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VA - Sunshine Soft & Studio Pop 1966-1972 [2017 - 2021] (7 x CD's)



VA - Sunshine Soft & Studio Pop 1966-1972 [2017 - 2021] (7 x CD's)

Australian outfit Teensville Records has ready done a fantastic job on these compilations. A great hard to find collection Pop Psych, Late Mersey Beat and Sunshine Pop on 45rpm singles labels. Teensville Records explores the turned-on sounds of the late sixties pop scene.

If you are looking for testosterone, you won't find it here. There is nothing rock, psych or beat here. At all. This is soft pop in its purest form; the perfect soundtrack for a cocktail party in L.A. around '68, crowded with second rate television actors, wanna-be starlets and pop producers. But, leaving this aside, I have to say that this is one of the best comps ever made about this musical sub-genre.  Songwriting in most tracks is superb, with complex and elaborated melodies. Obviously, production and arrangements are extraordinary, as most tracks were recorded in state-of-the-art studios by top engineers and the best session musicians. A few songs included here could perfectly be amongst the best studio pop tracks ever recorded. But, be prepared for a heavy dose of saccharine.  Just one drawback (one star less for this): due to the rarity of some recordings, this comp is not taken from the original master tapes. A lot of tracks are taken from vinyl sources and 2nd (or 3rd) generation tapes. Sound quality is not bad at all, no clicks or imperfection from vinyl sources, but it lacks on clarity and dynamics. Anyway, music is perfectly enjoyable and you will be able to fully appreciate the huge amount of talent included here.

To have songs, that that have never heard before from the late 60's early 70's, which have that periods feel to them is just brilliant. There are some tracks where I get the feeling I've heard that, or something very similar before. The Seagulls has a definite Beatles vibe to me. The Yellow Brick Road track 'She's My Girl', reminds me of 'He's So Fine' by The Chiffons. It's finding compilations like this that make me wish I were a DJ, so I could share these great tunes with like minded people. There is the warning on the cover about the age and quality of the source material and to make the allowances for that, but to my ears, this is one of the better transferred compilations. I don't think they could cram any more music on a standard CD, so if you don't recognise any of the artists and are wanting some 'new' late 60's/early 70's music, I'd be very surprised if this doesn't fit the bill. I love it...

Included in the set of 7 CD's are the following:

CD1 Take A Mind Excursion highlights rare and obscure recordings  from artists such as Bob Dileo, Vigrass, Pebbles & Shells, Something Young and so many more! The names may be unfamiliar, but the tunes are just as good as the big-time chart hits that get overplayed to this day.

CD2 My World Of Make Believe is another in a series of turned-on compilations from Teensville Records that examines the late 60s (and in a few cases, very early 70s) pop scene featuring 32 tracks that span sunshine, soft and studio pop sounds.Clouds of satin at your feet....rainbow flowers line the street....only love can get you in....' 

CD3 The Sun Shines On My Street is Teensville's third installment in a series examining the 60s sunshine, soft and studio pop scene. Made by collectors for collectors, the CD features nearly eighty minutes of rarities compiled for lovers of love songs, harpsichords, top class arrangements, and inviting vocals.

CD4 Let The Good Times In is Teensville’s fourth volume look at obscure flowery-pop delights of the late sixties and very early seventies. Expect elaborate arrangements, lilting melodies, alluring harmonies, and most of all, the ultimate feeling of warmth through music

CD5 The Love Revolution is Teensville’s fifth look at the world of obscure soft, sunshine, and harmony pop spanning the years 1966-1971. Expect gorgeous vocals, heavenly harpsichord, exquisite melodies and big arrangements. Featuring artists such as The Carmel, The Game, Lloyd Banks, The Rubber Band and more! 

