Friday, December 15, 2023

VA - Floydian Moments (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


VA - Floydian Moments (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

Pink Floyd is a legendary rock band that pioneered the genre of progressive rock. Their sound is distinctive and influential, featuring psychedelic and experimental elements, such as sound effects, unusual time signatures, and extended jams. Their lead guitarist, David Gilmour, is known for his expressive and melodic guitar playing, using various effects pedals, such as delay, reverb, chorus, and distortion.

One of the factors that makes their sound so enticing is their use of synthesizers and keyboards, especially the Hammond organ, the Mellotron, and the VCS 3, to create atmospheric and experimental sounds. Another factor is their incorporation of sound effects, such as clocks, cash registers, helicopters, and voices, to enhance the themes and concepts of their albums. A third factor is their exploration of musical genres, such as blues, folk, jazz, classical, and electronic, to create diverse and innovative compositions. A fourth factor is their mastery of songwriting and arrangement, especially the use of contrast, dynamics, and harmony, to create emotional and powerful songs. A fifth factor is their expression of social and political commentary, such as war, education, consumerism, and mental illness, to challenge and inspire their listeners. We all love Pink Floyd, for many reasons. With their unique, psychedelic soundscapes and thought-provoking concept albums, they left an indelible mark on the music industry.

There are many bands that have the same sonic qualities and at times even sound like Pink Floyd. It is not surprising that with a 50+ year career that they have had a strong influence over many bands that followed them. Consequently, there are many bands that have that Floydian sound.

Here are 60 Tracks that have those wonderful Floydian Moments. The one track that you can't help but listen to and think, is that a Pink Floyd track.  

Expect to have a unique experience with distant keyboard synths, a steady centering bass, reverberating drum sounds, intimate acoustic guitar scrapes, yearning vocals, and time stretching guitar solos all in one track.







Track lists


01 Airbag - All Rights Removed 8:59

02 Eloy - Astral Entrance 3:04

03 Dworniak Bone Lapsa - Funny Farm 9:01

04 Camel - Ice 10:14

05 Ray Lamontagne - In My Own Way 6:36

06 Porcupine Tree - The Sky Moves Sideways Phase 8:31

07 Bo Hansson - Forsta Vandringen 3:30

08 Quill - Yellow Butterfly 4:19

09 Troy Bentley - Tick Tock, Pt. I - Iii 9:14

10 Lucy In Blue - In Flight 9:44

11 Tommy James And The Shondells - Cellophane Symphony 9:38

12 Pure Reason Revolution - Aeropause 5:06

13 Todd Sucherman - I Adore You 7:42

14 Church - Fly Home 8:42

15 Roger Floyd - Bluish Glow 5:01

16 John Lodge - In My Mind 4:54

17 Black Mountain - Space To Bakersfield 9:04

18 Far East Family Band - Parallel World 18:16

19 Magus - Until The Sun Burns Out (Part 1) 7:29

20 Flaming Lips - Skies H3 (Main Theme) 6:31


21 Eloy - Poseidon's Creation 11:42

22 Queensryche - Silent Lucidity 5:44

23 Mychael Danna - A Feather For Your Soul 6:52

24 Flaming Lips - Pompeii Am Götterdämmerung 4:19

25 Far East Family Band - Kokoro 9:05

26 Porcupine Tree - Radioactive Toy 10:10

27 Bjorn Riis - Disappear 6:27

28 Jelly Fiche - Les Arbres 10:27

29 Paul Mccartney & Wings - Loup (1st Indian On The Moon) 4:23

30 Pretty Things - Parachute 3:44

31 Cosmos - Sequences 8:29

32 Servants Of Science - Servants Of Science 5:47

33 Kaleidoscope - A Dream For Julie 2:45

34 Lee Saunders - Soldier On Tom 11:43

35 Airbag - The Greatest Show On Earth 6:58

36 Crippled Black Phoenix - The Heart Of Every Country 10:03

37 Dragon - Universal Radio 8:33

38 Riverside - The Same River 12:01

39 Abarax - Crying Of The Whales Part. I 10:08

40 Abarax - Crying Of The Whales Part. II 7:19


41 Roger Floyd - No Service 3:53

42 Air - Space Maker 4:03

43 All India Radio - The Hidden One 3:13

44 Rpwl - The Gentle Art Of Swimming 10:19

45 Red Rider - Lunatic Fringe 4:23

46 Pretty Reckless - The Devil's Back 7:06

47 Neu! - Weissensee 6:59

48 Amon Duul Ii - The Marilyn Monroe Memorial Church 18:02

49 Pescado Rabioso - Rock De La Selva Madre 7:42

50 Igra Staklenih Perli - Pecurka 7:10

51 Tyrnaround - Colour Your Mind 4:08

52 Chill On The Sun - Zatasie 8:51

53 Pangea - Xanadu 10:55

54 Alan Parsons Project - Time 5:04

55 Future King Of England - Time Flies Like An Arrow 13:15

56 Steve Hackett - Shadow Of The Hierophant 11:39

57 Michael Kiwanuka - Cold Little Heart 10:10

58 Apple - Buffalo Billycan 3:07

59 Desert Sessions - Girl Boy Tom (Reprise) 2:52

60 Tangerine Dream - Bent Cold Sidewalk 13:07




  1. So interesting that you just posted this comp after I was listening to, as this video [] says is, like, the best Floyd album Floyd *never made*, just the other day...[] I think you might like it.

    1. Hi Fredrick Beondo.
      I hope you like this compilation.
      It's weird how sometime thing materialize after thinking about it or when something is mentioned.
      Thank you for the link. I just listened to it. I feel it has a similar song structure of a Pink Floyd track but the sound does not seem so to me. The last 5 minutes is really cool.

  2. Some very welcome surprises like Bo Hansson & Amon Düül II. The Tangerine Dream one put me off TD back when it was released, but your comps are soooo inventively good that it hardly makes a dent. Thanks for the time and effort (and love!) you put into these.

    1. Glad you like the set, rostasi.
      It's easy to listen to.

  3. BB In 1967 I was on a tv show in England called Come Here Often with about 15-20 kids from school and Pink Floyd were the musical guests. We sat on the floor in a semi-circle and they played in front of us. There was coloured lights behind them and that all I remember. It may have been live but I expect it was miming.
    Always liked their music from Arnold Layne on. I will listen to this and imagine. Thanks

    1. Fantastic, lemonflag.
      I was 12 then.
      What a treat. You may like the "Tyrnaround - Colour Your Mind" track.
      "Arnold Layne" and "See Emily Pla" are great tracks...