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VA - All Good Clean Fun The Underground Of Liberty & United Artists Records (1967-1975) [2004] (3 x CDs)


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VA - All Good Clean Fun The Underground Of Liberty & United Artists Records (1967-1975) [2004] (3 x CDs)

Subtitled - A Journey Through The Underground Of Liberty/United Artists Records 1967-1975. Import exclusive three CD set featuring Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, Idle Race, Can, Groundhogs, High Tide, Hawkwind, & Brinsley Schwarz.. (EMI. 2004)

You don't think of Liberty Records, if at all, as a prog label like Vertigo or Deram or even Island. But if you look at the substantial line up on this box set, you will be a quick convert. Most mainstream labels signed "underground" acts in the 1960s, whether they created a sub-label for them or not. (Remember ABC's Probe?) Some of these acts with posers, some top English acts that got weird distribution deals in the States: Vertigo's acts were on so many US labels, you are listening to Vertigo bands like Black Sabbath without even knowing they were swirl proper. This set sure makes a case for Liberty's progressive roster. Hawkwind, Idle Race (ELO before the Move), High Tide: a lot you know and some amazing surprises.  And the box set CDs really work well as albums: they have starts, middles and endings, staring off at times with chamber pop, climaxing in acid rock frenzy, and boiling down with some space rock. It really is 2am 1970 FM radio, and what could be better. ... (Amazon)






Track lists


  01. The Intro And The Outro - Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
  02. The Birthday - Idle Race
  03. Blue Narcissus - Hapshash & The Coloured Cool
  04. Father Cannot Yell - Can
  05. Mistreated - Groundhogs
  06. Futilists Lament - High Tide
  07. Hurry Up John - Idle Race
  08. Be Yourself - Hawkwind
  09. Country Girl - Brinsley Schwarz
  10. Daughter Of The Fireplace - MAN
  11. Street Songs - Help Yourself
  12. Blankman Cries Again - High Tide
  13. Velvet Mountain - Cochise
  14. Strange Town - Groundhogs
  15. Take Me Away - Colin Scot

  01. The Seed - B.B. Blunder
  02. Here Comes Mister Time - If
  03. You Shouldn't Do That - Hawkwind
  04. Let Me Take You Home - Gypsy
  05. Our Capitol Cired 'All Hands' - Allan Taylor
  06. Little Boy - Reg King
  07. Manilla - MAN
  08. Paperhouse - Can
  09. Cherry Red - Groundhogs
  10. Eddie Waring - Help Yourself
  11. The Strain - Bonzo Dog Band

  01. Bananas - MAN
  02. You Had A Lesson - Groundhogs
  03. Home Again - Cochise
  04. Reaffirmation - Help Yourself
  05. How Sweet To Be An Idiot - Neil Innes
  06. Razor Blade And Rattlesnake - Deke Leonard
  07. Ejection - Robert Calvert
  08. Living In The World Today - Neutrons
  09. Iron Horse/Born To Lose - Motorhead
  10. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love And Understanding? - Brinsley Schwarz
  11. Psychedelic Warlords - Hawkwind
  12. Out Of My Tree - Clive John
  13. Unusual - Roger Ruskin Spear



  1. Looks like "Good Clean Fun" - thanks!

    1. Hi Mike,
      That definition has changed over time. This will be a great start.

  2. Superb...Liberty/UA had an excellent Underground roster. Makes me wish I was a teenager again.

    1. Hi Montax,
      Ahhh... to be back in those days, what a fine dream.

  3. "It really is 2am 1970 FM radio, and what could be better"
    that sez it all....thanks BB

  4. Love such treats of the creative recording era I cherish most.
    Thank you...

    1. You're welcome, Winter Hills.
      These also resonate with me.