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VA - Copycats, Borrowed, Stolen, Taken and Used (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1 + CD2

Previously posted January 17, 2020

VA - Copycats, Borrowed, Stolen, Taken and Used (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1 + CD2

Pablo Picasso said, "Good artists copy, great artists steal."  Creativity spawns' creativity, as they say. But sometimes the line between influence and plain robbery gets a little blurred. Some of the greatest have stolen or borrowed riffs, licks and melodies and used them for their own masterpieces. Whether this is coincidental, subliminal, or intentional these songs all have definite similarities. Sometimes it's totally obvious and everyone agrees with you, other times it seems to be unique to your ears. Were a song being a blatant rip off, sounding so like other tunes that lawyers have to get into a room and work things out, whether the similarity is intentional or not.

It is said that Imitation is flattery and that can be true or is it simply influence? Many artists toured together or share some history, so it is fair to think the similarities are of known as the familiarity is often oblivious.  In some cases, it can be hard to determine if a song has been violated, while in others the rip-off is clear. The Beatles, Tom Petty and Simon and Garfunkel allow certain remakes of their songs and consider the action as a sign of respect. They will have picked up a trick or two from artists before their time.

Below is a set song where the sound is remarkably similar to other songs. it is either borrowed, stolen, taken and used. They are Copycats. 

I like to think they were respecting there influences first.... Here are 40 similar-sounding songs that were subject to plagiarism claims after their creators allegedly stepped on the wrong side of the mark. I have included the Original first followed by the Copycat version. There are two tracks that have 3 versions of the same song.  So, in total 81 great songs. Enjoy!






Track Lists


01.1    Pee Wee Clayton    Do Unto Others    2:22
01.2    Beatles    Revolution    3:24
02.1    Spirit    Taurus    2:47
02.2    Led Zeppelin    Stairway to Heaven    7:58
02.3    Dolly Parton    We Used To    3:12
03.1    Jethro Tull    We Used to Know    3:58
03.2    Eagles    Hotel California    6:30
04.1    It's a Beautiful Day    Bombay Calling    4:28
04.2    Deep Purple    Child in Time    10:13
05.1    Beatles    Come Together    4:18
05.2    Gary Clark Jr.    Numb    5:26
06.1    Tommy James & the Shondells    Crimson and Clover    5:31
06.2    Jarvis Cocker    Black Magic    4:21
07.1    Slim Harpo    Shake Your Hips     02:31
07.2    Rolling Stones    Shake Your Hips    2:59
07.3    ZZ Top    La Grange    3:53
08.1    Kraftwerk    Computer Love    7:19
08.2    Coldplay    Talk    5:11
09.1    Maroon 5    Sunday Morning    4:06
09.2    Bruno Mars    When I Was Your Man    3:33
10.1    Queen    Under Pressure    4:07
10.2    Vanilla Ice    Ice Ice Baby    4:31
11.1    Cat Stevens    Wild World    3:20
11.2    Pet Shop Boys    Its a Sin    4:59
12.1    Chiffons    He's So Fine    1:51
12.2    George Harrison    My Sweet Lord    4:43
13.1    Marc Bolan & T.Rex    Get it On    4:23
13.2    Oasis    Cigarettes & Alcohol    4:49
14.1    Hollies    The Air That I Breathe    4:12
14.2    Radiohead    Creep    3:55
15.1    Who    Baba O'riley    5:08
15.2    One Direction    Best Song Ever    3:20
16.1    Badfinger    Day After Day    3:09
16.2    Joe Jackson    Breaking Us in Two    4:53
17.1    Beatles    Taxman    2:42
17.2    Jam    Start!    2:32
18.1    Kinks    All Day and All of the Night    2:23
18.2    Doors    Hello, I Love You    2:29
19.1    Rolling Stones    Live With Me    3:33
19.2    Primal Scream    Rocks    3:35
20.1    Humprey Lyttelton    Bad Penny Blues    2:46
20.2    Beatles    Lady Madonna    2:15


21.1    Beatles    Norwegian Wood    1:58
21.2    Bob Dylan    4th Time Around    4:39
22.1    Pink Floyd    Wish You Were Here    5:34
22.2    Jet    Move On    4:20
23.1    Allman Brothers Band    Midnight Rider    2:56
23.2    Beck    Loser    3:54
24.1    Beatles    Tomorrow Never Knows    2:57
24.2    Chemical Brothers    Let Forever Be    3:56
25.1    Link Wray and His Ray Men    Rumble    2:27
25.2    Richard & Linda Thompson    Shoot Out the Lights    5:24
26.1    Lou Reed    Sweet Jane    3:01
26.2    Alice Cooper    Be My Lover    3:18
27.1    Luiz Bonfa´    Seville    2:11
27.2    Gotye    Somebody That I Used to Know    4:04
28.1    Beatles    Sexy Sadie    3:15
28.2    Jet    Look What You've Done    3:50
29.1    Rolling Stones    The Last Time    3:40
29.2    Verve    Bittersweet Symphony    5:58
30.1    Righteous Brothers       Little Latin Lupe Lu     2:21
30.2    Clash    Should I Stay Or Should I Go    3:08
30.3    One Direction    Live While We're Young    3:19
31.1    Lights    Flux and Flow    3:22
31.2    Miley Cyrus    Wrecking Ball    3:43
32.1    Sara Bareilles    Brave    3:40
32.2    Katy Perry    Roar    3:43
33.1    Chuck Berry    Sweet Little Sixteen    3:00
33.2    Beach Boys    Surfin' Usa    2:28
34.1    Jayhawks    Waiting for the Sun    4:20
34.2    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers    Mary Jane's Last Dance    4:33
34.3    Red Hot Chili Peppers    Dani California    4:42
35.1    New Seekers    I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)    2:23
35.2    Oasis    Shakermaker    5:08
36.1    Muddy Waters    You Need Love    2:42
36.2    Led Zeppelin    Whole Lotta Love    5:34
37.1    Kinks    Picture Book    2:38
37.2    Green Day    Warning    3:40
38.1    Killing Joke    Eighties    3:41
38.2    Nirvana    Come as You Are    3:38
39.1    Madonna    Express Yourself    4:00
39.2    Lady Gaga    Born This Way    4:20
40.1    Fleetwood Mac    Albatross    3:12
40.2    Beatles    Sun King    2:26



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  2. I didn't dl the first time you published this collection (now I wonder why). Looking forward very much to check everything during the upcoming festive season. Have a very fine Xmas, Butterboy, and massive thanks for all of your efforts during this yeat 2023! You (and also the Mighty K) lifted me up so many times ... Best, TC

    1. Hi TC,
      Thank you for those kind words. I am sure K will be pleased by this too. The hope I have is that my visitors get something from what I post. t is often eclectic but always music that will arouse the senses. See you around in 2024.

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  5. Another great comp many thanks to you K and all the others who contribute to this site
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  6. 14.2 Radiohead Creep 3:55

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    1. Hi Stephen.
      Please change the title. Ill fix it up later at my end.

  7. No. 1 should be Pee Wee Crayton. The proper antecedent for La Grange is John Lee Hooker's Boogie Chillen (I have personal knowledge concerning this matter), but Slim Harpo certainly produced a lot of remarkable music.

    Now would be a good time to say thanks for your truly prodigious output for yet another year - consistent quality, astounding quantity and remarkable catholicity of offerings on hand. Are you just one person or are you a collective masquerading as an incredibly productive mere individual? My hat's off to you, my good man. A heartfelt thank you and best wishes for the year to come, witch promises to be yet another run thru the jungle. Peace out, brother.

    1. Hi sir in tx.
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