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VA - 1979, Revolt Into Style (3 x CD's)


VA - 1979, Revolt Into Style (3 x CD's)

Not long after exploding into being as a raw, angry, and politically driven hypercharge of rock & roll, punk quickly mutated. Historians, fans, and purists will argue over the exact timeline, but if punk was truly born in 1977 with the Sex Pistols, the Clash, the Ramones, and other classic early bands of the genre, it had already begun sprouting new branches a few years later in the form of post-punk, new wave, industrial, punkers experimenting with dub, funk, and disco styles, and even more new approaches to a genre that was relatively new itself. The extensive compilation 1979: Revolt into Style collects dozens of tracks from what was a banner year for post-punk, setting familiar essentials side by side with more obscure cuts. Inclusions from punk upstarts like Sham 69, the Clash, and the Jam illuminate how those bands were maturing past the energetic three-chord rippers they started out with to explore more thoughtful songwriting and instrumentation. The next wave that was rising out of punk's initial crash is represented here by excellent songs from some of the most important names in post-punk: Joy Division, the Fall, Gang of Four, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Gary Numan's Tubeway Army. Revolt into Style does a great job of balancing out the better-known post-punk acts with less commercially successful but equally exciting bands like Swell Maps, Alternative TV, and the Mekons. This is true of every subgenre the compilation explores. New wave superstars like Adam and the Ants, Dexy's Midnight Runners, and the Pretenders appear beside more obscure artists like Glory Boys, the Regents, and the Zipps. With 76 songs and around four hours long, Revolt into Style is a solid entry point for anyone getting their feet wet with what came after punk. It's a deep dive that showcases both certified hits and lost gems, offering a sense of just how quickly styles were changing, and how the different players in the scene were influencing one another as those changes played out in the form of exhilarating new music. (AllMusic review by Fred Thomas)

Continuing Cherry Red's yearly overview of the late 70's UK “new music” scene, ‘Revolt Into Style’ features the best of a fast-splintering scene, rife with creativity.


