gifts that you provide. It's very much appreciated.

    1. Hi MrBaez,
      Thank you for those kind words. I always try to make interesting compilations that other will enjoy for a long time. I spend an enormous amount of time choosing the right mix for these. What thrills me most is when someone really enjoys them.