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Isaac Hayes - The Spirit of Memphis (1962-1976) [2017] 4 x CD's



Isaac Hayes - The Spirit of Memphis (1962-1976) [2017] 4 x CD's

As an integral part of the 60th anniversary of Stax records, the Concord Music Group has released the current boxed set documenting the music of Isaac Hayes on a new reissue label, Craft. As noted by the complier of the set, the music industry veteran Joe McEwen, this is a very idiosyncratic set comprised of 4 CD's and a 45 facsimile of Black Moses’ first record.

The Spirit of Memphis (1962-1976) chronicles the ascension of one of the greatest American musical talents the world has ever seen. From his humble beginnings as an orphaned sharecropper to his time as a session player, house songwriter, and producer for Stax Records, to his arrival as an artist in his own right as “Black Moses,” Hayes became a symbol for what was possible for Black America, perhaps best encapsulated by his barrier-busting Oscar-win for Best Original Song with “Theme from Shaft” in 1972. This four-CD set includes both songs written and produced by Hayes and performed by the other artists (Sam & Dave’s “Soul Man,” Carla Thomas’ “B-A-B-Y”), as well as a collection of Hayes’ best-loved hits (“Walk on By,” “Theme from Shaft”), plus a wealth of previously unreleased material. This essential collection examines the many facets of Isaac Hayes’ career and provides an essential survey of one of the most influential, genre-defining artists in American music history.

This set provides an intelligent look into the impressive house musicians at STAX: it’s not just about Isaac but about how some incredible and rarely mentioned musicians deliver some of their best work. STAX does everything you’d want a music museum to do, offering a scholarly and EVOLVING look at its back catalogue while giving back to the neighborhood in many ways.  (Amazon)

The last great star to come out of STAX, fundamental to its success, with David Porter wrote masterpieces, a great compilation not to be missed.


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Track lists


01 Floyd Newman Sassy 2:10

02 David Porter Can't See You When I Want To (Alternate Take) 2:52

03 Carla Thomas How Do You Quit (Someone You Love) 2:52

04 Booker T & The Mg's Boot Leg 2:04

05 Astors Candy 2:59

06 Danny White Can't Do Nothing Without You 3:01

07 Johnnie Taylor I Had A Dream 3:02

08 Sam & Dave Hold On I'm Coming 2:34

09 Ruby Johnson I'll Run Your Heart Away 3:07

10 Carla Thomas Let Me Be Good To You 2:41

11 Mable John Your Good Thing (Is About To End) 2:56

12 Homer Banks Fighting To Win 3:06

13 Carla Thomas B-A-B-Y 2:54

14 William Bell Never Like This Before 2:59

15 Mad Lads Patch My Heart 2:31

16 Johnnie Taylor Little Bluebird 2:54

17 Charlie Rich When Something Is Wrong With My Baby 2:45

18 Charlie Rich Love Is After Me 2:23

19 Judy Clay You Can't Run Away From Your Heart 2:53

20 Sam & Dave Soul Man 2:37

21 Charmels As Long As I've Got You 2:38

22 Sam & Dave I Thank You 2:43

23 The Soul Children The Sweeter He Is 6:19

24 Billy Eckstine Stormy 3:53

25 David Porter Can't See You When I Want To 4:26

26 Emotions Show Me How 3:05


01 Sir Isaac & The Do-Dads The Big Dipper 2:23

02 Sir Isaac & The Do-Dads Blue Groove 2:32

03 Isaac Hayes Precious, Precious 2:41

04 Isaac Hayes By The Time I Get To Phoenix 6:54

05 Isaac Hayes The Mistletoe And Me 3:56

06 Isaac Hayes Winter Snow 2:55

07 Isaac Hayes I Stand Accused 4:03

08 Isaac Hayes The Look Of Love 3:17

09 Isaac Hayes Never Can Say Goodbye 3:36

10 Isaac Hayes Theme From Shaft 3:15

11 Isaac Hayes Do Your Thing 3:18

12 Isaac Hayes Let's Stay Together 3:46

13 Isaac Hayes Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One) 4:22

14 Isaac Hayes Baby I'm A Want You 4:37

15 Isaac Hayes Theme From "The Men" 4:00

16 Isaac Hayes Rolling Down A Mountainside 4:15

17 Isaac Hayes Joy (Pt. 1) 4:35

18 Isaac Hayes Wonderful 3:38

19 Isaac Hayes Someone Made You For Me 4:02

20 Isaac Hayes Radio Spot, You Gotta Have It To Really Be In 1:00

21 Isaac Hayes Radio Spot, The Rapper Is Back 0:31


01 Isaac Hayes When I Fall In Love 3:30

02 Isaac Hayes Walk On By 11:57

03 Isaac Hayes I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself 7:00

04 Isaac Hayes Man's Temptation 5:01

05 Isaac Hayes Never Gonna Give You Up 5:45

06 Isaac Hayes Windows Of The World 5:45

07 Isaac Hayes The Ten Commandments Of Love (Live) 3:55

08 Isaac Hayes Just Want To Make Love To You / Rock Me Baby (Live / Medley) 3:44

09 Isaac Hayes Stormy Monday (Live) 3:12

10 Isaac Hayes I Stand Accused (Live) 6:01

11 Isaac Hayes If Loving You Is Wrong (Live) 4:27

12 Isaac Hayes His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Live) 5:59


01 Isaac Hayes Ike's Mood I (Edit) 6:31

02 Isaac Hayes You've Made Me So Very Happy 5:35

03 Isaac Hayes Black Militant's Place 3:34

04 Isaac Hayes Ain't No Sunshine 3:38

05 Isaac Hayes Hung Up On My Baby (Extended Jam) 7:31

06 Isaac Hayes Groove-A-Thon (Extended Jam) 18:47

07 Isaac Hayes Do Your Thing (Extended Jam) 33:02




  1. Thanks BB, that's an astonishing set of tracks, the man was a true genius

    1. Hi harry the dog,
      It really is a great box set.

  2. BB, wonderful comp, Isaac was a godsend, thank you so much for this. Your hard work and generosity, what can one say!!! Cheers, Jeremy

    1. Thanks Jeremy.
      It's a great box set that can be listened to over and over. Enjoy!