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Track lists


01 Red Noise Revolt Into Style 3:26

02 Eddie & the Hot Rods Media Messiahs 2:55

03 Andy Arthurs & the Rock Along Combo I Feel Flat 3:21

04 Magazine Rythm of Cruelty (Single Version) 3:05

05 Cannibals You Can’t 2:39

06 John Cooper Clarke ¡gimmix! Play Loud 3:34

07 Dead Fingers Talk The Boyfriend 3:03

08 Only Ones You Got to Pay 2:47

09 Glaxo Babies Who Killed Bruce Lee 3:21

10 Sham 69 Questions and Answers (Single Version) 3:18

11 Fingerprintz Night Nurse 3:41

12 Siouxsie and the Banshees The Staircase (Mystery) 3:08

13 Squares Stop Being a Boy 3:24

14 Fall Rebellious Jukebox 2:57

15 Alternative Tv Graves of Deluxe Green 2:57

16 Patrik Fitzgerald All Sewn Up 2:28

17 Tubeway Army Me! I Disconnect From You 3:24

18 Outsiders White Debt 2:56

19 Members Soho-A-Go-Go 3:59

20 Three Party Split Dubious Parentage 2:55

21 X-ray Spex Highly Inflammable 2:34

22 Jonnie and the Lubes I Got Rabies 3:33

23 Toyah Victims of the Riddle 3:38

24 Ian Dury & the Blockheads Sink My Boats 4:14


01 Squeeze Up the Junction 3:14

02 Clash Groovy Times 3:29

03 Records Girls That Don’t Exist 3:42

04 Skids Masquerade 2:48

05 Clive Langer & the Boxes The Whole World 3:33

06 Echo & the Bunnymen Read it in Books (Original Version) 2:33

07 Faders Library Book 1:52

08 Gang of Four At Home He’s a Tourist 3:33

09 Joy Division Disorder 3:30

10 Numbers Alternative Suicide 2:53

11 Jags Back of My Hand 3:22

12 Teardrop Explodes Bouncing Babies (Original Version) 2:50

13 Cravats Burning Bridges 2:26

14 Adam and the Ants Whip in My Valise 4:00

15 Fashion Citinite 5:19

16 Undertones Here Comes the Summer 1:39

17 Cult Figures Zip Nolan (Extended Mix) 2:32

18 Pretenders Kid 3:07

19 Quads There Must Be Thousands 3:25

20 Jam When You’re Young 3:14

21 Cheetahs Radio-Active 3:07

22 Ruts Something That I Said 3:56

23 Teenbeats I Can’t Control Myself 2:57

24 Stranglers (Don’t Bring) Harry 4:09

25 Barracudas I Want My Woody Back 2:26


01 XTC Making Plans for Nigel 4:12

02 Revillos Where’s the Boy for Me 2:05

03 Monochrome Set The Monochrome Set (Single Version) 2:18

04 Passage Taking My Time 2:44

05 Swell Maps Real Shocks 2:18

06 Zipps Friends 2:01

07 Disco Zombies Disco Zombies 2:14

08 Pack Number 12 2:59

09 Human League Empire State Human 3:14

10 Wall Kiss the Mirror 2:15

11 Mekons Work All Week 3:26

12 999 Found Out Too Late 3:39

13 Outcasts Self Conscious Over You 3:11

14 Public Image Ltd Memories (Single Version) 4:52

15 Monks Johnny B. Rotten 2:57

16 Freshies Children of the World 2:49

17 Vapors Prisoners 2:55

18 Madness Bed and Breakfast Man 2:34

19 Secret Affair Glory Boys 4:31

20 Dexys Midnight Runners Dance Stance (Demo Version Mix) 3:44

21 Regents 7 Teen 3:23

22 Lurkers New Guitar in Town 2:38

23 Boys Kamikaze 3:09

24 Carpettes Easy Way Out 2:53

25 Scritti Politti Messthetics 1:46

26 Spizzenergi Where’s Captain Kirk 2:18

27 Notsensibles I’m in Love With Margaret Thatcher 2:23




  1. Love this Compilation......Name a year...any year and it will have important musical merit.
    Without opening the "can of worms"...!
    1979 was the year it all came together.......all "music" genres.
    This compilation goes some way into highlighting this…utterly brilliant.

    Stay safe

  2. Hi Stephen,
    Its a great set. Thanks for your perspective. I have others that will surface one day.

    1. I was (and still am) a huge Bill Nelson fan.
      Bill is still making great music and has a wonderful Web Site "Dreamsville"
      His early band (after Be Bop Deluxe) Red Noise still sound fantastic.
      A "Complete Red Noise" six disc Box Set is to be released in August this year.
      I for one cannot wait!!


    2. Groovy Times from The Clash is very cool. Thx for all these classy compilations

    3. Originally on "The Cost Of Living" EP - Which had their cover of the Sonny Curtis song "I Fought the Law" .The Clash - Still one of the greatest bands.

    4. I am with Stephen on Bill Nelson. Even though I am a dyed in the wool aged pedant with an affinity for the blues I regard Bill Nelson as an underappreciated wizard on the six strings.. I especially liked the Be Bop Deluxe stuff. All these compilations are ace.

    5. Like Stephen said, it was the same scene, but still so many different genres ... exciting times.

    6. Great discussion everyone.

    7. I originate from Guildford UK which is where the Vapors came from, good to see their excellent first single "Prisoners" here. (....and yes I did know them and others at that time). Of course now living in Brisbane Australia I am missing out on their renaissance.

  3. I originate from Guildford UK which is where the Vapors came from, good to see their excellent first single "Prisoners" here. (....and yes I did know them and others at that time). Of course now living in Brisbane Australia I am missing out on their renaissance.

    Great music all round
    Stay safe

    1. Thanks Stephen.
      I am happy to hear you are enjoying the music memories.
      I hope the rains have not effected you joy of living in the Sunshine State

  4. Many thanks Butterboy for sharing - VA - 1979, Revolt Into Style.......what a fantastic collection,many I havn't heard before or just simply forgot about......brought a smile to my face and made my day.....thanks again....Love & Peace Stu

    1. Hi Stu.
      There will be an extended K version out soon. Keep an eye out for that one.