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VA - Enjoy The Greeks [2004] + Enjoy The Greeks II (The Ultimate Hellenic Rock'n'Roll Compilation) [2006]



VA - Enjoy The Greeks [2004] + Enjoy The Greeks II (The Ultimate Hellenic Rock'n'Roll Compilation) [2006] 

This is a set of compilations of various Underground Garage & Rockabilly Greek bands.  Not much is known internationally when it comes to Greek rock music. But there is a great indie scene that's worth your attention. This could be one of the best Garage/Psych scenes in the world. Most of these bands didn't get the chance to record in a proper studio or release an album, but thanks to independent labels there were many releases from small Greek indie labels.  On Stage Records was one of them.

On Stage Records presents the first complete retrospective compilation of today's Greek rock'n'roll scene. This compilation presents the best crop of the "Now Sound" of the Greek rock'n'roll. It includes 15 artists in 22 tracks (most of the cuts are originals) with sounds varying from straight-on rockabilly to garage and from surf to psychedelia. You will find everything in here from various Garage Rock styles, Rockabilly, Psychobilly and Pop Rock tracks.  All the tracks included are previously unreleased and very carefully selected! And like the bottle of the famous Greek aperitif "ouzo" at the front cover, this compilation is destined to be an exportable product and will surely appeal internationally.

Enjoy The Greeks II  is a compilation that was available free with the Music Magazine POP & ROCK (was a popular monthly music magazines in Greece, founded in 1978 and finished in 2012). As with 'Enjoy The Greeks" It contains many Garage Rock, Rockabilly, Psychobilly and Pop Rock tracks. All tracks are previously unreleased except tracks 1,9 and 17. (Amazon)



Track lists

Enjoy The Greeks

01 Bullets Out Of Gaz 2:14

02 Frantic V I'm Asking Why 1:57

03 Ducky Boys Watin' For Yesterday 1:47

04 Teardrops Coming Home 2:36

05 Alexandros Perros and the Lone Stars Cruisin' Mean 2:32

06 Strange Brew What I'm Gonna Do 2:42

07 Teddy Boys From The Crypt Minidress 3:35

08 Hydes Hitwave 2:09

09 Fsykicks I Shot My Baby 3:17

10 5 Star Hotel I Want You 2:14

11 Bullets Thank You Johnny Carroll 2:21

12 Overtones Mr. Myster 2:30

13 Unknown Passage My Foolish Friends 3:15

14 Strange Brew I'm Loving You 3:32

15 Ducky Boys Not My Day 2:17

16 Crazed Kiss Eternal Life 3:08

17 Teardrops Travel High 2:20

18 Alexandros Perros and the Lone Stars No Time To Waste 2:38

19 Fsykicks Lunatic 4:45

20 Marry Me Mary Spy's Girl 2:42

21 Teddy Boys From The Crypt The Fuzzman 3:18

22 T 4 trouble I'm Not Strong 2:18

Enjoy The Greeks II

01 Last Drive Midnight Hop 2:19

02 Frantic V Treat Me Kind 2:04

03 Bullets Little Angel 3:53

04 Rockets Because 2:30

05 Teardrops I Cry 3:41

06 Yesterday's Thoughts I Don't Love You 2:33

07 Ducky Boys Really Killing Me 2:49

08 Psykicks Dark Side 4:22

09 Al.Perros & The Lone Stars Betty Page 4:04

10 George & The Hustlers Thoughts Of Regret 3:52

11 Mod Factor Polymorphously Perverted 2:47

12 Meanie Geanies Little Red Ridin' Hood 2:34

13 Breathless What To Do 2:35

14 Overtones The Bag We're In 2:20

15 Teddy Boys From The Crypt Why 2:25

16 Unknown Passage Shame On You 3:38

17 Purple Overdose 2008 Old View 3:30



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