CD6 Good Weather Machine is the sixth look at the turned-on sounds of late 60s pop spanning the sunshine, soft and studio styles. It features 31 commercial examples of highly produced, arranged and performed music from the likes of should-have-been hit artists,

CD7 Flowers In My Garden, Teensville's seventh installment of examining the forgotten and neglected sounds of the late 60's. Compiled to give the listener an 80-minute frown-upside-down trip, the CD features 30 tracks recorded between 1966-1970 that sound like hits, but weren't. 


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Missing Track CD2 Track 08 Thru Spray Colored Glasses.mp3


Track lists

CD1 Take A Mind Excursion

01 Bob Dileo Mind Excursion 2:01

02 Paul Vigrass Stop! 3:00

03 Pebbles and Shells Let's Be More Than Friends Tonight 2:25

04 Sundae The Dawn and My Love 2:28

05 Something Young Oh, Don't Come Crying Back to Me 1:57

06 Surprise Package Merry-Go-Round is Slowin' You Down 2:21

07 Proctor Amusement Company Heard You Went Away 2:36

08 Bottom Line Show Me the World of Wonder 3:04

09 Roman Rebellion Every Groovy Day 2:31

10 Chris Simmons Soraya 2:29

11 Johnny Garrett & the Rising Signs Get Around Downtown Girl 2:14

12 Californians What is Happy, Baby 2:42

13 Scarecrow Hold Back the Sun 2:07

14 Bob Dileo Band in Boston 2:57

15 Paul Vigrass A New Man 2:54

16 Montanas Suzanne 2:35

17 Game When Love Begins to Look Like You 1:51

18 Sundae It's Better This Way 2:18

19 Wishful Thinking Turning Round 2:46

20 Four-Evers The Girl I Wanna Bring Home 2:41

21 Johnny Young It's a Sunny Day 2:30

22 Bottom Line When I Was King 3:00

23 Johnny Garrett & the Rising Signs Good People 2:03

24 Golden Horizon Dear Emily 2:24

25 Tartans of Lavender Lane You, Baby, You 2:10

26 Central Nervous System Alice in Wonderland 2:31

27 Gemini Take Her Back 2:37

28 Pebbles and Shells Let's Give it a Try 2:09

29 Paul Vigrass Curly 2:44

30 Bob Dileo Rahni 2:57

31 War Babies Together Forever 2:33

32 Free for All Maybe Tomorrow 2:22

CD2 My World Of Make Believe

01 Barry Darvel My World of Make Believe 2:11

02 Margo, Margo, Madress & Siegel Needles of Evergreen 2:06

03 Fairchilds I Couldn't Think About Livin' Without You) Thinkin' 'bout Me 3:00

04 Seagulls Twiggs 2:41

05 Bob Dileo Jessica 2:46

06 Razor's Edge Don't Let Me Catch You in His Arms 2:05

07 Bat McGrath and D. Harvey Potter Shine a Little Light 2:52

09 Rockin' Horse People Last Night's Dream 2:25

10 Kris Jensen I Can't Get Nowhere With You 1:45

11 Don Grady Let it Happen 2:41

12 New Establishment Time for Everything 2:27

13 Tommy T's Federal Reserve Let's Go Down to the Park 2:14

14 Freshmen Halfway to Where 2:50

15 Joyride The Land of Rypap Papyr 2:43

16 Timothy Clover Great World Next Door 2:21

17 Frank Lyndon Don't Look at Me 2:53

18 Joey Paige The Merry Go-Round is Slowing You Down 2:29

19 Yellow Brick Road She's My Girl 2:20

20 Ritchie Adams I'll Go Anywhere to Meet You Baby 2:17

21 Tony Scotti I Just Haven't Got What it Takes 2:17

22 Music Combination Holding on for Dear Love 2:40

23 Furnacemen It's Waiting There for You 2:14

24 Paul Vigrass Like it Never Was 3:43

25 Bristol Boxkite If You Love Me 2:33

26 Peter Courtney Loving Two 1:43

27 Fairchilds Let Her Run 2:41

