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VA - MandoRock (A Butterboy Compilation) (4 x CD's)



VA - MandoRock (A Butterboy Compilation) (4 x CD's)

A mandolin is a stringed musical instrument in the lute family and is generally plucked with a plectrum. It most commonly has four courses of doubled metal strings tuned in unison, thus giving a total of 8 strings, although five (10 strings) and six (12 strings) course versions also exist. The courses are typically tuned in an interval of perfect fifths, with the same tuning as a violin (G3, D4, A4, E5). Also like the violin, it is the soprano member of a family that includes the mandola, octave mandolin, mandocello and mandobass. Mandolins are extremely versatile instruments that can add texture, mystery, drive, melodic interest, or rippin' pickin' to songs in almost any musical style. I think we've proven that here with these ten selections that run the gamut from country to bluegrass to rock to alternative and beyond. (Wikip[edia)

Because of its past, many people don’t expect mandolins to show up in classic and / or modern rock music.  These days, you more often hear mandolin in bluegrass bands. And yet, once in a while, it does make an appearance in a rock song with either a cool riff or sometimes it is the featured instrument of the entire song. Doubters might question the combination of rock and mandolin.  But not to worry, it usually sounds not just good, but often great! Popular bands you know and love like Led Zeppelin, R.E.M., and the White Stripes have employed the unique sound of this instrument in some of their best loved songs! (

Here are 88 songs that incorporate the use of mandolin in rock music. Some are well known where others are waiting to be heard. Enjoy!


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Track lists


01 Rod Stewart Mandolin Wind 5:32

02 Mandolin Orange Old Ties and Companions 3:09

03 McGuinness Flint When I'm Dead and Gone 3:40

04 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Ripplin' Waters 5:12

05 Band Atlantic City 5:16

06 Bruce Springsteen Into the Fire 5:04

07 Led Zeppelin Going to California 3:32

08 Heart Dream of the Archer 4:31

09 R.E.M. You Are the Everything 3:46

10 Steve Earle Copperhead Road 4:29

11 Rufus Wainwright 11-11 4:27

12 Styx Boat on the River 3:12

13 Daryl Hall & John Oates Lady Rain 4:27

14 Dillards Listen to the Sound 2:40

15 River Empires A Dimmer Lux 3:54

16 Jethro Tull Weathercock 4:19

17 Mandolin Orange Late September 4:20

18 Joan Osborne St. Teresa 5:21

19 Rolling Stones Factory Girl 2:09

20 Byrds Draft Morning 2:44

21 Split Enz Titus 3:02

22 FM (Canada) Phasors on Stun 3:44


23 Led Zeppelin The Battle of Evermore 5:53

24 Elton John and Bernie Taupin Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters 4:57

25 John Hiatt Cry Love 4:24

26 Ronnie Lane Anymore for Anymore 3:43

27 Michelle Shocked Memories of East Texas 3:35

28 Rory Gallagher Leaving Town Blues 6:47

29 Mike Oldfield To France 4:42

30 Big Wreck Hey Mama 6:19

31 Carbon Leaf Comfort 3:52

32 Spinto Band Oh Mandy 3:41

33 Church Antenna 3:50

34 16 Horsepower Black Soul Choir 3:51

35 Johnny Winter I'm Not Sure 5:21

36 Elvis Costello Little Palaces 3:49

37 White Stripes Little Ghost 2:18

38 Pale Light Up My World 2:39

39 Ry Cooder Billy the Kid 3:49

40 Lindisfarne Mandolin King 2:32

41 Rod Stewart Gasoline Alley 4:05

42 R.E.M. Mandolin Strum 3:48

43 Steeleye Span Cam Ye O'er France 3:50

44 Rory Gallagher Goin' to My Hometown 4:57


45 Kinks Supersonic Rocket Ship 3:30

46 Grateful Dead Friend of the Devil 3:24

47 Eagles Journey of the Sorcerer 6:38

48 Bruce Hornsby & the Range Mandolin Rain 5:18

49 John Paul Jones Freedom Song 2:40

50 Alan Parsons Project Pavane 4:35

51 Shawn Mullins Homemade Wine 4:04

52 Blind Melon Walk 2:46

53 Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers It'll All Work Out 3:12

