Tuesday, May 4, 2021

VA - In the MAY Charts 60 Years Ago (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3



VA - In the MAY Charts 60 Years Ago (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

This continues the series so far...

All these track were in the US and/or UK charts in May 1961, 60 years ago. 

It seems like yesterday we were dancing to these tunes. I hope you enjoy this mix of artists from USA and UK. 



Track lists


01 Ricky Nelson Hello Mary Lou 2:18

02 Dion The Kissin' Game 2:56

03 Freddy Cannon Buzz Buzz A-Diddle-It 2:27

04 Shirelles Mama Said 2:08

05 Bobby Rydell That Old Black Magic 2:24

06 Carla Thomas A Love of My Own 2:30

07 Lenny Miles In Between Tears 2:19

08 Dinah Washington Our Love is Here to Stay 2:47

09 Elvis Presley Flaming Star 2:26

10 Harptones What Will I Tell My Heart 2:26

11 Tony Orlando Halfway to Paradise 2:37

12 Little Caesar & the Romans Those Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me of You) 3:28

13 James Brown & the Famous Flames I Don't Mind 2:43

14 Roy Hamilton You're Gonna Need Magic 2:47

15 Freddie King Lonesome Whistle Blues 2:48

16 Dee Clark Raindrops 2:51

17 Belmonts Tell Me Why 2:44

18 Brook Benton The Boll Weevil Song 2:37

19 Fats Domino It Keeps Rainin' 2:43

20 New Yorkers Miss Fine 2:29


21 Ben E. King Stand By Me 2:55

22 Russell Byrd You'd Better Come Home 2:24

23 Louise Brown Son-In-Law 2:04

24 Elvis Presley I Feel So Bad 2:54

25 Neil Sedaka Little Devil 2:42

26 Pips Every Beat of My Heart 2:02

27 Dukays The Girl's a Devil 2:29

28 Jeanette (Baby) Washington Nobody Cares (About Me) 2:12

29 Timetones In My Heart 2:30

30 Pat Boone Moody River 2:38

31 Edsels Rama Lama Ding Dong 2:28

32 The Cleftones Heart and Soul 1:52

33 Little Junior Parker Driving Wheel 2:37

34 Blossoms Son-In-Law 2:07

35 Brook Brothers - Warpaint 1:59

36 Helen Shapiro Don't Treat Me Like a Child 2:34

37 Billy Fury Halfway to Paradise 2:28

38 Regents Barbara-Ann 2:15

39 Adam Wade The Writing on the Wall 2:30

40 Johnny Burnette Big Big World 2:21


41 Fleetwoods Tragedy 2:47

42 Mina This World We Love in (Il Cielo in Una Stanza) 2:31

43 Little Willie John I've Got Spring Fever 2:09

44 Anita Bryant I Can't Do it By Myself 2:27

45 Jerry Wallace Life's a Holiday 2:33

46 Wanderers For Your Love 2:42

47 Jimmy Witter A Cross Stands Alone 2:19

48 Wyatt (Earp) McPherson Here's My Confession 2:34

49 Pat Zill Pick Me Up on Your Way Down 2:10

50 Donnie & the Dreamers Count Every Star 1:59

51 Gary Us Bonds Quarter to Three 2:31

52 Temperance Seven You're Driving Me Crazy 3:55

53 Patsy Cline I Fall to Pieces 2:51

54 Paul Peek Brother-In-Law (He's a Moocher) 2:23

55 Pearl Car and Teddy Johnson How Wonderful to Know 2:15

56 Clarence Frogman Henry You Always Hurt the One You Love 2:29

57 Teresa Brewer Milord 2:19

58 Freddy Cannon Muskrat Ramble 2:27

59 Jørgen Ingmann and His Guitar Anna 2:22

60 Don Costa Ahd His Orchestra and Chorus Never on a Sunday 2:55




  1. I always think that the best music of the 60’s was from ‘66-‘69…unfortunately, I think I will be dead before you get around to doing the charts for those years 😢, regards, Jay

    1. Hi Jay,
      Stick around Maybe I will go from '61 - '66 after this series has finished. In the Charts 55 years ago or by them 56 years ago...😀


    2. I just love the music recorded prior to the British invasion. Do not get me wrong, there was more great music from that era also. Personally, and even though a portion of the music during the rock and roll era was music first written and recorded back in the 30's and 40's ( think "Blue Moon" for starters ) I do have wholeheartedly agree with freebie 6969 -- I want the stuff from '66!!!!

    3. Hi Blue Angel (The),
      I will make a note. When this series is finished i will aim to get the 66 series out.


  2. Thanks ButterBoy Nice set of comps.

    1. Thanks hotrodmike.
      The months do come around quickly.


  3. Thank you very much for your work on this compilation Butterboy!

    1. Hi Alfred,
      My pleasure, Such great music to be heard in the period, sometimes overlooked.
      June will hatch another batch of great songs.

  4. When you get the time, could you please re-post this as it has been deleted. As stated above, great music. Thank you

    1. Hi Jim,
      New links established, tested and working.