Friday, May 28, 2021

VA - French Horns in Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3


VA - French Horns in Rock (A Butterboy Compilation) CD1+CD2+CD3

The French horn (since the 1930's known simply as the "horn" in professional music circles) is a brass instrument made of tubing wrapped into a coil with a flared bell. The double horn in F/B♭ (technically a variety of German horn) is the horn most often used by players in professional orchestras and bands. A musician who plays a horn is known as a horn player or hornist.

The French horn, as its name suggests, evolved from humans blowing into actual animal horns, like the Jewish shofar. The modern French horn is a convoluted looking instrument, that produces a haunting and gentle sound. The horn is mostly used in orchestral music, but it’s found its way into a many rock/pop songs too.

There are many songs in the rock Genre that uses the French Horn as an instrument. Gathered together here are 60 tracks that meld the horn into various rock moods. I hope you enjoy these selections. 


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Track lists


01 Beach Boys God Only Knows 2:46

02 Beatles For No One 1:59

03 Pretenders I Go to Sleep 2:57

04 Delfonics I'm Sorry 2:46

05 Cranberries War Child 3:50

06 Tori Amos Putting the Damage On 5:05

07 Harry Nilsson Turn on Your Radio 2:40

08 Badly Drawn Boy The Shining 5:17

09 Dionne Warwick What the World Needs Now(Is Love) 3:11

10 Chicago If You Leave Me Now 3:55

11 Gentle Giant Think of Me With Kindness 3:32

12 U2 White as Snow 4:41

13 Kate Bush The Man With the Child in His Eyes 2:41

14 Last Shadow Puppets The Meeting Place 3:58

15 Alan Parsons Project Silence and I 7:21

16 Yes Onward 3:06

17 Ange Exode 4:59

18 Natalie Merchant The Ballad of Henry Darger 4:23

19 Who Whiskey Man 2:57

20 Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother 23:42


21 Neil Young After the Gold Rush 3:45

22 Who It's a Boy 0:38

23 Sam Cooke Cupid 2:38

24 Rolling Stones You Can't Always Get What You Want 7:29

25 Monkees Shades of Gray 3:27

26 Hunters & Collectors This Morning 6:42

27 Nils Lofgren Shine Silently 3:38

28 Rufus Wainwright The Art Teacher 3:51

29 Dusty Springfield You Don't Have to Say You Love Me 2:46

30 Dan Fogelberg Longer 3:15

31 Elvis Costello Harpies Bizarre 3:43

32 Hollies The Air That I Breathe 3:48

33 Shins The Past and Pending 5:23

34 Spock's Beard They Know We Know 3:15

35 New Pornographers The Spirit of Giving 4:01

36 Billy Joel I've Loved These Days 4:36

37 Joe, Marc's Brother Questions at the End of the Day 2:51

38 Natalie Merchant Life is Sweet 5:14

39 Motorpsycho Taifun 7:09

40 Marketts Out of Limits 1963 2:05


41 Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 2:02

42 Holger Czukay Cool in the Pool 5:05

14 Bon Iver 43holocene 5:38

44 Peter Gabriel Mirrorball 4:48

45 Neil Diamond Solitary Man 2:33

46 Angie Aparo Free Man 4:24

47 Who Overture 5:21

48 Who Pictures of Lily 2:44

49 Jack Nitzsche The Lonely Surfer 2:36

50 Beatles Good Night 3:13

51 Dee Edwards Heavy Love 4:10

52 Jerry Butler Never Give You Up 2:54

53 Elton John Can You Feel the Love Tonight 4:01

54 Divine Comedy Lucy 4:37

55 Chuck Mangione Feels So Good 3:32

56 Björk Wanderlust 5:51

57 Wizzard Wear a Fast Gun 9:17

58 Annie Lennox Into the West 5:47

59 James Taylor Hello Old Friend 2:48

60 Beatles Yesterday 2:05




  1. I have been listening to the others (Mandolin, Oboe & Basson) Great idea and effort to compile. Kudos.

    1. Hi ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ.
      Hope you have been enjoying them. Thanks for your encouragement. Appreciated.