54 Waterboys Fisherman's Blues 4:19

55 Chris Robinson Brotherhood Barefoot By the Cherry Tree 6:50

56 Butch Walker & the Black Widows Dublin Crow 2:49

57 Steve Miller Band Dance, Dance, Dance 2:19

58 Van Morrison Moonshine Whiskey 6:46

59 Paul McCartney Dance Tonight 2:54

60 R.E.M. Losing My Religion 4:29

61 John Hiatt Trudy and Dave 4:25

62 Seals & Crofts Summer Breeze 5:23

63 Hothouse Flowers Don't Go 3:49

64 Bob Dylan If You See Her, Say Hello 4:50

65 Wally Sunday Walking Lady 2:36

66 Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance Debris 6:28


67 Roger Daltrey Without Your Love 3:18

68 Band When I Paint My Masterpiece 4:23

69 Poco Too Many Nights Too Long 6:03

70 John Mellencamp Paper in Fire 3:52

71 Cowboy Junkies Powderfinger (Neil Young) 5:46

72 Dando Shaft Rain 5:02

73 Grateful Dead Ripple (Single Version) 3:01

74 Elvis Costello They'll Never Take Her Love From Me 2:54

75 Wilco Blue Eyed Soul 4:05

76 Replacements I Will Dare 3:17

77 Butterfield Blues Band In My Own Dream 5:49

78 Bonnie Raitt Longing in Their Hearts 4:48

79 Tea Party Shadows on the Mountainside 3:36

80 Blue Rodeo Bad Timing 5:03

81 Mott the Hoople I Wish I Was Your Mother 4:46

82 Gerry Rafferty Why Won't You Talk to Me 3:59

83 Jack the Lad Why Can't I Be Satisfied 4:02

84 Jesse Winchester Yankee Lady 4:02

85 Hooters Karla With a K 4:41

86 Reckless Kelly One False Move 3:54

87 Doors Runnin' Blue 2:26

88 Skyclad Thinking Allowed 3:54




  1. You come up with such great ideas for comp themes. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you djmcblues2.
      Its fun thinking of where to go next...


    2. have you ever done a dual guitar one? Allmans, wishbone ash etc? thatd be great....thank you for all you do!!

  2. Plenty of tunes I've not experienced yet.....and a new focus for tunes that are familiar to the point of
    being ignored. A fresh take on old friends...wonderful!

    1. Thanks Unkown,
      Enjoy the ones you know and the ones that are new.


  3. Don't get me wrong; you post a lot of great sets here, many of them legendary. But without a doubt, the Butterboy Compilations are the crowning jewels of this page. I can't always make head or tail of the sorting, what with all the two-part "CD 1"s and cd lengths often topping 100 minutes (!), but you can't argue with the selections or the depth. Good eye and good ear, sir!

    And I notice recently that you normalized your cds to standard length and made your multi-part sets easier to figure out as well. So, in closing: excelsior!

    1. Hi S D Joe,
      Thank you. I appreciate your kind words and compliments. It helps to make the work rewarding

      I try to make a track list that is as exciting as possible, including in the mix new songs , old songs, hard to find songs and unknown or neglected artists. That where I get the most enjoyment. I try not to make it confusing for the listener. I am always torn that when I call a set CD1 etc. that it should fit on a CD, but its not always so. So some track list can be shorter ie 20-22 tracks per track list. Some may be longer from time to time. The set I did that explored the songs over ten minutes in length is an example and epic jams were very much larger files which needed to be stitched together in the download process. I think that my posts are ultimately picked up digitally so length is not the main issue as it will fit on a USB or computer easily. I concentrate on the mix to ensure that it is interesting and enjoyable for those who pick them up.

      You comments are therefore truly appreciated. I do my best. Do you have a favorite BB compilation? I've been posting at least 1 set per week from the time I started this blog. I am still working on them and as a result listening to much music...

      Stay safe


  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Aussie,
      Enjoy the music, always.


  5. i am consistently amazed at the quality of your butterboy compilations

    1. Hi tomconstanten.
      Thank you for the high praise. Appreciated.
      I try my best

  6. Hi Butterboy,
    A lot of new music to discover here!!! Thanks for opening our minds with new sounds everyday!!! Your blog is a continuous challenge...

    1. Hi Il Commendatore,
      Thank you. I like to ensure more new music is heard.
      I love a good challenge...


  7. Thanks so much! I love these compilations that focus on one instrument!

    1. Hi Mark L.
      There are a few more coming in the future.


  8. Beautiful idea, my friend Butter. I don't know if anyone made a remark prior to this commentary, but in the midst of all this marvellous mandolin rock, I miss what probbaly is my most favorite mandolin track ever, Holiday Inn, by Elton John. One of those deep cuts that stays with you forever. Holiday Inn is a cocktail of cheap thrills, booze, non stop boredom, key ingredients of a rockstar glamourous life, with each night being on an inpersonal Holiday Inn suite.. the use of mandolin here is absolutely heartbreaking, thanks to a great work by Davey Johnstone. Sorry for the large commentary. Now, I'm gonna appreciate the tracks you selected.

    1. Hi Guilherme Rodrigues (Yerblues),
      Thanks for your kind words, commenting and sharing. Elton's Holiday Inn is a great song. I did include another Elton song.
      Enjoy the choices I have made.


  9. Thank you for another fine and wonderfully extended look at yet another musical instrument played well and greatly underappreciated. This is a needful spotlight; thanks again - cheers!

    1. Hi Aging Child.
      The mandolin is usually associated with country/folk music. I just wanted to flesh out some rock tracks too. I truly enjoyed the experience of listening to these tracks again.


  10. I'd treated my Beatles-loving daughter, back in '97, to a fine concert by Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band. Just a few years ago, she returned the favor by treating me to one with Paul McCartney. At one point, he played a number or two on George Harrison's mandolin...

  11. Could you post new links please, they don't work anymore.

    1. Hi Evermore,
      New link established, tested and working.


    2. Thx, I'm looking forward to listen