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VA - Holy Spirit, Spiritual Soul & Gospel Funk [2012] (2 x CD's)


VA - Holy Spirit, Spiritual Soul & Gospel Funk [2012] (2 x CD's)

A compilation of American independent funky Soul and Gospel music which is currently one of most exciting areas of record collecting. One of the greatest labels for funky Gospel releases was undoubtedly Jewel Records from Shreveport, Louisiana in 1963. From such humble beginnings sprang a recording empire which also included the Paula, Ronn and Soul Power labels. We invited serious DJ's, record collectors and all round funky Gospel addicts, the UK based David Hill and US based Greg Belson, to compile the best funky Gospel and Spiritual Soul from the Jewel archives. Also, we're delighted to include one of the rare records which made it into John Peel's legendary 7' record box: The sensational 'No More Ghettos in America' by Stanley Winston, proof positive that Jewel's funky Gospel sound found supporters right across the spectrum. (Amazon)

The guys at harmless never fail to deliver quality music. The value of the blues, soul, gospel on these tracks is not diminished considering the age of these tracks. These artists lived and worked in a state where black emancipation and rights was not a foregone conclusion in the days of civil rights. Excellent real music...



Track list


01 Meditation Singers Trouble's Brewin' 5:08

02 BPS Revolution Brotherly Love 3:24

03 Soul Stirrers I'm Trying to Be Your Friend 3:24

04 Ernest Franklin Trying Times 3:08

05 Hopson Family Prayer Will Take You There 4:01

06 Chimes Woke Up This Morning 3:32

07 Albertina Walker Mama Said, Thank You 3:47

08 Brooklyn Allstars If Loving God Is Wrong (I Don't Want to Be Right) 2:50

09 Keith Barrow Everything's Gonna Be Alright 3:06

10 Dorothy Norwood He's a Friend 3:08

11 Brooklyn Allstars I'm Glad You're Mine 3:10

12 Leomia Boyd and the Gospel Music Makers Need More Love 4:39

13 Southerners Jesus Is Real to Me 2:51

14 Traveling Echoes The Golden Gate 2:48

15 Violinaires The Upper Way 3:28

16 Roscoe Robinson Do It Right Now 2:13

17 Clarence Fountain This Little Light of Mine 2:34

18 Soul Stirrers Crying On the Mountain 4:29

19 Armstrong Brothers Far Away for God 2:57

20 Meditation Singers A Change Is Gonna Come 4:13


01 Armstrong Brothers Can You Treat Him Like a Brother 2:55

02 Bill Moss & the Celestials You've Got to Serve Somebody 5:00

03 Southerners I'll Wait for the Lord 2:21

04 Meditation Singers Good Old Gospel Music 4:40

05 Roscoe Robinson There's a Creator 3:14

06 Mighty Sons of Glory Don't Forget the Bridge (That Brought You Over) 3:47

07 Dorothy Norwood There's Got to Be Rain in Your Life 3:07

08 Soul Stirrers Lord, Oh Lord, I Believe 3:13

09 Meditation Singers I Love My Jesus 3:17

10 Silver Gate Quartet of North Carolina Watch That Rogue 4:36

11 Fantastic Violinaires I'm Not Worried 3:23

12 Hopson Family Hello Sunshine 2:59

13 Dorothy Norwood Come and Go with Me 3:05

14 Traveling Echoes I'd Like to Know 2:57

15 Spiritual Interns He Walks with Me 2:09

16 Brooklyn Allstars In the Ghetto 3:19

17 Violinaires Message to My Friends 6:48

18 Dorothy Norwood Winding Up 2:13

19 Rev. Oris Mays Nobody Can Turn Me Around 2:25

20 Traveling Echoes God Don't Change 2:52

21 Stanley Winston No More Ghettos in America 3:22




  1. That label had some great secular music, too (for us heathens, who also steal some of the altar grape juice). Thanks, BB!

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