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VA - Death By Unnatural Causes (A Butterboy Compilation) Musicians Who Departed Too Early CD1+CD2+CD3



VA - Death  By Unnatural Causes (A Butterboy Compilation) Musicians Who Departed Too Early  CD1+CD2+CD3

The history of rock 'n' roll is littered with tragedies, from the early deaths of legendary talents to large-scale catastrophes like the Who concert stampede that killed 11 people in 1979 and the violent chaos of Woodstock '99.  But another, far-too-common occurrence are accidents of the car and plane variety that claim the lives of multiple musicians in a single, terrible events. (

Here are 90 artists that have died through accidents (not including drug overdose or known suicide). Presented chronologically  Most of these are traffic accidents (Traffic, Aircraft, Boating) but some are by mysterious falls, Gunshot, drownings and Skiing. All deaths are by unnatural causes, way to soon in many cases and definitely voiding us of their continued skill as a musician. Oh, what might have been. R.I.P. to all noted musicians and to those not mentioned.  


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Track lists

 Track Artist (Birth Name)    Track title [Cause of death, year] Track length


01 Bessie Smith - Nobody Knows You When You Re Down and Out [Traffic Accident 1937] 2:58

02 Bertha 'Chippie' Hill - Trouble in Mind [Hit &Run 1950] 3:14

03 Betty Jack Davis (The Davis Sisters) - Too Close to Heaven [Traffic Accident 1953] 3:10

04 Danny Cedrone (Donato Joseph "Danny" Cedrone) (Bill Haley & His Comets) - The Saints Rock 'n' Roll [Fell Down Stairs 1954] 3:30

