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VA - 2131 South Michigan Avenue 60's Garage and Psychedelia from USA and Destination Record [2009] (2 x CD's)



VA - 2131 South Michigan Avenue 60's Garage and Psychedelia from USA and Destination Record [2009] (2 x CD's)

Jim Golden's USA and Destination labels put out so many killer garage-rock sides (both legendary and obscure) that it takes two packed CD's to hold just the cream of the crop! Buckinghams - I'm a Man ; Cryan' Shames - Ben Franklin's Almanac ; Flock - Are You the Kind ; Lord and the Flies - Echoes ; Park Avenue Playground - I Know ; Boyz - Come with Me ; Jokers - What'cha Gonna Do , and more including unreleased tracks.

Being a garage fan for years, I was dismayed to see the USA and Destination records labels still overlooked by compilers. Finally this label gets it due with a very classy compilation by Sundazed.  Despite being a tiny indie label, USA's president Jim Golden had a instinct for discovering local Chicago and regional garage bands with a gift for writing catchy pop-garage and pop-pysch songs and then crafting them for AM radio. Had USA-Destination had stronger promotion, many of these could have been national monsters like the Buckinghams "Kind Of A Drag" was. Everything is first rate here from the packaging, mastering from original tapes, liner notes and a excellent track selection. This is a outstanding comp, and a very necessary buy for Chicago and Garage rock fans. (Amazon)

 2131 South Michigan Avenue is a superb tribute to one of the key labels on the Midwest rock & roll scene in the garage rock era, along with the excellent bands who created music worth documenting, and this is likely to be the landmark garage rock reissue of 2009.



Track lists


01 Lost Agency One Girl Man 3:04

02 Shady Daze I'll Make You Pay 1:58

03 Oscar Hamod & the Majestics Got to Have Your Lovin' 2:38

04 Foggy Notions Take Me Back and Hold Me 2:31

05 Lord & the Flies Echoes 2:05

06 Messengers Midnight Hour 2:32

07 Ronnie Ross & the Good Guys If You Ever Go 2:01

08 Oscar Hamod & the Majestics Soul Finger 2:33

09 Jokers I'll Never Let You Go 2:20

10 The Sheffields Do You Still Love Me 2:46

11 Great Society I'm the One for You 2:20

12 Cryan' Shames Ben Franklin's Almanac 2:02

13 Foggy Notions Need a Little Lovin' [Cold End] 3:00

14 Oscar Hamod & the Majestics I Can't Explain 2:15

15 Buckinghams Don't Want to Cry [Unedited Guitar Solo] 2:13

16 Boyz Come With Me 2:33

17 Cryan' Shames You're Gonna Lose That Girl 2:17

18 Cherry Slush I Cannot Stop You 2:38

19 Lost Agency Time to Dream 2:15

20 Buckinghams Rowe Jukebox Promo 0:30


01 Counts Stop Cheating on Me 2:34

02 Trafalgar Square Til the End of the Day 2:09

03 Boyz Hard Times All Over 2:14

04 Lord & the Flies You Made a Fool of Me 2:42

05 The Ricochettes I Don't Want You 2:23

06 Messengers Hard Hard Year 2:39

07 Oscar Hamod & the Majestics No Chance Baby 2:37

08 Jokers What'cha Gonna' Do 2:50

09 Gary & the Knight Lites I Don't Need Your Help 2:44

10 Flock Are You the Kind 1:57

11 Daughters of Eve Help Me Boy 2:36

12 Buckinghams I'm a Man 5:12

13 Oscar Hamod & the Majestics My Girl is Waiting 2:27

14 Michael & the Messengers Lifs (Don't Mean Nothin') 1:56

15 Park Avenue Playground The Trip 2:29

16 Park Avenue Playground I Know 2:17

17 Cherry Slush Gotta Take it Easy 2:07

18 Flock What Would You Do If the Sun Died 2:47

19 Lost Agency Time to Dream 2:17

20 Daughters of Eve Radio Spot 0:18




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