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Ronnie Lane - Just For A Moment [2019] (6 x CD's)

Previously posted October 16, 2019

Ronnie Lane - Just For A Moment [2019] (6 x CD's)

Ronnie Lane is one of the finest songwriters the UK has produced. This is the first time that comprehensive look at Ronnie's post Faces career has been undertaken. In many ways, Ronnie Lane remains an enigma in the story of rock 'n' roll. An artist who was determined to chart his own destiny and break free from the demands of the music "business". His sense of disillusion with the rock 'n' roll lifestyle led him to leave his hugely successful band for a ramshackle country farm and a life on the road. He would create The Passing Show - a now legendary circus tent tour of the country with assorted clowns, acrobats and comedians. Ronnie created a sound and style that leaned heavily on an array of influences particularly folk, country music and later R&B with welcome contributions from the band of musicians he surrounded himself with. Ronnie was not alone in his rural idyll - many friends would join him in his new artistic endeavors - Gallagher and Lyle, Kevin Westlake, Billy Livesey as well as Ronnie Wood, Pete Townshend and Eric Clapton. Eventually the symptoms of MS would surface and in the '80s Ronnie would move To Austin Texas where he still wrote and performed up until his death in 1997.

This box includes Ronnie's four solo albums - Anymore For Anymore (+ singles), Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance, One For the Road and the cruelly underrated See Me. In addition, it features tracks from Ronnie's Mahoney's Last Stand album with Ron Wood and Rough Mix with Pete Townshend. The final disc of the set focuses on Ronnie's time in the US with live highlights and studio tracks never previously released. The set also featured lots of rare and unreleased material - be prepared to here fantastic cover versions of 'The Wanderer', 'Rocket' 69' and 'The Joint Is Jumpin' as well as unheard Ronnie compositions plus live recordings, tracks for the BBC and highlights from a legendary Rockpalast concert. The set is curated by long time musical associate of Ronnie's, Slim Chancer musician Charlie Hart.  (Amazon)






Track lists

CD 1

01.     Careless Love        
02.     Don't You Cry For Me        
03.     Bye And Bye (Gonna See The King)        
04.     Silk Stockings        
05.     The Poacher        
06.     Roll On Babe        
07.     Tell Everyone        
08.     Amelia Earhart's Last Flight        
09.     Anymore For Anymore        
10.     Only A Bird In A Gilded Cage        
11.     Chicken Wired        

12.     How Come (Single A-Side)        
13.     Done This One Before (Single B-Side)        
14.     From The Late To The Early        
15.     Just For A Moment        
16.     How Come (Alternate Take)        
17.     Ooh La La (BBC John Peel Session 11 December 1973)        
18.     Debris (BBC In Concert 23 April 1974)        
19.     Flags And Banners (Live At The Thames Hotel 11 December 1973)        
20.     Last Orders (Live At The Thames Hotel 11 December 1973)        
21.     I'll Fly Away        

CD 2

01.     Little Piece Of Nothing        
02.     Stone        
03.     A Bottle Of Brandy        
04.     Street Gang        
05.     Anniversary        
06.     I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (And Write Myself A Letter)        
07.     I'm Just A Country Boy        
08.     Ain't No Lady        
09.     Blue Monday        
10.     Give Me A Penny        
11.     You Never Can Tell        
12.     Tin And Tambourine        
13.     Single Saddle        
14.     Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? (Single A-Side)        
15.     What Went Down (That Night With You) (Single A-Side)        
16.     Lovely (Single B-Side)        
17.     Roll On Babe (BBC Live In Concert 13 December 1974)        
18.     Sweet Virginia (BBC John Peel Session 19 November 1974)        
19.     Walk On By (BBC Live In Concert 12 February 1976)        
20.     You're So Rude (Live At Victoria Palace 16 March 1975)        
21.     From The Late To The Early / How Come - Medley (Live Victoria Palace 16 March 1975)     

22.     What Went Down (That Night With You) (Island Single Outtake)        

CD 3

01.     Don't Try ’N' Change My Mind        
02.     32nd Street        
03.     Snake        
04.     Burnin' Summer        
05.     One For The Road        
06.     Steppin’ An' Reelin' (The Wedding)        
07.     Harvest Home        
08.     Nobody's Listenin'        
09.     G'morning        
10.     April Fool        
11.     Annie        
12.     Nowhere To Run        
13.     Silly Little Man        
14.     Catmelody        
15.     Last Orders ('well Well Hello’ Slow Version)        
16.     Lonely (Fishpool Session)        
17.     Under My Nose (Fishpool Session)        
18.     Feeling Like A Lion (Fishpool Session)        
19.     Going West (Fishpool Session)        

