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VA - The Best Of Disco Demands (A Special Collection Of Rare 1970s Dance Music) [2016] (5 x CDs)


VA - The Best of Disco Demands (A Special Collection Of Rare 1970s Dance Music) [2016] (5 x CDs)

Disco means different things to different people. For some it's an excuse to see the 70's as kitsch, others site it as a low point in black music culture - killing of jazz and soul music in the process - whilst others see an inventive and forward-looking genre, a much maligned and hugely influential on many modern genres from dance, to Hip-Hop. It's the commercial end that most think of when talking of Disco, but there was a lot of music produced that wasn't successful at the time as it produced a rush of music some of which has languished in utter obscurity. Like its predecessor, Northern Soul, it has been plundered for the most obscure tracks so DJs can show off something that sounds totally new, as well as providing bragging rights on something no one else has.

The "Disco Demands" collection sets out to find stuff many people won't own and, in a lot of cases, ever heard or heard of. The Disco Underground movement is filled with such moments but seriously, who really wants to own five albums of obscure 70's disco, much of it sourced from the vinyl due to no one having any idea where to begin looking for the master tapes? Compiler Al Kent is up for the challenge.

This is a special five limited edition disc set featuring ultra rare collectors' items and exclusive re-edits. "These amazing edits by Al Kent are finally available to you, the consumer that has been looking for that edge in your music. Here is that next wave of Disco tunes to keep you going either on your headphones, or on your dance floor..." (Amazon) 






Track lists


01 Cheryl Berdell - Giving It All To You (Re-Edit) 6:10

02 Executive Suite - Why In The World Do They Keep On (Funk'in With Me) (Re-Edit) 5:46

03 Disco Warriors - Cumbaya Disco (Re-Edit) 5:48

04 Sandpebbles Of Barbados - Suntan (Re-Edit) 4:59

05 Fans - Dr Dunk (Ballad Of Dr J) (Re-Edit) 4:45

06 TC & Company - Let's Go Disco (Re-Edit) 6:11

07 Chocolate + Joy - Dog It (Re-Edit) 6:40

08 Omni - Disco Socks (Re-Edit) 4:44

09 Curtis - How Can I Tell Her (Re-Edit) 8:33


01 Silver, Platinum & Gold - Just Friends 4:45

02 Peoples' Workshop - Funkathone (Re-Edit) 5:18

03 Chocolate City Connection - Take The Music To The Party (Re-Edit) 6:36

04 Universal Robot Band - Disco Boogie Woman (Re-Edit) 6:31

05 Stringfield Family - The Sound Of Disco Rock (Re-Edit) 5:17

06 Firebolts - Everybody Party (Get Down) (Re-Edit) 7:23

07 Livin' Proof - Theme From Livin' Proof (Re-Edit) 7:26

08 Puff - (You Got Me) In The Mood (Re-Edit) 7:04

09 Cordial - Wave (Re-Edit) 7:41


01 Don Renaldo Strings - Fiddlin' Around 2:37

02 Jimmy Sabater - To Be With You (Re-Edit) 7:15

03 Crosstown Traffic - Party People (Re-Edit) 7:27

04 Alex And His Soul Messengers - Hail To Guyana (Re-Edit) 7:12

05 Harold Butler & The Connection - Gold Connection (Re-Edit) 6:02

06 Ike Noble - Dance, Dance, Dance To The Music (Y'all) (Re-Edit) 6:03

07 Legal Defense - The Disco Stomp (Re-Edit) 4:26

08 Panach - Sweet Jazz Music (Re-Edit) 7:32

09 Allan Harris & Perpetual Motion - Get Ready 6:16


01 Arts & Craft - I've Been Searching (Re-Edit) 7:36

02 Hot Ice - Dancing Free (Re-Edit) 7:02

03 Volstarr - Dancin' (Re-Edit) 4:10

04 Superbs - Party Together (Re-Edit) 6:47

05 Gordon's War - The Rock Is Gonna Get You (Re-Edit) 6:04

06 Alice Street Gang - Bahia (Also Sprach Zarathustra) (Re-Edit) 5:47

07 Althea Forest & Togetherness - Hey Mister (Re-Edit) 5:53

08 Mirror - Give It Up (Re-Edit) 4:59

09 Live Experience - Disco Joint (Re-Edit) 6:11


01 Bobby Sanders & Magic - Strung Out 3:50

02 Good Life Ltd - I Got It (Re-Edit) 8:00

03 Al Tanner - Doing Our Own Thang (Re-Edit) 6:34

04 Arthur King - Fear (Re-Edit) 7:05

05 Sylvano Santorio - We've Got It (Re-Edit) 7:24

06 Mr Q - Party Party (Re-Edit) 5:29

07 Power Of Attorney - You Got Over On Me (Re-Edit) 2:53

08 Sizzle - Love Is All Around Feat. La Rom Baker (Re-Edit) 8:48

09 Brooklyn Express - Back In Time 6:38




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