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VA - A Slight Disturbance in My Mind, The British Proto-Psychedelic Sounds of 1966 [2020] (3 x CD's)


VA - A Slight Disturbance in My Mind, The British Proto-Psychedelic Sounds of 1966 [2020] (3 x CD's)

Another lovingly curated rock & roll gem from Cherry Red's archival Grapefruit Records imprint, A Slight Disturbance in My Mind is an expansive three-disc set entirely devoted to the opening phases of Britain's budding psychedelic movement. By late 1965, the American underground, particularly San Francisco's LSD-inspired drug culture, had begun to infiltrate popular music. The Byrds and other West Coast groups began to adopt a more experimental attitude while in the U.K. bands like the Yardbirds and, more prominently, the Beatles forged their own new directions away from rock's more easily digestible conventions. The inventive flourishes on the latter's Rubber Soul LP set the table for a paradigm shift, and by April of the next year, they were at Abbey Road building the bones of their pioneering psychedelic opus, "Tomorrow Never Knows," which would later blow minds upon its August release. Although outright psychedelia was a concept still bubbling below the mainstream, 1966 was poised for a revolution, and throughout that crucial year, it arrived in paroxysms of creative possibility. At a whopping 84 tracks -- all released in 1966 -- A Slight Disturbance in My Mind deftly captures a diverse swath of what it bills as "British Proto-Psychedelic Sounds," ranging from current stars finding new sounds (the Kinks' droning jewel "Fancy") to future stars finding their footing (David Bowie's indelibly groovy "I Dig Everything"), and an array of young acts bringing fresh ideas to what seemed like a new dimension of music. The potential danger -- and appeal -- of mind-expanding drugs begat dangerous sounds, like the menacing undercurrents of the Creation's masterwork "Making Time" and the snaky darkness of the Misunderstood's "I Unseen." The latter were a mercurial quartet of Californians moonlighting in London at the behest of John Peel, and their influence among the British scene that summer was considerable. Elsewhere are some wild cuts by the 'N Betweens -- whose members later became glam greats Slade -- jazzy freakbeaters like the Artwoods, and lush early baroque-poppers the Ivy League, all adding to the pot their impressions of what would loosely become psychedelic rock. A lot of ground is covered here, and peppered in among the knowns and well-knowns is a nice spread of previously unreleased nuggets and demos from cult favorites and curious one-offs. As with all of their box sets, the label provides extensive song-by-song liner notes, scads of intriguing ephemera, and a genuine love for the source material. (AllMusic Review by Timothy Monger)






Track lists


01 Creation Making Time 2:58

02 Yardbirds Shape of Things 2:26

03 Action I'll Keep Holding On 3:12

04 Fleur De Lys Mud in Your Eye 3:03

05 Koobas Sweet Music 2:42

06 Hollies Oriental Sadness 2:38

07 Bee Gees Play Down 2:56

08 Mick Softley with the Summer Suns Am I the Red One (Alternative 2:25

09 Misunderstood I Unseen 2:04

10 'n Betweens Security (Extended Version) 2:54

11 Attraction She's a Girl 2:37

12 Bowie, David I Dig Everything 2:44

13 Pretty Things A House in the Country 3:01

14 Lindsay Muir's Untamed Daddy Long Legs (Brass - Free 2:48

15 Outrage Man with Money 2:40

16 Uglys The Quiet Explosion 2:41

17 Renegades Thirteen Women 3:27

18 Riot Squad I Take it That Were Through 2:53

19 Katch 22 Major Catastrophe 2:28

20 Marc Bolan Hippy Gumbo (Demo Version) 2:07

21 Just Five I Will Have You 2:43

22 Times Tomorrow Night 2:53

23 In Crowd Blow-Up 1:56

24 Majority Simplified 2:48

25 Ministry of Sound Back Seat Driver 2:26

26 Truth Baby, You've Got It 2:11

27 Rod Stewart I Just Got Some 3:39

28 Luvin' Kind Answers Please 3:19


01 Smoke My Friend Jack (Demo Version) 3:12

02 Score Please Please Me 2:43

03 Creation Painter Man (2017 Stereo Mix) 2:53

04 Downliners Sect Why Don't You Smile Now 2:08

05 Graham Bond Organisation You've Gotta Have Love Babe (Demo Version) 2:54

06 Animals Outcast 3:05

07 Moody Blues We're Broken 3:13

08 Tony Colton I've Laid Some Down in My Time 2:42

09 People Well All Right 2:17

10 Keith Relf Shapes in My Mind (Us 45 Versi 2:22

11 Pretty Things My Time (Brass-Free Version) 3:13

12 Kinks Fancy 2:31

13 Manfred Mann You're My Girl 2:46

14 Tremeloes What a State I'm In 2:22

15 Al Stewart Turn Into Earth 2:55

16 Mindbenders The Morning After 2:18

17 Favourite Sons Walkin Walkin Walkin 2:01

18 Searchers Have You Ever Loved Somebody 2:41

19 5 A.M. Event Hungry 2:28

20 Artwoods Molly Andersons Cookery Book 3:30

21 Loose Ends Tax Man 2:31

22 Deep Feeling The Ruin 3:32

23 Wheels Kicks 2:33

24 Kingpins You're My Girl 2:50

25 ToMcAts Paint it Black 2:55

26 Cortinas Sagittarius 3:42

27 Brood Wrong Way 3:33

28 Key Holidaymaker 2:04


01 John's Children The Love I Thought I'd Found 3:01

02 Wimple Winch Save My Soul 3:06

03 Yardbirds Stroll On 2:44

04 Downliners Sect Glendora 2:46

05 Flies I'm Not Your Stepping Stone (Demo Version) 3:06

06 Kirkbys It's a Crime 2:15

07 Sorrows Let the Live Live 2:08

08 Fingers I Go to Sleep 2:33

09 Arthur Brown Don't Tell Me 2:30

10 Beverley Happy New Year 2:11

11 Bee Gees I Am the World 2:36

12 Hollies Clown 2:14

13 Zombies Indication 3:02

14 Rocking Vickers Little Rosy 2:53

15 Sounds Around What Does She Do 2:30

16 Episode Six My Little Red Book 2:30

17 Tornados '66 No More You and Me 3:00

18 'n Betweens Girl Child, I Am an Evil Witchman 2:21

19 Spectres Hurdy Gurdy Man 3:18

20 Tuesdays Children Summer Leaves Me with a Sigh 2:44

21 Reaction Advertising Man 2:47

22 Ivy League My World Fell Down 2:52

23 Silence Hey, You Lolita 2:14

24 Secrets I Suppose 2:17

25 Outrage Different Kind of Love Song 2:17

26 Mirage Tomorrow Never Knows 2:37

27 Misunderstood My Mind 2:37

28 Move Disturbance 2:50




  1. I love this stuff. It is a deep well of great sounds from this era in Britain.

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      There are an great number of fantastic British compilations from this era.
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  2. Thanks for this, one of the best British Psych collections available

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      It is always rewarding for me too.


  4. Gracias por ir sacando,no importa,a poquitos esta coleccion Cherry,debe haber mas.

  5. Also, the previous compilations of this kind were really an acoustic treat by allowing me to travel back to that time again, thank you for continuing!

    1. Hi WOODY,
      Its the only way to travel in these times.


  6. Hi Butterboy,
    Thanks for another great compilation from this era. I love music of this kind!!!

    1. Hi Il Commendatore,
      There will be more in the future, Enjoy them all.


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