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VA - Banquet, Underground Sounds Of 1969 [2021] (3 x CD's)



VA - Banquet, Underground Sounds Of 1969 [2021] (3 x CD's)

"Banquet - Underground Sounds of 1969" is another excellent compilation from Cherry Red Records that continues their in-depth exploration of the musical treasures of the late 60's. Here again, the focus is on 1969. That time when psychedelia was evolving towards what was then quaintly called progressive rock. Nearly four hours of music from 1969, a year that saw a huge progression in both musically and socially. It was a fine year for creativity in British album-based rock, embraced by the emerging counter-culture. Musical stylistic influences such as psychedelia jazz, blues, hard rock, folk and even classical music melded, all of which championed by "underground" figures of the day such as DJ John Peel on his BBC Radio One show Top Gear and by publications such as International Times and Oz. 1969 also saw bands that would go on to achieve success and influence in the 1970s such as Deep Purple, Fleetwood Mac, Ten Years After, Jethro Tull, Barclay James Harvest, Edgar Broughton Band, Free, Family, Genesis, Strawbs, Van Der Graaf Generator, Man and Yes begin their rise to prominence. Aside from featuring better known acts such as Jack Bruce, Thunderclap Newman, Procol Harum, Moody Blues, Taste, Fairport Convention, Colosseum, Michael Chapman and The Jeff Beck Group, this compilation also features lesser-known acts that produced fine work of a wide breadth such as Eyes of Blue, East of Eden, Blodwyn Pig, Locomotive, Mighty Baby, Pete Brown and The Deviants. This collection celebrates a creative period when rock music was evolving into something altogether more serious, moving away from the single as medium to give way to the dominance of the album. Open your ears to "Banquet, Underground Sounds of 1969" (Amazon)

All 52 tracks of it. Glorious pieces of top quality, progressive rock, ranging from well known practitioners, through slightly less well known, but equally wonderful artists. The quality never wavers while the variety is excellent all through. If you are a fan of this genre of music you will love this wonderfully curated and assembled box set with its detailed liner notes. And if you are beginning your musical journey through the archives of progressive rock this is a fine place to start. One glance at the musical goodies track list will convince you of that fact.



Track list


01 Yes Beyond & Before 4:53

02 Genesis In the Beginning 4:05

03 Van Der Graaf Generator Afterwards 4:56

04 East of Eden Northern Hemisphere 5:06

05 Fat Mattress All Night Drinker 3:14

06 Man The Future Hides Its Face 5:28

07 Eyes of Blue After the War 3:34

08 Locomotive Mr. Armageddon (Mono Single Version) 4:37

09 Barclay James Harvest Poor Wages 2:33

10 Fairport Convention Meet on the Ledge 2:52

11 Strawbs Where is This Dream of Your Youth? (Original Version) 3:04

12 Deep Purple Shield 6:05

13 Mighty Baby Egyptian Tomb 5:29

14 Pete Brown & His Battered Ornaments The Week Looked Good on Paper 5:19

15 Ten Years After Bad Scene 3:31

16 Taste Born on the Wrong Side of Time 3:57

17 Deviants Billy the Monster 3:26

18 Sunforest Magician in the Mountain 4:12


01 Colosseum Walking in the Park 3:54

02 Fleetwood Mac Oh Well (Part One) 3:24

03 Mighty Baby House Without Windows 6:12

04 Bulldog Breed Austin Osmanspare 2:56

05 Spooky Tooth Better Be You, Better Than Me 3:43

06 Jack Bruce Never Tell Your Mother She's Out of Tune 3:41

07 Free Trouble on Double Time 3:25

08 Jethro Tull A New Day Yesterday 4:09

09 Jeff Beck Group Rice Pudding 7:25

10 Procol Harum A Salty Dog 4:37

11 Barclay James Harvest Brother Thrush 3:03

12 Fairport Convention A Sailor's Life 11:10

13 Audience Banquet 3:34

14 Moody Blues Gypsy (Of a Strange and Distant Time) 3:36

15 Jody Grind Paint it Black 5:06

16 Michael Chapman Rainmaker 3:41

17 Family No Mule's Food 3:19


01 Edgar Broughton Band Evil 2:37

02 Kevin Ayers The Lady Rachel 5:19

03 Deep Purple Chasing Shadows 5:33

04 The Climax Blues Band Flight 7:51

05 Pete Brown & Piblokto! Living Life Backwards 2:03

06 Renaissance Kings and Queens 10:59

07 Third Ear Band Stone Circle 3:27

08 Juicy Lucy Who Do You Love 3:02

09 Jack Bruce Theme for an Imaginary Western 3:29

10 Blodwyn Pig Sing Me a Song That I Know 3:03

11 Thunderclap Newman Something in the Air 3:56

12 Manfred Mann Chapter Three One Way Glass 3:34

13 High Tide Walking Down Their Outlook 4:59

14 Colosseum The Kettle 4:26

15 Quintessence Notting Hill Gate (Single Version) 2:55

16 Man Spunk Box 5:50

17 Yes Survival 6:19




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    1. Hi Masters 6672,
      Sometimes people don't know they like Prog Rock until they listen too it.
      I post it here so the visitors can also pick it up and give it a spin.


  2. To quote some guy from some song, it was a very good year. thanks, Butter!

    1. Hi sir in tx
      "It Was a Very Good Year" is a song composed by Ervin Drake in 1961 and originally recorded by Bob Shane with the Kingston Trio. The Kingston Trio introduced the song on their album Goin' Places (1961). This is the recording that influenced Frank Sinatra to want to record his own version (Wikipedia)
      I thank Ervin Drake and the Kingston Trio .... and I thank you for your great comment and your love of good progressive Rock.


    2. I was of course thinking of "Old Blue Eyes", as his version was well nigh inescapable for many moons, but thought it would be 'cooler' to act like I couldn't be bothered with remembering one of the emblematic names of 20th Century popular music. As for Prog, I'll go with early Procol Harum, Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, Fairport Convention, Mick Abrahams-era Tull, Colosseum, Jeff Beck, Jack Bruce, Blodwyn Pig and Kevin Fuckin' Ayers, by God! And a big tip of slr's sombrero to the estimable proprietor of this fine establishment. Long may it prosper!

    3. Thank you Sir.
      Watch out for Kevin Ayers in the future..


  3. Thanks for another spiffing compilation of late 60's tracks

    1. Thanks Marley,
      Hope you are continue to enjoying it.


  4. A truly fine compilation, thanks a lot, Mr. B! TC

    1. Hi The Chairman,
      A great compilation that everyone should listen to.


  5. This is a great comp. Do you have "Revolution: Underground Sounds of 1968"?

    1. Hi John,
      Glad you like it,
      I do have "Revolution: Underground Sounds of 1968". Will be posted in the future.


  6. Always a pleasure to listen to the songs off the charts from a time when you actually thought you had got to know everything by now. This collection teaches me once again that there are still many treasures to be found, one of which is presented here, thank you very much!

    1. Hi WOODY.
      This set is full of treasures and your words should encourage others to pick this one up.


  7. Thanks for another brilliant compilation (at least it's what it looks like). I love all this progressive sounds!!!

    1. Hi Il Commendatore,
      I like progressive rock music too.


  8. Thank you for this compilation, i like your work very much. Many greetings.

    1. You are welcome Cougar1962.
      Enjoy this compilation.