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Sarah Vaughan - Young Sassy [2001] (4 x CD's)



Sarah Vaughan - Young Sassy [2001] (4 x CD's)

From the start of her career, Sarah Vaughan had a wondrous voice. She never declined and her voice remained a miracle throughout her career. She learned about bop phrasing during 1943-1944 when she was with the orchestras of Earl Hines and Billy Eckstine (singing alongside Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker) and, although she would perform many pop tunes throughout her life, she always phrased like a jazz singer and was never shy to change notes and improvise. This magnificent four-CD set has Sassy's first 94 recordings, everything she recorded during 1944-1950. Vaughan is heard on two songs with the Eckstine Orchestra (one of which was taken from a broadcast), on the December 31, 1944, Leonard Feather-organized session that found her performing "Interlude" (a vocal version of "A Night in Tunisia") and "East of the Sun," and four songs with Bird and Diz, and she makes appearances with clarinetist Tony Scott, violinist Stuff Smith, the John Kirby Sextet, Georgie Auld's big band, and trombonist Dicky Wells & His Big Seven. In 1946, Vaughan signed with the Musicraft label and all of her performances for that company are here, including "If You Could See Me Now," "Everything I Have Is Yours," "Don't Worry 'Bout Me," "September Song," "Tenderly," "The Lord's Prayer," "I Feel So Smoochie," "It's Magic," and "Gentleman Friend." In 1949, Vaughan started recording for Columbia, and she is heard on some commercial dates plus such tunes as "Black Coffee," "Tonight I Shall Sleep," "I Cried for You," and "Perdido" in addition to four vocal duets with Billy Eckstine. Best of all are the eight numbers that she recorded during May 18-19, 1950, with an octet including trumpeter Miles Davis, trombonist Bennie Green, clarinetist Tony Scott, and tenor saxophonist Budd Johnson. All four horn players take perfect eight-bar solos on "Ain't Misbehavin'," and other gems from this project include "It Might as Well Be Spring," "Mean to Me," and "Nice Work if You Can Get It." Sarah Vaughan's box for the Proper label (which includes a very good 44-page booklet) makes for a superb (and surprisingly inexpensive) purchase and allows one to have a large slice of Sassy's recording career. (AllMusic review by Scott Yanow )

Yes, this compilation show that Sarah was brilliant right from the start. The only surprise is that she took so long to achieve legendary status.


