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VA - The Haunted Pad, British Instrumental Guitar Music Of The Sixties Part 1 [2012]


VA - The Haunted Pad, British Instrumental Guitar Music Of The Sixties Part 1 [2012]

UK collection of vintage and exciting early 60's rock instrumentals. The Halycon days of British instrumental guitar pop were in the early 60's, sandwiched between 'What do You Want' and 'She Loves You'. The disc that sparked the revolution was the Shadows' 'Apache', the summer hit of 1960 in the UK. It was flanked by 'Hit and Miss' by the John Barry Seven (the snappy new theme of Juke Box Jury) and the Ventures' Walk Don't Run; by Duane Eddy and by Johnny & the Hurricanes. Bert Weedon enjoyed four instrumental Top 20 hits that year. 'Apache' captured the public's imagination and brought instrumental guitar music squarely into the mainstream and a real treasure chest of highly individualistic groups emerged in the wake of the Shadows success; all encouraged by the recent expansion of the UK single chart to a Top 50

VA - The Haunted Pad, British Instrumental Guitar Music Of The Sixties Part 1 is a sort of expanded version of the LP '20 Classic Instrumentals' issued by See for miles in the 80's. This CD offers 35 tracks though  with a playing time about 79 mins. Furthermore, some of the tracks seem to have been given the 'Beatle'- treatment, resulting in an enhanced sound quality. 'Gypsy Beat' by the Packabeats and 'Jack's Good' by the Krew Kats never sounded better, primarily due to a tight and defined bass sound. As always with collections of this kind, not everything will be to everyone's liking. I find the 4 offerings by The Ted Taylor four rather bland and uninteresting. I also could have wished for some trivia regarding labels and dates of original releases. That aside this is a super compilation for anyone interested in guitar instrumentals of the 60's (Amazon)



Track list

01 Rhet Stroller         Chariot 2:13

02 Krew Kats Jack's Good 2:29

03 Krew Kats Trambone 1:42

04 Phantoms Phantom Guitar 2:33

05 Phantoms Eldorado 2:18

06 Packbeats Big Man 2:29

07 Packbeats Gypsy Beat 2:03

08 Moontrekkers         Night Of The Vampire 2:50

09 Judd Proctor         Palamino 2:17

10 Judd Proctor         Nola 2:06

11 Outlaws         The Outlaws 1:53

12 Outlaws         Valley Of The Sioux 2:44

13 Ted Taylor Four Cat's Eyes 2:02

14 Ted Taylor Four Canyon 2:28

15 Ted Taylor Four Flyover 2:01

16 Ted Taylor Four The Haunted Pad 2:44

17 Nero & The Gladiators Entry Of The Gladiators 2:23

18 Nero & The Gladiators InThe Hall Of The Mountain King 1:59

19 Hunters         Teen Scene 2:03

20 Hunters         How's 'M Chicks 2:28

21 John Barry Seven Plus Four Starfire 2:10

22 Jim Gunner & His Sidekicks Desparado 2:07

23 Barons         Cossack 2:41

24 Barons         Samurai 2:06

25 Barons         Whirlwind 1:31

26 Volcanos         Theme From "Tightrope" 2:28

27 Scorpions Rockin' At The Phil 2:04

28 Planets         Chunky 2:18

29 Staccatos         Topaz 2:10

30 Sounds Inc.         Mogambo 2:42

31 Tom Cats         Tom Tom Cat 2:34

32 David Ede with Rabin Rock Easy Go 2:00

33 Cannons         Bush Fire 2:27

34 Flee-Rekkers         Sunday Date 2:54

35 Bert Weedon         Ghost Town 1:45




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