05 Johnny Ace (John Marshall Alexander Jr.) - Angel (B-Side) [Accidental Shooting 1954] 3:01

06 Buddy Holly (Charles Hardin Holley) - That'll Be the Day [Plane Accident 1959] 2:16

07 Clifford Brown - The Blues Walk [Traffic Accident 1956] 6:51

08 Big Bopper (Jiles Perry Richardson Jr.) - Chantilly Lace [Plane Accident 1959] 2:22

09 Ritchie Valens (Richard Steven Valenzuela) - Come On, Let's Go [Plane Accident 1959] 2:02

10 Ira Louvin (Louvin Brothers) - Thankful [Traffic Accident 1960] 2:57

11 Jesse Belvin (Jesse Lorenzo Belvin) - Goodnight My Love [Traffic Accident 1960] 3:07

12 Eddie Cochran (Ray Edward Cochran) - Three Steps to Heaven [Traffic Accident 1960] 2:21

13 Johnny Horton (John Lagale Horton) - I'm Coming Home [Traffic Accident 1960] 2:05

14 Eden Ahbez - Tradewind [Traffic Accident 1960] 3:01

15 Patsy Cline (Virginia Patterson Hensley) - I Fall to Pieces [Plane Accident 1963] 2:51

16 Meade Lux Lewis (Anderson Meade Lewis) - Albert's Blues [Traffic Accident 1964] 3:05

17 Johnny Burnette (John Joseph Burnette) - I Wanna Thank Your Folks [Drowing 1964] 2:26

18 Sam Cooke (Samuel Cook) - Goin' Home [Gunshot 1964] 3:08

19 Jazz Gillum (William McKinley "Jazz" Gillum) - You Got to Run Me Down [Gunshot 1964] 2:31

20 Richard Fariña (Mimi & Richard Fariña) - Pack Up Your Sorrows [Motorcycle Accident 1966] 3:00

21 Johnny Kidd (Frederick Albert Heath) (Johnny Kidd & the Pirates) - Please Don't Bring Me Down 2:14

22 Otis Redding (Otis Ray Redding Jr.) - Pain in My Heart [Plane Accident 1967] 2:25

23 Ronnie Caldwell, Phalon Jones, Jimmy King,Carl Cunningham (Bar-Kays) - Don't Do That [Plane Accident 1967] 2:52

24 Rockin' Robin Roberts (Lawrence Fewell Roberts Ii) (Wailers) - Louie Louie [Traffic Accident 1967] 2:50

25 Martin Lamble (Martin Francis Lamble) (Fairport Convention) - Farewell, Farewell [Traffic Accident 1969] 2:40

26 Shorty Long (Frederick Earl "Shorty" Long) - Give Me Some Air [Drowing 1969] 2:48

27 Brian Jones (Lewis Brian Hopkin Jones) (Rolling Stones) - We Love You [Drowing 1969] 4:05

28 Billy Stewart (William Larry Stewart) - Strange Feeling [Traffic Accident 1970] 2:08

29 Earl Grant - Not One Minute More [Traffic Accident 1970] 2:47

30 Darrell Banks (Darrell Eubanks) - I'm Gonna Hang My Head and Cry [Shot By Police 1970] 2:48


31 King Curtis (Curtis Montgomery) (King Curtis & the Kingpins) - Whole Lotta Love [Stabbing 1971] 2:46

32 Thomas Wayne (Thomas Wayne Perkins) (Thomas Wayne With the Delons) - Tragedy [Traffic Accident 1971] 2:10

33 Duane Allman (Howard Duane Allman) (Allman Brothers Band) - Goin' Down Slow [Traffic Accident 1971] 8:41

34 Leslie Harvey (Leslie Cameron Harvey)(Stone the Crows) - Sunset Cowboy [Electrocuted 1972] 6:42

35 Berry Oakley (Allman Brothers Band) - Midnight Rider [Traffic Accident 1972] 2:59

36 Clarence White (Clarence Joseph Leblanc) (Byrds) - My Destiny [Traffic Accident 1973] 3:37

37 Paul Williams (Temptations) - Ain't No Justice [Gunshot 1973] 6:07

38 Jim Croce (James Joseph Croce) - The Way We Used to Be [Plane Accident 1973] 2:30

39 Harry Womak (Harris "Harry" Womack ) (Valentios) - I Can Understand it [Stabbing 1974] 5:18

40 Bill Chase (William Edward Chiaiese) (Chase) - Get it on [Plane Accident 1974] 3:01

41 Al Jackson, Jr. (Albert J. Jackson Jr.) (Booker T. & the Mg's) - Lonely Avenue [Gunshot 1975 ] 3:30

42 Annette Snell ( Annetta Snell) - You Oughta' Be Here With Me [Plane Accident 1977] 3:57

43 Mercy Baby (Julius W. "Jimmy" Mullins) - Mercy's Blues [Traffic Accident 1977] 2:42

44 Marc Bolan (Mark Feld) (T. Rex) - Dandy in the Underworld (Single Version) [Traffic Accident 1977] 3:52