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Track lists


01 Sarah Vaughan I'll Wait And Pray 0:02:58

02 Sarah Vaughan Signing Off 0:02:40

03 Sarah Vaughan Interlude 0:02:32

04 Sarah Vaughan No Smokes Blues 0:02:28

05 Sarah Vaughan East Of The Sun 0:02:53

06 Sarah Vaughan Don't Blame Me 0:03:01

07 Sarah Vaughan Lover Man 0:03:23

08 Sarah Vaughan What More Can A Woman Do? 0:03:04

09 Sarah Vaughan I'd Rather Have A Memory Than A Dream 0:02:43

10 Sarah Vaughan Mean To Me 0:02:42

11 Sarah Vaughan All Too Soon 0:02:54

12 Sarah Vaughan Time And Again 0:03:18

13 Sarah Vaughan I'm Scared 0:02:35

14 Sarah Vaughan You Go To My Head 0:03:04

15 Sarah Vaughan I Could Make You Love Me 0:02:48

16 Sarah Vaughan It Might As Well Be Spring 0:03:01

17 Sarah Vaughan We're Through 0:02:40

18 Sarah Vaughan A Hundred Years From Today 0:02:57

19 Sarah Vaughan If You Could See Me Now 0:02:51

20 Sarah Vaughan I Could Make You Love Me (2) 0:03:03

21 Sarah Vaughan You're Not The Kind 0:03:00

22 Sarah Vaughan My Kinda Love 0:02:38

23 Sarah Vaughan You're Blase 0:03:00

24 Sarah Vaughan I've Got A Crush On You 0:02:59


01 Vaughan, Sarah I'm Through With Love 0:02:53

02 Vaughan, Sarah Everything I Have Is Yours 0:02:53

03 Vaughan, Sarah Body And Soul 0:02:56

04 Vaughan, Sarah Penthouse Serenade 0:03:13

05 Vaughan, Sarah Don't Worry 'Bout Me 0:02:58

06 Vaughan, Sarah Time After Time 0:03:07

07 Vaughan, Sarah September Song 0:03:05

08 Vaughan, Sarah I Cover The Waterfront 0:02:56

09 Vaughan, Sarah I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You 0:02:45

19 Vaughan, Sarah The Man I Love 0:02:46

10 Vaughan, Sarah Tenderly 0:03:04

11 Vaughan, Sarah Don't Blame Me 0:03:12

12 Vaughan, Sarah The Lord's Prayer 0:02:54

13 Vaughan, Sarah Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child 0:02:48

14 Vaughan, Sarah I Can't Get Started 0:02:30

15 Vaughan, Sarah Trouble Is A Man 0:02:36

16 Vaughan, Sarah Love Or Leave Me 0:02:57

17 Vaughan, Sarah I'll Wait And Pray 0:03:02

18 Vaughan, Sarah I Get A Kick Out Of You 0:02:52

20 Vaughan, Sarah I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter 0:02:25

21 Vaughan, Sarah The One I Love Belongs To Someone Else 0:03:11

22 Vaughan, Sarah Button Up Your Overcoat 0:02:29

23 Vaughan, Sarah I Feel So Smoochie 0:02:38


01 Sarah Vaughan Blue Grass 0:02:51

02 Sarah Vaughan It's You or No One 0:03:12

03 Sarah Vaughan It's Magic 0:03:10

04 Sarah Vaughan What a Difference a Day Makes 0:02:48

05 Sarah Vaughan Gentleman Friend 0:02:35

06 Sarah Vaughan Once in a While 0:03:07

07 Sarah Vaughan How Am I to Know 0:02:53

08 Sarah Vaughan Nature Boy 0:02:56

09 Sarah Vaughan I'm Glad There's You 0:03:04

10 Sarah Vaughan Bianca 0:03:11

11 Sarah Vaughan As You Desire Me 0:02:37

12 Sarah Vaughan Black Coffee 0:03:19

13 Sarah Vaughan While You Are Gone 0:03:10

14 Sarah Vaughan Tonight I Shall Sleep 0:03:25

15 Sarah Vaughan That Lucky Old Sun 0:03:33

16 Sarah Vaughan Give Me a Song With a Beautiful Melody 0:02:44

17 Sarah Vaughan Make Believe 0:02:43

18 Sarah Vaughan You Taught Me to Love Again 0:03:19

19 Sarah Vaughan Just Friends 0:03:02

20 Sarah Vaughan Lonely Girl 0:02:22

21 Sarah Vaughan You Say You Care 0:02:52

22 Sarah Vaughan Fool's Paradise 0:02:55

23 Sarah Vaughan I Cried for You 0:02:27


01 Sarah Vaughan You're Mine You 0:03:13

02 Sarah Vaughan I'm Crazy to Love You 0:03:02

03 Sarah Vaughan Summertime 0:03:18

04 Sarah Vaughan The Nearness of You 0:03:22

05 Sarah Vaughan Ev'ry Day 0:02:59

06 Sarah Vaughan I Love You 0:02:41

07 Sarah Vaughan Dedicated to You 0:02:46

08 Sarah Vaughan You're All I Need 0:03:05

09 Sarah Vaughan Our Very Own 0:03:16

10 Sarah Vaughan Don't Be Afraid 0:02:57

11 Sarah Vaughan Ain't Misbehavin' 0:03:01

12 Sarah Vaughan Goodnight My Love 0:03:30

13 Sarah Vaughan Can't Get Out of This Mood 0:02:51

14 Sarah Vaughan It Might as Well Be Spring 0:03:14

15 Sarah Vaughan Mean to Me 0:02:55

16 Sarah Vaughan Come Rain or Come Shine 0:03:26

17 Sarah Vaughan Nice Work If You Can Get It 0:02:37

18 Sarah Vaughan East Of The Sun 0:03:08

19 Sarah Vaughan I Love the Guy 0:02:36

20 Sarah Vaughan Thinking of You 0:03:05

21 Sarah Vaughan Perdido 0:02:32

22 Sarah Vaughan Whippa-Whippa-Woo 0:03:10

23 Sarah Vaughan I'll Know 0:03:20

24 Sarah Vaughan De Gas Pipe She's Leakin' Joe 0:02:44




  1. Sorry - I grabbed this the other day, but my laptop was acting odd and it probited me from leaving a comment then. Ms. Vaughan was an amazing artist and this is an unbelievable overview of her early career. Thank you so much for sharing it, BB. Again, my apologies for a belated comment (old man and technology).

    1. Thanks pmac.
      Yes, it is a beautiful set and a very rewarding listen.
      There is no problem with late comments, in fact, sometimes, its better to listen to the post before a comment is made. No apologies needed.