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VA - Good As Gold, Artefacts Of The Apple Era 1967-1975 [2021] (5 x CD's)


VA - Good As Gold, Artefacts Of The Apple Era 1967-1975 [2021] (5 x CD's)

Established in 1967 at the height of their powers, The Beatles' Apple operation saw the group embrace and encourage a wealth of contemporary musical talent, offering studio time and demo facilities alongside recording and publishing contracts. This unique opportunity attracted artists and songwriters from across the musical spectrum, and Good As Gold presents a snapshot of that talent, spanning the years 1967 to 1975. From the psychedelic tinged sounds of the mid-late 1960's onwards, the label matured and evolved alongside it's audience and remains as compelling today as it did during those halcyon days. Featuring a wealth of familiar names and lesser known artists, most of whom were hand-picked by The Beatles and their inner circle during the late 1960's and early 1970's, Good As Gold is a fascinating and insightful peek into the minds and tastes of those behind the company, and a broad snapshot of those who hoped to catch their attention. Presented here across five incredible discs, including many previously unreleased tracks, Good As Gold provides a comprehensive overview of the hits, misses, should've beens and could've beens of an experiment only The Beatles could ever have instigated. A must for fans of 60's and 70's pop and rock, The Fab Four themselves and students of the mysterious mechanisms behind the pop scene, and housed in a deluxe clamshell box. (Amazon)






Track list


01 Grapefruit Lullaby (Sped-Up Version) 3:08

02 Timon Something New Every Day 3:04

03 Timon Who Needs A King 3:01

04 Timon And Now She Says She's Young 3:05

05 Contact Lovers From The Sky 2:40

06 Contact Midsummer Night's Scene (aka Round And Round) 3:51

07 Drew And Dy Dedicated To Love 2:17

08 Drew And Dy Taurus The Bull 3:52

09 Drew And Dy Tales Of Frankie Rabbit 3:08

10 Grapefruit Just One More Try 3:16

11 Brute Force King Of Fuh 3:04

12 Brute Force Nobody Knows 2:59

13 Mortimer You Don't Say You Love Me 3:02

14 Mortimer On Our Way Home 3:05

15 Contact Lovers From The Sky (Alternative Version) 2:38


01 U (Don't) No Who An Apple A Day (Mix 2) 2:29

02 Grapefruit Dear Delilah 2:32

03 Sands Listen To The Sky 3:45

04 Cyrkle The Words 3:25

05 Andy Ellison Fool From Upper Eden 2:54

06 The Ways And Means Breaking Up A Dream 2:29

07 Fire Treacle Toffee World 2:08

08 Denis Couldry I Am Nearly There 3:18

09 Jackie Lomax Land Of People (Demo) 3:26

10 Second Hand A Fairy Tale 3:19

11 Joker Sailing 2:29

12 Grapefruit Elevator 2:04

13 Father's Name is Dad The Fire 2:32

14 Joker Rip Van Winkle 3:43

15 Turquoise Sister Saxophone 3:10

16 Rawlings and Huckstep Forgive And Forget 2:46

17 Lace Soldier 3:35

18 Peter Cooper Evil Loving Woman 2:22

19 Misunderstood Children Of The Sun (IBC Acetate 1) 2:48

20 Turquoise Saynia 2:53

21 Majority Charlotte Rose 2:53

22 Danny Kalb & Stefan Grossman Singing Songs Unsung 2:26

23 Grapefruit Deep Water 2:14

24 Jackie Lomax Home Is in My Head 4:47


01 George Alexander Dear Delilah 2:54

02 Gallagher And Lyle In Your Wonderful Way 2:33

03 Legay Fantastic Story of the Steam Driven Banana 2:56

04 Focal Point Love You Forever 2:58

05 Turquoise Flying Machine 3:07

06 Gallagher And Lyle Technicolour Dream 3:15

07 George Alexander Fool From Upper Eden 3:38

08 Promise Not Sarah 3:02

09 Coconut Mushroom Mirror 2:29

10 George Alexander You've Got A Hold On Someone 3:09

11 Gallagher And Lyle Ivy Unrehearsed 2:24

12 Focal Point Sycamore Sid 2:40

13 Drew And Dy Only Every Time It Rains 3:22

14 George Alexander This Little Man (Demo) 2:42

15 U (Don't) No Who Strange People 3:21

16 Focal Point Never Never 3:27

17 Perishers How Does It Feel 3:02

18 U (Don't) No Who Now And Again Rebecca 3:08

19 Rawlings and Huckstep Thinking Pictures 3:15

20 Coconut Mushroom Without Her 2:44

21 Focal Point Girl On The Corner 2:21

22 Misunderstood I Unseen (IBC Acetate) 1:59

23 Turquoise Woodstock (Demo) 3:25

24 Cups Good As Gold 2:51


01 Fanny Ain't That Peculiar 4:05

02 Tony Hazzard Paul McCartney 2:01

03 Linda Lewis Spring Song 2:10

04 Stealers Wheel Stuck In The Middle With You 3:25

05 Pagliaro Lovin' You Ain't Easy 2:44

06 Tim Hardin Midnight Caller 3:05

07 Contact They're All Coming On 3:23

08 Fanny Hey Bulldog 3:55

09 Pagliaro Some Sing, Some Dance 2:42

10 Tim Hardin Perfection 3:01

11 Sensational Alex Harvey Band Next 4:04

12 Fairfield Ski Would You Mind The Writer 11:19

13 Linda Lewis Play Around 3:09

14 Tony Hazzard I Think I'm Getting Over You 3:52

15 John Howard Kid in a Big World 3:47

16 Sensational Alex Harvey Band The Faith Healer 7:13

17 Chris Sievey Watercolour View 1:13

18 Mike McGear Let's Turn the Radio On 3:10

19 Stealers Wheel Found My Way To You 3:23

20 Mike McGear Blowin' In The Bay 2:31

21 Badfinger Lay Me Down 3:35


01 Focal Point Miss Sinclair 2:56

02 Jack Hollingshead It Was Love 3:12

03 Robert & Miles Priestley Just Living Our Lives 1:49

04 Jackie Lomax Is This What You Want (Baker St Version) 2:26

05 Focal Point Reflections 3:00

06 Jack Hollingshead Carnaby King 3:00

07 Barry Alexander Emily Jane (Baker St Version) 2:26

08 Robert & Miles Priestley Windy Love Affair 1:52

09 Drew And Dy Taurus The Bull (Baker St Demo) 4:29

10 Focal Point Never Never (Baker St Version) 3:02

11 Jack Hollingshead Belinda Be Good 2:28

12 Barry Alexander Fairytale Princess 2:47

13 George Alexander Lullaby (Baker St Demo) 3:56

14 Jack Hollingshead Vote For Me 3:04

15 Drew And Dy Flying Machine (Baker St Demo) 4:01

16 Barry Alexander Love You Nicola 2:26

17 Jack Hollingshead I've Got A Secret 2:25

18 Drew And Dy Tales Of Frankie Rabbit (Baker St Demo) 3:20

19 Barry Alexander Kingfisher 2:29

20 Jack Hollingshead I Feel Good 3:01

21 Drew And Dy Tales Of Two Cities (Baker St Demo) 3:39

22 Focal Point 'Cept Me 2:53

23 Drew And Dy Dedicated To Love (Baker St Demo) 2:36




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