28 Seagulls Don't Go Out Into the Rain (You're Gonna Melt) 2:49

29 Bob Dileo Sing to Me 2:25

30 Robbs I Don't Feel Alone 2:15

31 Tokens I Like to Throw My Head Back and Sing 2:50

32 Johnny Walsh The End 2:22

CD3 The Sun Shines On My Street

01 Free for All The Sun Shines on My Street 2:10

02 Tony Ritchie Has Anybody at the Party Seen Jenny 2:23

03 Two Bits Never to Leave 2:32

04 Bobby Vee Today 2:32

05 Victor and the Spoils All I Ask 2:36

06 Tony Summers Make Time Stand Still 3:01

07 Cradle What a Summer 2:24

08 Other Four How Do You Tell a Girl 2:27

09 Almond Marzipan Open Up Your Heart 3:05

10 Rainy Day Friends Not Like Before 2:23

11 April Fools Things Go Better With You 2:38

12 Arthur Wild Boulevard St. Michelle 2:44

13 Guy Apollo My World is You 2:18

14 Dick Whittington Cause You're Mine 2:05

15 Wishbone One and One Make Two 2:00

16 Ritchie Luvworth Hey Baby - Where You Gonna Go 2:23

17 Oshun Ridin' With the Milkman 2:28

18 Ritchie Adams Protect Me 2:46

19 Barry Lee Show I Don't Want to Love You 3:21

20 Jesse Lopez Don't Make Me a Memory 2:22

21 Shaggy Boys Behind These Stained Glass Windows 2:49

22 Horizon She Opened Up Like a Rosebud 2:31

23 Family Album And Soon the Snow is Gonna Fall 2:43

24 Twilights Sand in the Sandwiches 2:20

25 Outcasts I Gotta Find Cupid 2:33

26 Two Bits Things Must Change 2:07

27 Music Combination Crystal 2:38

28 Bobby Vee Places I'd Rather Not Be 2:25

29 Free for All I'm So Glad That I Found You 2:14

30 Montanas Let's Get a Little Sentimental 2:51

31 Searchers The Great Train Robbery 3:10

CD4 Let The Good Times In

01 Vic Dana Let The Good Times In 2:22

02 Sunrise Highway Goin' To California 2:03

03 Spring Fever Stop! 1:56

04 Luis Bravo Overlooking You 2:29

05 Finders Keepers Don't Give In To Him 2:39

06 Steve Leeds Midsummer's Night 2:29

07 Rogue Show Come Back Baby 2:37

08 S.N & The C.Ts The Pleasure Of Your Company 2:27

09 Michael Gately Shine Your Light On Me 2:33

10 Cathy Rich Darkest Before Dawn 1:58

11 Barry Gordon A House Built On Sand 2:45

12 Ray Chafin Life Is A Winner 1:57

13 Chris & Peter Allen Two by Two 2:36

14 Contrasts, Bob Morrison What A Day 2:43

15 Collage Looking For An Answer 2:57

16 Jonah P Jones My Mind's Losing Me 2:40

17 Jesse Lopez Lookin' So Much Better 2:12

18 Jackals Linda Come Lately 2:40

19 Jonathan Cloud Jonathan Cloud 2:05

20 Vince Donofrio Weather's Better 2:18

21 Buffalo Nickel I Could Be So Good To You 2:49

22 Tommy T's Federal Reserve Someday (They'll Reach Out) 2:33

23 Bennett And Evans No, No, You Don't Know 2:44

24 Sherry Sisters And Then I Think Of You 2:23

25 Sandy Kannon Mr. Hitmaker Man 2:02

26 Peter Antell Wanting 2:02

27 Ken Stella I Wanna Spend My Whole Life Loving You 2:43

28 Imaginations Summer In New York 2:36

29 Luis Bravo Look For The Rainbow 2:22

30 Spring Fever You Made My Life 2:02

31 Eternal Flame Ciao Baby 2:28

32 Barbara Streisand Our Corner Of The Night 2:23

33 Alan O'Day Somewhere She Is Sleeping 2:55

CD5 The Love Revolution 

01 Billy Bud The Love Revolution 2:23

02 Five D She Can't Be My Girl 1:54

03 Game My Kind of Morning 2:28

04 Carmel I Can't Shake This Feeling 2:21

05 Lloyd Banks Sixpenny Dreams 2:44

06 Sunflower Singers Autumn 2:25

07 Phil Taylor California (Be Fine) 3:04

