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VA - I'm A Freak Baby 3 [2021] (3 x CD's)



VA - I'm A Freak Baby 3 [2021] (3 x CD's)

They've done it again, digging deeper than ever thought possible. All the rare British hard rock singles and recordings from the golden era, 1968-1972. Following the success of the first two volumes of the series I'm A Freak Baby, Grapefruit returns with a third instalment of pioneering hard rock sounds from the nascent British underground. As with it's predecessors, I'm A Freak Baby 3 includes many of the acts who were synonymous with the stoner, free festival element of the English counterculture, with key tracks from such seminal underground stalwarts as Mick Farren and The Deviants, Edgar Broughton Band, Pink Fairies and Hawkwind. Also included are musicians and bands who were honing their sound before finding huge success: the embryonic Deep Purple, the teenage Free, first album Thin Lizzy, Lemmy (fronting Sam Gopal) and a pre-fame Mott The Hoople are joined by old-stagers The Yardbirds, represented by an incendiary 1968 live version of "Dazed And Confused", a song that Jimmy Page would take with him to his next band. Completed by a handful of one-shots (Mighty Hard, Distant Jim) and previously unreleased tracks. I'm A Freak Baby 3 is another essential window on a burgeoning movement that would go on to establish a musical revolution. To quote the mighty Edgar Broughton Band, keep them freaks a-rollin'! (Amazon)

VA - I'm A Freak Baby [2016] + VA - I'm A Freak 2 Baby [2019]  can be found here:


Pt.1   Pt.2 


Track lists


01 Stray Suicide 7:42

02 May Blitz For Mad Men Only 4:14

03 Mott The Hoople The Moon Upstairs 5:03

04 Head Machine You Must Come With Me 4:55

05 Killing Floor Fido Castrol 4:42

06 UFO Prince Kajuku 3:57

07 Red Dirt Hard Times 3:47

08 Deep Purple Mandrake Root 6:07

09 Nazareth Fat Man 3:25

10 Tear Gas Im Glad 5:46

11 Creepy John Thomas This Is My Body 3:30

12 Sweet Slag Flavour Of Decay 3:40

13 NSU Stoned 4:51

14 Deviants Slum Lord 2:21

15 Pink Fairies Teenage Rebel 5:23

16 Mighty Hard Save The Life Of My Child 4:02

17 Distant Jim Cosmarama 5:59


01 Uriah Heep Walking In Your Shadow 4:32

02 Zior Strange Kind Of Magic 3:04

03 Hard Stuff No Witch At All 5:41

04 Hawkwind Master Of The Universe 6:20

05 Edgar Broughton Band Mommas Reward (Keep Them Freaks A Rollin) 3:07

06 Fuzzy Duck Afternoon Out 4:56

07 Steamhammer Juniors Wailing 3:22

08 The Yardbirds Dazed And Confused (Live) 5:49

09 Wicked Lady Why Dont You Let Me Try 4:59

10 Grit Mineshaft 3:56

11 Chicken Shack You Know You Could Be Right 3:47

12 Sam Gopal Midsummer Nights Dream 2:14

13 Stack Waddy Hunt The Stag 2:45

14 Third World War Hammersmith Guerilla (Full Version) 8:18

15 Stoned Rose Day By Day 4:26

16 Quatermass One Blind Mice 3:18

17 Episode Six Mozart Versus The Rest 3:01

18 Trapeze Medusa 5:43


01 Free Im A Mover 2:58

02 Bram Stoker Born To Be Free 3:43

03 Budgie Homicidal Suicidal 6:43

04 Thin Lizzy Return Of The Farmers Son 4:15

05 Writing On The Wall It Came On A Sunday 4:12

06 Procol Harum Whisky Train 4:29

07 Samuel Prody Who Will Buy 4:26

08 Leaf Hound Stagnant Pool 3:59

09 Monument First Taste Of Love 3:23

10 Ashkan Practically Never Happens 6:00

11 Bone Crush 3:44

12 Geordie Keep On Rockin 3:20

13 Warhorse Ritual 4:54

14 Curtis Knight Zeus Mysterious Lady 2:45

15 Bullfrog The Joker (Live) 2:50

16 T2 Looking Back 5:56

17 Mick Farren Summertime Blues 2:37

18 Spooky Tooth Evil Woman 9:08




  1. I love this series--Thanks Butterboy!

    1. It is a great series, Eric. I hope you continue to enjoy these.

  2. Some great shares this last month BB including I'm A Freak Baby 3. Many thanks.

    1. Hi zipper,
      I appreciated your kindness. There has been a lot of variety. Great to hear you have been enjoying some of the choices.