45 Cassie Gaines, Steve Gaines, Ronnie Van Zant (Lynyrd Skynyrd) - Ain't No Good Life [Plane Accident 1977] 4:39

46 Terry Kath (Terry Alan Kath) (Chicago) - Introduction [Gunshot 1978] 6:35

47 Chris Bell (Christopher Branford Bell) - There Was a Light [Traffic Accident 1978] 3:20

48 Donny Hathaway (Donny Edward Hathaway) - The Ghetto (Pts. 1&2) [Accidental Fall From Window 1979] 6:53

49 Jacob Miller - Tenement Yard [Traffic Accident 1978] 2:37

50 Tommy Caldwell (Thomas Michael Caldwell) (Marshall Tucker Band) - Fly Eagle Fly [Traffic Accident 1978] 4:25

51 Keith Godchaux (Keith Richard Godchaux) (Grateful Dead) - Sage & Spirit [Traffic Accident 1979] 3:07

52 Rushton Moreve (John Rushton Morey) (Steppenwolf) - The Pusher [Traffic Accident 1981] 5:50

53 Harry Chapin - Shooting Star [Traffic Accident 1981] 4:08

54 Randy Rhoads (Randall William Rhoads) (Quiet Riot) - Thunderbird (Tribute) [Plane Accident 1982] 4:43

55 Pete Farndon (Peter Granville Farndon) (Pretenders) - Private Life [Accidental Drowning 1983] 6:26

56 Dennis Wilson (Dennis Carl Wilson) - Farewell My Friend [Accidental Drowning 1983] 2:27

57 Marvin Gaye (Marvin Pentz Gay Jr.) - So Long [Gunshot 1984] 2:38

58 Lenny Breau (Leonard Harold Breau) (Lenny Breau Trio) - Lullay Fo Birdland [Strangulation (Murder) 1984] 3:34

59 Sakamoto Kyu (Hisashi Sakamoto) - Sukiyaki [Plane Accident 1985] 3:05

60 D. Boon (Dennes Dale "D." Boon) (Minutemen) - History Lesson Part 2 [Traffic Accident 1985] 2:12


61 Andy Chapin (Andrew Chapin) (Association) - Take Me to the Pilot [Plane Crash 1985] 3:28

62 Ricky Nelson (Eric Hilliard Nelson) (Ricky Nelson and the Stone Canyon Band) - Garden Party [Plane Crash 1985] 3:47

63 Dean Paul Martin (Dean Paul Crocetti Jr) (Dino, Desi and Billy) - I'm a Fool [Military Aircraft Crash 1987] 2:51

64 Tony Destra (Cinderella) - Gypsy Road [Traffic Accident 1987] 3:55

65 Cliff Burton (Clifford Lee Burton) (Metallica) - (Anesthesia)-Pulling Teeth [Traffic Accident 1986] 4:18

66 Peter Tosh (Winston Hubert McIntosh) (You Gotta Walk) - Don't Look Back [Gunshot 1987] 5:17

67 Ted Taylor (Theodore Taylor) - Something Strange is Going on in My House [Traffic Accident 1987] 2:54

68 Dave Prater (David Prater Jr.) (Sam & Dave) - Born Again [Traffic Accident 1988] 2:40

69 Chet Baker - Everything Happens to Me [Accidental Fall From Building 1988] 3:38

70 Paul Jeffreys (Paul Avron Jeffreys) (Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel) - Tumbling Down [Plane Accident 1988] 5:55

71 Pete De Freitas (Peter Louis Vincent De Freitas) (Echo & the Bunnymen) - Nothing Lasts Forever [Traffic Accident 1989] 3:56

72 Jim Hodder (Steely Dan) - Midnite Cruiser [Accidental Drowning 1990] 4:05

73 Stephen Ray Vaughan (Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble) - Couldn't Stand the Weather [Helicopter Accident 1990] 4:42

74 Steve Marriott (Stephen Peter Marriott) (Small Faces) - Tin Soldier [Smoke Inhalation, Fire 1991] 3:24

75 Ole Beich (L.A. Guns) - When Dreams Don't Follow Through [Accidental Drowning 1991] 3:27

76 Don Myrick (Earth, Wind & Fire) - Runnin' [Gunshot 1993] 5:50

77 Vivian Stanshall (Victor Anthony Stanshall) (Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band) - I'm the Urban Spaceman [Housefire- Electrical Fault 1995] 2:22

78 Rob Collins (Robert James "Rob" Collins) (Charlatans) - The End of Everything [Traffic Accident 1996] 5:50

79 Randy California (Randy Craig Wolfe) Shattered Dream [Drowning 1997] 5:36

80 Jeff Buckley (Jeffrey Scott Buckley) - Last Goodbye [Accidental Drowing 1997] 4:35

81 John Denver (Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.) - Fly Away [Experimental Plane Accident 1997] 4:04