  2. French horns. You're playing a dangerous game, my friend; no telling where this sort of thing might lead.

    Miniature Concertinas in Rock?
    When Zithers Attack?

    The mind reels!

    1. Hi S D Joe,
      I like to live on the edge, man...
      There is also HarpsiRock, Organ magic including a Pyrophone Organ, The theremin and we cant forget the Contrabass Balalaika or the Nyckelharpa.. Whooo! My head is spinning.

      Have a great weekend listening to the picks from this week.


  3. Once again an exciting compilation, whereby I also noticed this melodious instrument in many songs. I always wondered how the interpretation would turn out live on stage if a French horn was used in the studio original.
    If I remember correctly, the KINKS even used a trombone, and the harpsichord also played a role in rock for a while ("HarpsiRock"), so thank you again for this interesting suggestion to pay a little more attention to the instrumentation in rock music!

    1. Hi WOODY.
      These were fun to put together.
      Music has a lot to offer.


  4. Thanks again Butterboy!!! This instrument sound really nice!
    A song with you is more than a song. You make us notice things that we would otherwise miss in a song.

    1. Thanks for you kind assessment Il Commendatore.


  5. You have an amazing ear BB, and we are the lucky beneficiaries. Many thanks.

    1. Thanks Phillip,
      I hope you are enjoying theses comps.


  6. Count me a fan of these instrument focused compilations of yours. I am unsure of your process, but whatever it is there is a tremendous gift you have for identifying and pulling these things together. That you enjoy doing these and take the time and effort to make it happen is the tremendous gift you are passing on for all of us. Simple fact is, you are truly unique BB in this most wondrous way, and the results are always, always amazing. You likely knew I'd be appreciative tho if you recall our exchange which led to your Horny Rock compilation.

    When I contemplate the effect the "right" instrumentation can have on a song, I'm always reminded of The Beatles "The Long And Winding Road". If for nothing else, I can thank Phil Spector for adding that orchestration and choir, taking a good, but sparse, McCartney song and re-birthing it into a powerfully emotional great one, and at least for me, one of the most meaningful, memorable, and impactful in their catalogue.

    A comment on one of your selections here. I'm not a big Pink Floyd fan and I tire easily hearing the usual radio play from them. However, the "Atom Heart Mother Suite" is the exception. I have long been curious how this melodic trip came together. So many different parts and orchestration/choir used to great effect. For some reason it's not one of their tunes people are aware of when talking of this band, but it's certainly a great and welcome inclusion here!

    The use of organ in rock and pop is another fine distraction for me, looking forward to anything about that.

    Thanks for the music!

    1. Hi mrRadio,
      It is great to hear your voice again. I am delighted that you are enjoying these type of compilations. And I am humbled by your comments.
      I would have liked to put more Beatles into this compilation but I chose those four. Also I meant to place Goodnight as the last track and yesterday as track 50. What was I thinking!

      There is a nice story about the track Atom Heart Mothers in the albums summary on Wikipedia. Here:

      Organs in Rock and Pop could be quite expansive. I have a bunch of tracks already split into various organ styles and types. The organ that was popular in a lot of 60's rock,notably the Hammond organ. It will surface one day.

      Stay safe and please don't be a stranger.


    2. Hi mrRadio,
      I have accidentally deleted your last comment re: Emmylou Harris. Please resend it and I will get back to you.


  7. A great concept, compiled masterfully... and with fun. Of _course_ you've included John Entwistle, and one can hardly do better than The Beatles' "For No One". Even the Alan Parsons Project generously made the cut - and for anyone who wants to hear more of Andrew Powell's first-rate (and underrated) brass scoring, give a listen to the Project's "Turn of a Friendly Card, Part 2" (, beginning at about 1:57. Thank you for this fine collection, Butter!

    1. Hi Aging Child, Pick an instruments role in a rock song is fun to do but I have to say its plays on your senses trying to ensure that the track chosen is OK. I often have to go back to and research the recordings instrument details to be sure. I hope this set uplifts, like the French horn seems to do for me. It is such a beautiful sound. I should do a classical version as well.