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VA - Sugar Lumps Vol. 01 [2005] + VA - Sugar Lumps Vol. 02 [2007] + VA - Sugar Lumps Vol. 03 [2010]

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VA - Sugar Lumps Vol. 01 [2005] + VA - Sugar Lumps Vol. 02 [2007] + VA - Sugar Lumps Vol. 03 [2010]

Hard Soul Records Sugar Lumps collection is fascinating. Splattered with legend. Some fake and some real. The Sugar Lumps series does showcase a few legitimate psych rarities from the 1960s.

The first volume one is a unique compilation in that it mixes psychedelic sounds from the past (Path Through the Forest, vintage Rod Stewart) and newer psych jams from the past ten years (The Zombies-like "Is It Her?", "The Woeful Tale of Shakes Magoo" and the sublime "Space Travel" by the Soul Hooligans).  You can't go wrong with this great sounding package. The Factory’s “Path Through the Forest” is amazing; phased guitars, tinny drums, and detached vocals. The Argonauts’ “Ten Feet Tall” features future Velvet Underground dude Doug Yule.  And then there’s Rod Stewart during his not-so-lame years, belting out Quiet Melon’s “Early Roller Machine 4444” with Ronnie Lane, Kenny Jones, and Ron Wood which sounds more like the Who. Good tune though. 

The second volume of bizarro psychedelia picks up where its predecessor left off, offering ample proof that there’s still a place in the world for wigged-out madmen in paisley and tie-dye. The band names are often more interesting than the actual songs (The James Coburn Cool, Monique Mason & The Mauve, Flying Pudding), but the folks at Acid Jazz do offer a couple of trippy treats. The Woggles’ Ramadan Romance possesses a Stoogeslike growl, as does Jarvis Humbly’s Straighten My Mind, while the ghost of Frank Zappa appears to have pitched his tent with Polish poppers Nut on their all-too-brief The Beatle Makes Noise on Wet Grass. All but one selection dates from the last five years, the exception being Quiet Melon’s bluesy Diamond Joe. Legend has it that this was one of two numbers recorded by The Small Faces after Steve Marriott’s departure, on which they auditioned a brace of potential new singers: Rod Stewart and the late Art Wood. It's an enjoyable listen especially if you're into obscure acid rock. You can't go wrong here.

The third and last volume of the series is unique in the way it brings back some old tunes and some brand newish ones as it does in the previous volumes. The Electric Prunes begin volume 3 with not an old track, but a new one! If they're only going to be remembered for their 1 hit wonder "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night", now they're just in a "Lost Dream".

Like all good things, sometimes a trip has to end. Even though there's only 3 Sugar Lumps CDs to add to your collection, there are other CD comps of psychedelic rock out there, but I'd say Sugar Lumps gave you track by track some ones you just won't find anywhere else. So, if you collect weird, interesting CD's such as these, to relive your acid trips, or perhaps have a soundtrack to your new ones, then don't hesitate to pick these up. All three provide a good 2 hours of music to enjoy your next drop of liquid or paper. (Amazon)






Track lists


01    Soul Hooligan - Space Travel    3:08
02    Evergreen - Food For Soul    3:58
03    Factory - Path Through The Forest    3:58
04    Andy Lewis & Andy Ellison - Heather Lane    3:53
05    Argonauts - Ten Feet Tall    2:29
06    Groovy Ruben - The Woeful Tale Of Shakes Magoo    2:45
07    Grantchester Meadow - Candlelight    3:57
08    Jarvis Humby - These Eyes    2:51
09    Templar - Quarter To Now    2:22
10    Smashing Time - Is It Her    4:23
11    Quiet Melon - Early Roller Machine 4444    2:52
12    Delta 72 - The Champ    3:37
13    Noel Gilpin Emporium - Will You Miss Me When I'm Dead    3:16
14    Standing 8 Counts - The Size Of It    4:26

01    Alonza - Second Sight    3:01
02    Factory - Try A Little Sunshine    3:30
03    Monique - Maasen & The Mauve    Safety Lite    3:03
04    Woggles - Ramadan Romance    2:29
05    Jarvis Humby - Straighten My Mind    3:13
06    James Coburn Cool - Juicer    2:24
07    Remains - Don't Tell The Truth    2:55
08    Ritchener - The Magic Lounge About    2:03
09    Andy Lewis And Andy Ellison - Disappear Heross The Sky    3:03
10    Jensen Interceptor - Fetch The Stick    1:53
11    Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. - Purple Pill Party    4:33
12    Flying Pudding - Watching The Machine    2:39
13    Quiet Melon - Diamond Joe    2:26
14    Nut - The Beatle Makes Noise On Wet Grass    0:49
15    Sweet Willy - End    2:11

01    Electric Prunes - Lost Dream    4:06
02    Elements - Caught In A Storm    3:15
03    Avengers - Instru-Mental    3:09
04    Runcible Spoon - Hallucination Train    2:36
05    Andy Lewis - Come Away With Me    3:13
06    Cucumber - Shocking    3:30
07    Prisone - The More That I Teach You    3:19
08    Action Band - White Elephant    3:02
09    Johns Children - Train In My Head    2:36
10    Stereoscope Jerk Explosion - Fuzz Party    2:46
11    Smashing Time - Substitute    3:36
12    Thrush - London Zen    4:46
13    Moons - Leaving Here    2:34
14    JugZ - Got Gas    1:56
15    Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra - Hipsters Dimensions    3:19



  1. Thanks BB Somehow I missed 2 and 3 thanks for the repost.

  2. BB, you may want to listen to the MP3 files for volume 2: distortion and noise throughout, sounds like some sort of malfunction during the rip. Or am I the only one who is having this problem?

    1. Hi albrecht koschnik.
      I just listened to the volume 2, and it all sounds good to me.
      I also downloaded from the folder link, and it is also OK to me.
      Please try again. Other than that, I am not sure what to do.

    2. Thank you for your effort, BB! I downloaded both versions of the files ... and the problem persists. I don't have an explanation for this. Most of the tracks vol. 2 can be found on YT, in inferior quality - small consolation.

    3. Hi Hi albrecht koschnik.
      I really don't understand why.
      Please send me a request to and I will offer you an alternative link.