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Filling The Gap [2011] (5 x CD's)



Filling The Gap [2011] (5 x CD's)

Finally available again, this terrific 5CD collection compiles a wealth of non-LP U.S. psych/garage tracks by artists who are better-known for their work on albums. The special thing about Filling the Gap is that Americans finally get their chance again. Finally more rock than rock-pop is offered here. If you listen to it for a longer time, it goes straight into your brain thanks to the organ and guitars.  While this is an interesting collection of music, it is important for the psych fan to know that the concept behind this compilation is rather different from that of your typical psych comp. One could say that the focus is more on rarity, on filling the gaps, as opposed to purely musical quality. The idea is to fill in the gaps of the psych fan who already has most of the classic obscure albums, but is missing the single A and B sides which were not included on them. Thus, this is most interesting to people who already have the classics from bands like Bead Game, Lincoln St Exit, Headstone, Lollipop Shoppe, 49th Parallel, Blues Magoos, etc, but want more. Just from that short list, it should be obvious that a lot of ground is covered as far as style goes - Lincoln St Exit is closer to early hard rock than psych, while the Blues Magoos and others represent the more garagey aspects of psych. This one is worth picking up is full of rare singles.  This compilation is very well done. (Amazon)


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Track lists


01 Lincoln St. Exit The Bummer 2:24

02 Lincoln St. Exit Sunny Sunday Dream 3:33

03 Lincoln St. Exit Whatever Happened (Pt. 1 & 2) 6:20

04 Writing On The Wall Buffalo 3:08

05 Writing On The Wall Lucifer Corpus 5:43

06 Writing On The Wall The Crossing 3:29

07 Blues Magoos Who Do You Love 3:14

08 Blues Magoos Dantes Inferno 3:23

09 Blues Magoos People Had No Faces 2:47

10 Blues Magoos So Im Wrong 2:25

11 Blues Magoos Let Your Love Ride 2:34

12 Blues Magoos Jingle Bell 2:36

13 Thee Sixpence Heart Full Of Rain 2:09

14 Thee Sixpence In The Building 2:57


01 White Light VDFM 2:39

02 White Light Crashin 4:26

03 Bohemian Vendetta Enough 2:36

04 Glass Family Im Losing I 2:42

05 Fredric Five Oclock Traffic 2:11

06 White Light White Light (Part 1) 7:01

07 White Light White Light (Part 2) 4:20

08 Negative Space Light My Fire 1:54

09 Pacific Sound Ballad To Jimi 2:08

10 Shadows Of Knight Taurus 3:08

11 Headstone What People Say 3:13

12 Headstone Carry Me On 2:29

13 Headstone Buying Time 3:07

14 Mariani Re-Birth Day 2:10


01 Lollipopshope Mr Madison Avenue 2:32

02 Lollipopshope Whos It Gonna Be 2:26

03 Weeds Its Your Time 2:18

04 Weeds Stop 3:52

05 Weeds Little Girl 2:53

06 Teddy & The Patches From Day To Day 2:15

07 Twentieth Century Zoo Stallion Of Fire 2:52

08 Wee The People My  Brother The Man 2:04

09 Human Beinz Mr Soul 2:42

10 Seeds Wild Blood 2:21

11 49th Parallel Labourer 2:25

12 49th Parallel You Do Things 2:25

13 49th Parallel Citizen Freak 1:38

14 Magic Mushroom Let The Rain May Be 3:01

15 Crome Cyrcus Lord In Black 2:41


01 Rusty Evans Grains Of Sand 3:58

02 Peanut Butter Conspiracy No Communication 2:16

03 Peanut Butter Conspiracy Crystal Tear 2:28

04 Peanut Butter Conspiracy Angels From Hell 1:42

05 Mayo Thompsons Saddlescore Old Tom Clark 3:41

06 St. Stephen Moon In Blue 3:40

07 St. Stephen Inside The Coloured Heaven 2:16

08 Human Beinz Evil Headed You 3:03

09 Home Sunrise 3:33

10 Homer Dandelion Wine 3:11

11 Tripsichord Times And Seasons 3:04

12 Tripsichord Sunday The Third 3:05

13 Kak Gary Lee Yoder Flight From The East 2:19

14 Children Of The Mushroom August Mademoiselle 2:40


01 Legend Portrait Of Youth 2:44

02 Legend Enjoy Yourself 2:51

03 Legend I Love The Little Girls 2:15

04 Legend I Know 2:10

05 Velvet Night I'm Sure Hell Come Most Anytime 2:36

06 Common People Oh My My 1:57

07 Common People Days On My Mind 2:53

08 Common People Look Around 2:28

09 Common People Dawn Of My Life 2:43

10 Genesis The Long Road 4:53

11 Jake Holmes You Cant Get Love 2:31

12 Jake Holmes Think Im Being Had 2:19

13 Moloch Cocaine Katy 2:46

14 Moloch The Terrorizing Of Miss Nancy Jane 3:08

15 Bead Game Sweet Medusa 3:09

16 Bead Game Echoes Of Sweet Medusa 2:24

17 Bead Game My Life In Review 1:56

18 Federal Duck A Message From Quack Quack Spinosa 2:09




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      Maybe I should try to listen to more.... 😃

    2. You touch on an interesting point. I tried to calculate how much time it would take to listen to my collection and I would be long dead before that happened. I had a long think about it and decided to concentrate on the 60's and some late 50's and early 70's. Of course there were plenty of exceptions to that rule but in the most cases that is all I dl and spend time on. There is no point to the chase if we can't enjoy the prize.