CD 4

01.     One Step        
02.     Good Ol' Boys Boogie        
03.     Lad's Got Money        
04.     She's Leaving        
05.     Barcelona        
06.     Kuschty Rye        
07.     Don't Tell Me Now        
08.     You're So Right        
09.     Only You        
10.     Winning With Women        
11.     Way Up Yonder        
12.     Three Cool Cats ('see Me' Outtake)        
13.     The Wanderer (The R 'n' B Session)        
14.     Rocket '69 (The R 'n' B Session)        
15.     The Joint Is Jumpin' (The R 'n' B Session)        
16.     Annie Had A Baby (The R 'n' B Session)        
17.     Pisshead Blues (Fishpool Session)        
18.     Barcelona (Demo)        
19.     Three Cool Cats (Demo)        

CD 5

01.     Rats Tales (Catmelody) (Live At Rockpalast 3 March 1980)        
02.     Flags And Banners (Live At Rockpalast 3 March 1980)        
03.     Annie Had A Baby (Live At Rockpalast 3 March 1980)        
04.     How Come (Live At Rockpalast 3 March 1980)        
05.     You're So Rude (Live At Rockpalast 3 March 1980)        
06.     Lad's Got Money (Live At Rockpalast 3 March 1980)        
07.     Kuschty Rye (Live At Rockpalast 3 March 1980)        
08.     Man Smart, Women Smarter (Live At Rockpalast 3 March 1980)        
09.     Debris (Ronnie Lane's Big Dipper) (Live On Capital Radio 29 May 1981)        
10.     Around The World (Grow Too Old) (Fishpool Session 1977)        
11.     Last Night (Fishpool Session 1977)        
12.     All Or Nothing [(BBC John Peel Session 15 January 1976)        
13.     Bombers Moon (The Merton Session 1981)        
14.     Last Tango In Nato (The Merton Session 1981)        
15.     Silly Little Man (Fishpool Session)        
16.     She's Leaving (I Can Hear Her Singing) (Demo)        
17.     Lovely (Outtake)        
18.     Rats Tales (Catmelody) (Fishpool Session)        

CD 6

01.     Ooh La La (Live In Austin, Texas 1988)        
02.     Rio Grande (Live In Austin, Texas 1988)        
03.     Nowhere To Run (Live On Klbj Valentine’S Day Special 11 February 1987)        
04.     Annie (Live On Klbj Valentine’S Day Special 11 February 1987)        
05.     Buddy Can You Spare A Dime? (Live On Klbj December 1989)        
06.     You're So Rude (Live On Kut 1988)        
07.     Dirty Rice (Live In The Back Room1987)        
08.     Winning With Women (Live On Kut 1988)        
09.     Ooh La La (Live In The Back Room1987)        
10.     Don't Try ’N' Change My Mind (Live In Japan 1990)        
11.     Glad And Sorry (Live In Japan 1990)        
12.     Just For A Moment (Live In Japan 1990)        
13.     Spiritual Babe (Houston Demo)        
14.     King Of The Lazy World (Studio Session 1992)        
15.     Peaches (Arlyn Studio Session January 1989)        
16.     Sally Anne (Arlyn Studio Session January 1989)        
17.     Spiritual Babe (Arlyn Studio Session January 1989)        
18.     Hearts Of Oak (Arlyn Studio Session January 1989)        
19.     Strongbear's Daughter (Arlyn Studio Session January 1989)



  1. Thanks BB - A true artist who chose his own path.

    1. Definitely a great box set od a great artist, Dr Robert.

  2. Thanks BB. It occurs to me now that I saw Ronnie with the Small Faces, with Rod and the Faces and at his ARMS Benefit Concert in New York. Lots of good memories. Thanks Ronnie for all the music.

  3. Oh Boy, this is fantastic! I love Ronnie Lane. Such a great and under the radar artist. I don't think this set has any of the Lane and Marriott - Majik Mijits stuff - but still a fabulous amount of music. Saw him with the Faces, and like lemonflag, went to the ARMS Benefit Concert that was held in Los Angeles; very memorable. Thank you for this, and again, thank you for all that you do. You truly give the gifts that keep on giving. Happy holidays to you and yours.

    1. Thank you Mr. Baez.
      My gift is that people enjoy visiting this blog and want to come back.

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    1. A great choice on your part, antony harrington.