08 08 Graham Chapman Now It's My Turn 2:31

09 Honestmen It's Too Late to Turn Around 2:50

10 Rubber Band I'm Gonna Make It 2:41

11 Tony and Siegrid Just Be Good 2:33

12 Alphabetical Order All Over the World (La La) 3:04

13 William Bonny You Won't Find That Kind in Me 2:46

14 1st National Band The Trip Down 2:37

15 Peter Ford Once There Was a Child 2:55

16 Harry's Group Old Man Trouble 1:58

17 Grapevine I Can't Get Enough of You 2:21

18 18 Frankie Love First Star 2:57

19 Troys Gotta Fit You Into My Life 2:27

20 Randy Benjamin Look at You Now 2:35

21 Chapter Six Lovin' All The Time 2:32

22 Crib and Ben Emily 3:09

23 Rubber Band Messin' Up the Mind of a Young Girl 2:55

24 Five D Freeloader 2:40

25 Lloyd Banks Miss Amanda 2:41

26 Honestmen New York's My Home 2:19

27 Sunflower Singers Strangers 2:22

28 Graham Chapman Pardon Me, Miss 2:12

29 Game Things for Me 2:50

30 Phil Taylor A.M. 2:06

31 Carmel They Didn't Believe Me 2:18

CD6 Good Weather Machine

01 Charlotte Russe Good Weather Machine 2:14

02 U.S. Males Come Out of the Rain 2:44

03 Interns Ray of Sunshine 2:31

04 John, Jeffrey and Brother Tom True as a Brand New Lie 2:54

05 Augie Morena She's Got the Magic 2:04

06 Bryllig & the Nymbol Swabes I'm Gonna Love You Anyway 3:42

07 Exiles I'd Love to Give My Love Away 2:30

08 Aquariun Age The Horse I Rode Ran Off My Merry Go Round 2:27

09 Spice of Life Variety 3:08

10 Bill Chadwick Talking to the Wall 2:16

11 Catalinas You Haven't the Right 2:16

12 Frank Cherval Devils Are Dancing Tonight 2:24

13 Gonks Going Round 2:26

14 Clockwatchers Hey, It's Summertime 2:16

15 John, Geoffrey and Brother Tom Good Time Charlie [The Prodigal Son] 2:26

16 Augie Moreno Party People 2:30

17 Sugar Canyon On Top of the World 2:08

18 Neil Brian 1000 Years 2:49

19 Wildwood One Bad Thing 2:47

20 Martin J. Torbert Jr. Magic Girl 2:02

21 Silky & Sage Where Do I Go 2:44

22 Giant Sunflower February Sunshine 2:37

23 Ronie Serfass Ragedy Ann 2:45

24 Bazooka Yours Till Forever 2:42

25 Coastliners She's My Girl 2:42

26 Exiles Mary on the Beach 2:41

27 Interns Is it Really What You Want 2:31

28 Bryllig & the Nymbol Swabes Back Again 2:58

29 John, Geoffrey and Brother Tom You've Has Such a Good Life 2:45

30 Augie Moreno Don't Let Love Slip Away [From You] 2:31

31 Bobby Vee Break It 2:11

CD7 Flowers In My Garden

01 Bonni Long On Flower Street 2:44

02 Guild The Sun Shines For You 3:00

03 Force West Gotta Tell Somebody 2:38

04 Norro Wilson Sunset And Vine 3:00

05 Arrangement River Road 2:40

06 Kinsmen Always The Loser 2:33

07 Aquarium Age I Saw The Sky 2:47

08 Donna Marie Sunshine Mind 2:26

09 Good Earth Trio Louise 2:28

10 NJ Orange You've Got To) Live For Today 2:20

11 Sons Of Cajun Since Ronnie Left For Boston 2:47

12 Society's Children Golden Child 2:00

13 Children Such A Fine Night 2:31

14 Robert John Raindrops Love And Sunshine 2:56

15 Weekends Canadian Sunset 3:01

16 Two Of Each Every Single Day 2:32

17 David Fisher Gotta Tell The World 2:34

18 MFQ I Had A Dream Last Night (Alternate Mix) 2:26

19 Fabulous Farquahr Hollywood Ending 2:22

20 Reasons For Being A Thousand Years 2:27

21 Neil Sedaka Heartbreak House For Homeless Children 2:18

22 James Arthur Griffin Lookin' So Much Better 2:15