82 Michael Hedges (Michael Alden Hedges) - Aerial Boundaries [Traffic Accident 1997] 4:44

83 Sonny Bono (Salvatore Phillip "Sonny" Bono) - Laugh at Me [Skiing Accident 1998] 2:59

84 Falco (Johann "Hans" Hölzel) - Out of the Dark [Traffic Accident 1998] 3:37

85 Cozy Powell (Colin Trevor Flooks) - Dance With the Devil [Traffic Accident 1998] 3:36

86 Scott Smith (Donald Scott Smith) (Loverboy) - Turn Me Loose [Sailing Accident, Drowned 2000] 5:39

87 Kirsty Maccoll (Kirsty Anna Maccoll) - They Don't Know [Hit By Powerboat 2000] 3:06

88 Marcelo Fromer (Titãs) - Sonífera Ilha [Traffic Accident Jogging] 2:56

89 Greame "Shirley" Strachan (Graeme Ronald Strachan) (Skyhooks) - Horror Movie [Helicopter Accident 2001] 3:47

90 Lisa Lopes (Lisa Nicole Lopes) (TLC) - Waterfalls [Traffic Accident 2002] 4:41




  1. I have often pondered what musical treasures we missed out on because of Mozart's far too early death. But the story goes on, unfortunately, so thank you very much for this interesting compilation, which has again turned out very much in Butterboy's spirit.

    1. Hi WOODY,
      The list is by no means conclusive. There are any artists I dint have in my collection. And, I left out John Lennon for which I feel remorseful.
      It is good to remember those who have departed.


  2. Interesting collection, as always, BB, thanks!

    But there are some puzzling obvious omissions: Ron "Pigpen" McKernan (Grateful Dead), Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix -- or did you deliberately exclude deaths by alcoholism and overdoses? Heck, that could be a whole 'nother collection!

    1. Here are 90 artists that have died through accidents (not including drug overdose or known suicide)

    2. Hi Gummo,
      Thanks for that.
      I agree there could be other compilations that pick up on the topic you highlight.


  3. Just found out you were back BB, and going gang busters as usual I see...Hope all is well with you & yours!!

    1. Hi Rob,
      I hope you find some treasures here.


  4. BB
    Maybe your fans might suggest another volume? John Lennon would be a candidate.

    1. Hi lemonflag.
      John Lennon is a serious omission. RIP John


    2. Also, I do appreciate you pointing out John Lennon out. I must have had a moment.


  5. Sure there are some missing artists (maybe for a second volume)
    In any case, this comp is good in its own! Thanks a lot

    1. Il Commendatore,
      Thank you for your understanding and support.
      The opportunities for more compilations are endless(?)


  6. Thx, I bought a death by traffic accident record just last week.

    1. Hi Thingybob,
      Its sad when people did before their time...
      Thanks for the video clip, enjoyed listening to it. It sounded familiar to other songs of the time.


    2. The best bit is when "Patty" phones up. I first heard it on "Still Dead! The Grim Reaper's Jukebox" it's the best track on it.

      As for those who departed too early, there was Harry "The Hipster" Gibson and Jimmy Caravan, both shot themselves due to failing health.

      Jimmy Caravan

      Harry "The Hipster" Gibson

  7. What a great work! Congratulations.

    1. Thank you Racati.
      And it is great to listen to.


  8. You missed Eric Dolphy. But he unfortunately is not as well known as he should have been. Died in a diabetic coma in 1964. Incredible Alto Sax , Flute , and Bass Clarinet player. As one reviewer put it; " His biggest problem was trying to make his instruments do things they weren't made to do!" This is true. Give him a listen if you get a chance.

    1. Thanks Buzzcut9,
      I have a number of Eric Dolphy albums and really enjoy his style.
      As this was a death by Unnatural Causes, he was left of this were many others that we miss.
      I hope you enjoy the music on this set of compilations.

  9. What an opportunity to appreciate great talent taken too soon; thank you for this collection, Butter, and RIP to all these our friends, making music still someplace where we hope to meet and hear them again.

    1. Hi Aging Child,
      I am not sure if we should let musicians drive or own guns...
      I also did a comp of those musicians who have died from Covid related issues. I felt it is too sad to post today maybe another time will be better.


  10. It's very thoughtful and empathetic of your musical heart to make a compilation of musicians lost through that murderous virus... and, yes, I agree that it's too soon to put it out there. First, of course, is because this is too recent - but also, the virus isn't behind us yet, and there'll be more musicians lost to us before we can strike up the rest of the band and sing sincerely, "Happy Days Are Here Again". Not yet.

  11. Hi Butterboy, please can you re-up. Many thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Roger,
      New links established, tested and working.


  12. Missed SANDY DENNY (fell or was pushed down stairs). Also, they're called "plane crashes", not accidents. Great collection, as usual, otherwise.