23 Richard Dickson Make Them Laugh, Clown 2:57

24 Donna Marie The Penthouse 2:46

25 Arrangement A Child Of The Times 3:12

26 Force West When The Sun Comes Out 3:12

27 Norro Wilson I'd Rather Do It Than Eat 2:07

28 Guild You've Got The Cutest Smile 2:44

29 Kinsmen It's Good To See You 2:44

30 Orphans There's No Flowers In My Garden 3:18




  1. Onya, Butterboy! This looks like a great collection. It's interesting (to me, anyway) but I as get older I listen to this music with 'new ears' and enjoy it in away that I never did when I was young. Still, butter late then never (sorry).

    1. Hi jimmy.
      You are correct. I listen to music differently now than when I was younger too. I hear songs from my childhood that I didn't think were that great and now they seem so much better. I don't know if its a psychological trick to want to be younger that my brain enjoys these tracks more now (I don't Know). Still It is interesting. I try to listen with new ears it expands the mind. Enjoy all these tracks. It is a great set.


  2. Oh boy.. what a trip this appears to be! I'm gonna have great fun with this. Next stop.. Teensville!

    1. Hi mrRadio,
      I thought you may enjoy these.
      Lots of new stuff here. Enjoy.


  3. Nice! I have Take a Mind Excursion already, and if the rest of these are as good as that one, wow!

    1. Hi Jason,
      They are all great to listen to.


  4. My god this is sunshine pop heaven! Thanks so much for all the great music Butterboy

    1. Hi Steve,
      This is a very enjoyable set of discs indeed.
      There is an 8th CD but I don't have it.


  5. Hi !
    Incredible collection and I don't even know a 10th of it all !!
    What a work to discover all this stuff !!

    1. Hi alain,
      That what I like to do have a surprise from visitors every now and then.
      Glad you find this interesting.


  6. Thank you from a great fan of Popsike and Baroque pop, keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks Nimrod.
      I hope you find these treasures worth the visit.


  7. howdy Butterboy,

    thank you for these!

    do you know where i can find track #8? this >>> David Gates – Thru Spray Colored Glasses [from 'My World of Make Believe'] <<< i can live without it if i must. [*grin*]

    take care,

    1. Hi Lee,
      Here is the missing Track

      Thanks for letting me know.


    2. Hi Lee,
      It happens occasionally. I appreciate you making me aware . If you see any others yell out.


  8. You are welcome Gummo
    Don't forget the missing track above.


  9. You are welcome, jack
    Don't forget the missing track above.


  10. Of course I like to think back to this time without worries and personally about to conquer the world, and this beautiful collection will help me to do so, thank you very much!

    1. Hi WOODY,
      There is a lot of music here but the journey is worth it.


  11. Replies
    1. You are welcome, Guitarradeplastico,scraping oddities.


  12. Hi Butterboy,
    I haven't listened to any of this yet but it seems like a really really really great collection of albums!!!
    It won't be long before I start listening to them!!!

    1. Hi Il Commendatore.
      Add them to your favourite player and you will be transported to another place. Enjoy.